Feeding program in the Phillipines

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Hi everyone,

I know this time of year is a time of giving and caring. As many of you may or may not know the supertyphoon that hit the phillipines was one of the worst recorded storms of all time.  A friend of mine I met in an IRE game years and years ago named Tony started an organization to better the diets of malnourished children in the Phillipines, moving to the country with what money he had and working together with local organizations he created a program to provide nutritious and good food for those who may not have been able to acquire things.

As such the typhoon has crippled the local crops and raised the prices on various things alot. 

He did not ask me to do this but I know Tony would be eternally grateful if word of mouth spread about his work.  I am by no means asking that you donate money, but I am definitely on the right track for awareness that such things exist.  If you decided to do so then I think that is great, I will be giving ten dollars myself as it is all I can truly afford right now.  I will leave a link to the organization so that you may take a look if you wish.

Thank you very much for taking the time to glance over this.  I know if anything helping others is important to our community, I just wanted to be part of the cause as well.

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