S- S- S- Stutter Script for Mudlet

LinLin BlackbirdThe Moonglade
edited November 2013 in Scripts
Created on request, as a way to teach a player how to automatically generate a stutter when speaking.

Note: I don't recommend setting stuttersPerLine to anything higher than 2 or 3, unless you want people to start claiming PK on you.


  • MacavityMacavity Chicago, Il
    well now Menelaus will be happy and not have to do this manually....thanks!  (( sarcasm ))
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  • AngweAngwe I'm the dog that ate yr birthday cake Bedford, VA
    edited November 2013
  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    I admit, when it comes to scripting, I'm a "means justify the ends" type.
  • Still not sure why you're not making a career out of this.
  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    Hadoryu said:

    Still not sure why you're not making a career out of this.

    Normally I consider forum necros to be pretty distasteful, but I'm happy to say this is exactly what happened
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