zMUD system for sale

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I haven't come up with a witty name for my system yet; however, I'm selling it for 35 credits.

It's for zMUD, obviously. If you don't have a zMUD key, I'm willing to help you out with that (or anyone that wants one, really, you don't have to buy my system, I have unlimited keys). It comes with:

- Most importantly, it automatically detects living/undead and cures as appropriate, so there's no switching between systems or anything if you're alting.
- It automatically cures: this includes health/moss/plants/salves/elixirs/smoke/tree/focus/restore/reconstitute-renew-erase(if applicable).
- It automatically detects class and autobashes/defs up as appropriate. Since I'm not Kiralla, I don't have access to every guild's bashing and defups, so if I don't have yours, I'll have to tell you what information to give me so I can add it as is appropriate.
- As implied, an autobasher, as well as autotarget (in regards to someone else calling targets on web/Dion an Duir/The Front Line (I can add in other clans as necessary)) and a target caller (on web, if you're the one supposed to call targets).
- Vial/venom/bandage counters (you must have elixlist/etc in vision).
- Exp tracker, including how much exp you need to level and a way to state it to a clan or web or something ((Gathering): You say, "I am level 118 and 81.83% and I have 1,514,398 to the next level.").
- A language studier, for those who have linguistics.
- Who list sorter (lists all rooms with 2 or more people in it, as detected by WHO+THIRDEYE).
- Autoplant harvester/dissector. Autoconcoctor and reanimator.
- Autorock harvester and crusher.
- I do have lycan offense in here, but it's not automated and it's alias based. It's what Aere taught me to PK on. As well, I have an autohowler (you'll have to manually change it to roar for bears) for combat.
- Autopipe lighter/syringe flicker.

- It relies heavily on firstaid, so it's limited in combat. More triggers for hidden afflictions and such get added as I fight, but I'm not much of a PKwhore, so they usually come in bursts as I get interested in PK.
- My writher sucked so bad that using firstaid alone for writhing was better. I haven't gotten around to rewriting it.
- I've been screwing with the who list sorter a lot lately, but I can't quite make it work completely.
- I have an arti tree tattoo, so some places (Ollin comes to mind) will fry your tree tattoo.

- I'm willing to listen to specific requests and possibly add them in. I don't have an affliction tracker for enemies, and likely never will; this is probably the most requested feature.
- I keep my system up on a forum, so if you go somewhere else, or get really excited in regards to your recycle bin, you can pull it back up. I have full instructions on how to load it up there, as well as the commands for use, if you forget something. I do update it when I feel I've added in enough to warrant an update.
- If you have problems or questions, I'm willing to help out with it.
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