G2: Catty's Last Stand

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Dingy common room of the "Hound and Halberd" Tavern.
Kallah performs a quick search of the surroundings.

Catty steps out of the shadows.
Exayne steps out of the shadows.

Catty moves instantly, grabbing Exayne and throwing him into the wall, her movements fast enough to pin Exayne. Her anger rising she hisses out, "This is NOT her fault. I did it to her without warning," her voice growing before finally moving away from Exayne.

"Eep!" Kallah screams in fright.

A feral sneer passes your lips as you lapse from concentrating on your Mhun self, and allow your true nature to take hold. Your back curves, and thick fur grows forth from your skin, covering every inch of you. The curves of your muscles snap and grow, and your face loses all semblance of your former self as you fully transform into a Werewolf. Shaking your head comfortably, you stand erect and aware.

Kallah motions towards you, "Easy..." Turning her eyes to Exayne, she frowns before looking to Catty, "What are you doing...you love him..."

A stray, brightly colored wooden ball rolls by, helped along by the breeze.

Grimdale drinks from a delicate silver goblet full of "Liquid Steel".

Grimdale deftly lowers the hood of a cloak of obscurity, revealing his identity.

Catty turns her attention instantly to Kallah, her eyes blackened as she watches closely, "I'm surprised you're about."

Grimdale inclines his head politely to Exayne.

Kallah stares at Catty, "Why? You thought you put me down for good? You realize your hurting the one you love yes?"

Kallah taps her nose knowingly.

Exayne rips his arm from the grasp of Catty with a growl just as menacing. Noticing Kallah he stands up suddenly and face contorting with sudden anger strides purposely towards her. Pinning her arms to her sides he slams her against the wall and demands "What have you done to her!"

Grimdale morphs before your eyes, taking on the form of Serivalis.

Grimdale swirls the drink in his hand casually, "So what have I ventured into?"
Kallah hisses at Exayne in an untamed manner, "Me???? I didn't do anything to her, she did this to herself...I merely held the tiny piece within me she needed to fully turn into...THIS!" She winces, her arms turning ashy once more.

Catty looks around the room for a moment, her eyes following from Kallah to Exayne, a brief moment of realization as she backs away, sitting down in a chair before turning to Kallah again, "Exay..." she whispers, a faint hint of herself in her voice.

Grimdale drinks from a delicate silver goblet of "Liquid Steel". 

Kallah winces in pain.

Sejast snarls deeply at Exayne, darting towards Exayne and Kallah attempting to separate the two.

Grimdale grins quietly to himself, "Mhmm, I know that look all too well."

Grimdale nods his head emphatically.

Exayne growls again, his grip tightening on Kallah while his eyes search her face for signs on deception. A hand leaving Kallah it reaches out to catch you around the neck as he growls once more. Hearing Catty his features begin to soften and his grip lessens, leaving both Kallah and you as he slides to the floor and howls in desperation.

Kallah practically gasps, sliding down the wall rubbing at her arms. She looks to you quickly before offering, "It isn't anything..that anyone has done..really, she has been upset and I tried to help...it backfired.."

The sun begins her downward journey towards eventual sleep, casting even, full light upon the land.

Exayne looks up at Kallah and pleads "Fix her...you have too..." his voice trailing off as he climbs to his feet and staggers towards Catty.

Grimdale shakes his head slowly, "She can't, but I think I can....though you won't like what I have to do."

Kallah bites down on her bottom lip, visibly troubled.

"It isn't... Her fault," Catty reassures Exayne before glancing to Grimdale, listening closely for a moment she gives a slight hiss, "You touch me. I will. Kill you," she threatens, her expression darkening instantly again as she stands back up.

Sejast drops to the ground as Exayne's grasp around his neck loosens, he quickly pads over to Kallah, helping her to her feet.

Grimdale's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

Kallah wraps an arm around Sejast's form, rising slowly to her feet.

His eyes go black as he steps toward Catty, Grimdale laughs "You can try honey, but this unicorns started with me."

Kallah winces, shaking her head from her own memories.

Grimdale sits back down in his chair, "And I have the scars to prove it."

Grimdale drinks from a delicate silver goblet of "Liquid Steel".

Grimdale shrugs helplessly.

Exayne lowers himself to his knees before Catty and nervously reaches out to take her in his arms. Attempting to sound comforting he murmurs "Don't worry love, we'll fix you." His ears twitching as the words Grimdale speak reaches him. Eyes closing he speaks "So...this is your fault." shakily as if attempting to restrain the anger inside him.

Kallah continues to lean against you, watching silently for a few moments before adding, "He has been through this before..those scars were my attempt at fixing him.."

Exayne raises his head to stare at Grimdale, after a few moments he sighs and asks "What must we do?"

Grimdale leans in toward Catty, "You have two choices here, you sit back and let it take over...Or you take control, but there will be a lot of pain involved."

Kallah winces in pain.

Sejast's throat emits a slow rumble instinctively.

Kallah winces in pain.

Kallah stares implacably at Catty.

Exayne considers this with a slow nod before standing up. His eyes settling on Catty before nodding slightly towards Grimdale.

"Good!" Grimdale says with a smile.

Grimdale calls upon the Divine to grant him the grace of speed and is answered with a ripple of energy flooding his body.

Catty moves slowly to the back of the room, her eyes watching closely as she tilts her head to the side.

Exayne tilts his head and listens intently to Grimdale.

Kallah closes her eyes as if focusing on something.

Grimdale slowly fades into view, returning to the realm of perception.
Grimdale begins to intensify slowly until he appears flesh and blood once more.

Grimdale projects a net of light about himself, and you watch as his image becomes faded and ghostly.

Grimdale tosses a sparkling cloud of dust over himself, and vanishes little by little into invisibility.

Grimdale morphs before your eyes, taking on the form of Adalis.

Dark shadows and hushed whispers creep into the room surrounding Kallah in small tendrils as a maniacal laugh eminates from her. Opening her eyes, dark black where the sapphire hues once were peer out as she exposes her fangs glaring at Grimdale, "You should know how bad it is..." Her voice changes as she darts toward Catty, pinning her in her chair. "You think your stronger than me..Little girl you only have a fraction of this power..."

Grimdale smirks at Kallah.

Kallah hisses vehemently at Grimdale.

Grimdale winks knowingly at Kallah.

Exayne makes a sudden move towards Kallah.

Exayne stops mid stride, his eyes never leaving Kallah as his hands fall from the hilt of his sword.

Catty hisses instantly, attempting to move in her chair before Kallah gets there she stops short. Growling almost instantly after she kicks Kallah away from herself, her eyes completely black as she manages to stand from her chair now. "Don't do this," she hisses out to Kallah.

Kallah releases her rip on Catty for a moment, striding effforlessly over to Exayne. Circling him, she grins looking back to Catty, "Not a bad choice....but truly darling...you don't frighten me, perhaps we should see what happens if I cut his throat hmm?"

Catty moves instantly over to Kallah, grabbing her by the throat before she can touch Exayne. "Don't. You. Dare." she instantly hisses out.

Exayne stays perfectly still as Kallah circles him, his hand moving towards the dagger on his weaponbelt slowly as not to cause alarm. Drawing it clear as Kallah moves behind him he slides it up his sleeve.

Kallah grins sardonically down at Catty, "Oh really...or what? Your going to hurt your friend some more? You have already caused vein damage..use that anger, show me what you are capable of.." With a swift series of movements, she pulls her hand from her throat, wrapping her own small hands around Catty's throat. Casting a small glance towards Exayne, she offers a small, "tsk..." at the dagger.

Exayne's ears twitch towards Kallah as he nods his head slowly.

Grimdale glares down Kallah and Catty as he enters, his black eyes glint briefly before lifting both women easily in his claws, growling before dropping them both.

Kallah growls at Grimdale menacingly.

Kallah hisses vehemently at Grimdale.

Catty hisses vehemently at Grimdale.

Grimdale chuckles long and heartily.

Kallah hisses at Grimdale, "Your a bastard...and nothing more.."

Catty blinks slightly, ears twitching as she starts to claw at Grimdale's hold, her nails hardly doing any damage as she gives another hiss.

Kallah claps her hands together merrily.

Grimdale clasps a clawed hand across Kallah's face and lifts her back up, snorting casually he tosses her aside, focusing solely on Catty.

Exayne pulls his dagger from his sleeve and moves towards Grimdale.

A chill breeze fills the air, gusting quietly from the tundra to the north.

Kallah grins, staying near the wall still laughing at the scene before her.

Grimdale murmurs something softly to Catty.

Catty moves both hands up to try and loosen Grimdale's hold, "I'm going to kill you," she hisses out.

Catty hisses vehemently at Kallah.

Kallah grins mischievously at Catty.

Wild eyes distant in concentration, Grimdale contorts and shrinks, fur falling away as he becomes Azudim once more.

Kallah gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Grimdale ceases to wield a needle-pointed dirk, securing it to his weaponbelt.

Grimdale ceases to wield an iron-tipped whip, securing it to his weaponbelt.

Grimdale drops a three-footed iron cauldron.

Grimdale pats a three-footed iron cauldron in a friendly manner.

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says to Catty Ve'kahi, "Know what this is for?"

Kallah Ve'kahi says, "See...isn't he."

Catty moves her legs instantly, kicking Grimdale so she can get out of his hold. "Bastard," she hisses as she moves back slightly, just out of Grimdale's reach.

Kallah casually flicks her nails.

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says to Kallah Ve'kahi, "Hmm bastard? If it weren't for me you couldn't control it, so shut up and sit down."

Kallah Ve'kahi says to Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir, "Does this look like she has control over me?"

Kallah mutters discontentedly.

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says to Kallah Ve'kahi, "Then don't go far, you'll be next.

Kallah exclaims "Hah!" in a triumphant voice.

Grimdale's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

Exayne walks slowly in an unprovocative manner to stand between Kallah and Catty.

Kallah Ve'kahi says, "Heard that before...go on make her explode...you enjoy it."

Grimdale claps his hands together suddenly, "Right, where was I?"

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says to Catty Ve'kahi, "Well then, show me what you've got...I'm still waiting."

Catty growls at Grimdale again, her eyes becoming narrow as she moves to place her fingers tightly around Grimdale, "Shut up," she hisses out.

Grimdale morphs before your eyes, taking on the form of Theoden.

Grimdale smirks slightly, "Hmm, is that all? Surely I make you more angry than this?"

Catty tightens her hands instantly around Grimdale's neck, pushing him back to the wall, using that to allow more pressure around the neck.

Exayne's eyes narrow at Grimdale and makes to interfere but stands frozen in place staring between Kallah and Catty.

Kallah grins, dragging her nails along the back wall, moving out of the way with a small laugh.

Grimdale grins again, straining to casually murmur, "Yes, that's it, go on now little girl, let it take over...you know you want to, doesn't it feel great?"

Exayne shifts his position to remain between Catty and Kallah as if this one act makes him feel useful.

Kallah performs a quick search of the surroundings.

Catty growling she places her other hand on Grimdale's head, turning it as she bites down on his neck, finally loosing control she goes straight for the vein.

Kallah claps her hands together, unable to contain the laughter from within any longer.

Exayne snaps and launches himself at Kallah, his fist connecting with her jaw as he launches the punch with all his strength.

Kallah grins mischievously at Exayne.

Exayne growls menacingly.

Kallah spits a small dabble of blood to the ground as she says nothing at all, just continues to grin at Exayne.

Grimdale growls angrily as he mutates suddenly, elongating his claws before ramming them into each of Catty's sides. Lifting her up while still attached to his neck, they both fall onto the cauldron as it begins to fill with blood.

Grimdale sneers and his eyes lose focus for a moment. Curving almost in pain, he grows a thick pelt of fur, and the muscles on his body snap and re-grow larger in size. Shaking his head, Grimdale straightens himself, fully transformed into his Werewolf self.

Grimdale lets out a peculiar growl, and shakes his limbs casually.

Grimdale nods his head at Exayne.

Exayne shakes his head his dagger dropping from his hand as he sinks to his knees and sobs "I can not!"

Kallah gives an icy hiss.

Kallah Ve'kahi says to Elemental Cogent Exayne Ve'kahi, "Your a fool, but a brave fool non the less."

Grimdale snarls viciously at Exayne.

Catty yelps instantly, her fangs withdrawing for a moment as she tries to move away from Grimdale, failing she instantly moves to dig her fangs even deeper through Grimdale's neck.

Elyni has been sliced apart by a crazed Nazetu cutter.

Kallah grins mischievously at Catty.

Kallah stares at Exayne, "Or does love fail you like it does the bastard holding your beloved down?"

Grimdale growls loudly as he slams his head into Catty, attempting to drive her head into the rim of the cauldron, withdrawing his claws to slash under each arm.

Exayne remains on his knees sobbing quietly. Eventually the sobs die out and during his silence his hand slowly moves to reclaim his dagger, head raising and his fangs elongate and his pupils dilate. Climbing to his feet he looks at Catty with emotionless eyes and with a quick motion strides over and rams his dagger through her breastplate with a snarl.

Kallah cackles hellishly.

Kallah Ve'kahi says, "And so he does care."

Attaining her fullest glory, the shining sun sits upon her throne at the apex of her daily trek through the firmament.

Catty lets go with her fangs instantly as she feels the slashes, fighting till she feels the dagger, her black eyes meeting Exayne's for a brief moment as her body weakens just enough for Grimdale.

Exayne's hands leave the dagger and begin to tremble, his fangs retracting as his gaze locks with Catty. "I'm sorry" he whispers, the sentance cut off by a choking sob.

Grimdale snarls and pulls back, stumbling slightly to the bar, knocking a table over in the process.

Kallah's eyes widen and her ears twitch at the faintest scent of blood everywhere.

Wild eyes distant in concentration, Grimdale contorts and shrinks, fur falling away as he becomes Azudim once more.

Grimdale grabs his neck, trying to hold back the blood, "She needs blood before she passes out...not from me or Kallah."

Kallah Ve'kahi says, "B...blood...."

Grimdale murmurs something softly to Exayne.

Grimdale sneers and his eyes lose focus for a moment. Curving almost in pain, he grows a thick pelt of fur, and the muscles on his body snap and re-grow larger in size. Shaking his head, Grimdale straightens himself, fully transformed into his Werewolf self.

Grimdale lets out a peculiar growl, and shakes his limbs casually.

Exayne steps forward and tilts his neck, offering it towards Catty.

Grimdale morphs before your eyes, taking on the form of Massiorchan.

Grimdale turns and snarls loudly, his black eyes glowing, and with a quick flick of his hand he slashes Kallah's throat.

Wild eyes distant in concentration, Grimdale contorts and shrinks, fur falling away as he becomes Azudim once more.

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "Now shut the hell up."

Grimdale slumps back against the bar.

Kallah trys to emit a small hiss, but only manages a series of gurgles as she glares at Grimdale.

Catty closes her eyes slowly, a small whimper escaping her lips as she shakes her head slowly.

Kallah trys to emit a small hiss, but only manages a series of gurgles as she glares at Grimdale, her hands grabbing at her throat.

Exayne pushes his neck against the mouth of Catty urgings her on.

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says to Elemental Cogent Exayne Ve'kahi, "Use the dagger, don't let her pass out."

Catty pulls her head back slowly, another whimper escaping her lips as she keeps her eyes closed.

Kallah coughs from the corner, blood trickling out over her fingers at her neck.

Grimdale growls as he forces himself up, roughly ripping the dagger from Catty he spins it around and rams it into Exayne's arm.

Exayne pulls at the dagger but finds it stuck trapped between the plates of bone. Forcing Catty to meet his gaze his eyes unfocus as he attempts to get through to her telepathically.

Kallah places her fingers to her mouth, pausing for a moment before blowing hard, creating a sharp, carrying whistle.
A sprightly white mare trots in, beckoned by its master's call.

Kallah swiftly swings up onto a sprightly white mare.

Kallah hisses vehemently at Grimdale.

Kallah leaves to the northwest, riding a sprightly white mare.

Grimdale tilts his head back, inhaling sharply several times.

Grimdale sneers and his eyes lose focus for a moment. Curving almost in pain, he grows a thick pelt of fur, and the muscles on his body snap and re-grow larger in size. Shaking his head, Grimdale straightens himself, fully transformed into his Werewolf self.

Grimdale lets out a peculiar growl, and shakes his limbs casually.

Grimdale snarls viciously.

Wild eyes distant in concentration, Grimdale contorts and shrinks, fur falling away as he becomes Azudim once more.

Grimdale drops to one knee, still holding his neck.

Catty slowly looks at Exayne, her eyes hazzy as she slowly forces her fangs into Exayne's neck, drinking slowly at first before moving to sit up, moving closer to Exayne.

Grimdale tilts his head back, inhaling sharply several times.

Exayne growls as your fangs sink into him, holding her head in place firmly while Catty draws blood. Growing weak his body starts to tremble as his blood reserves deplete.

Grimdale stands up and steps toward Catty, "Don't kill him now, I bought you time, nothing more. This only ends one of two ways, and that's up to you."

Catty moves back quickly when she hears Grimdale speak, her eyes darting around the room as she looks around at all the blood.

Grimdale snorts arrogantly.

Exayne slumps to the floor as Catty removes her fangs. Body weak he offers Catty a brief smile before he lapses into unconsciousness.

Grimdale sneers and his eyes lose focus for a moment. Curving almost in pain, he grows a thick pelt of fur, and the muscles on his body snap and re-grow larger in size. Shaking his head, Grimdale straightens himself, fully transformed into his Werewolf self.

Grimdale lets out a peculiar growl, and shakes his limbs casually.

Grimdale leans over Catty and gives a low growl.

"Bastard," Catty hisses as Grimdale growls at her.

Grimdale snarls viciously.

Wild eyes distant in concentration, Grimdale contorts and shrinks, fur falling away as he becomes Azudim once more.

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "Now if you would, it's probably best for him not to be passed out on the floor."

Grimdale nods his head at Exayne.

Catty moves over to Exayne again, her eyes focusing on him as she moves him a little, "Exayne... Exayne wake up..." she whimpers softly.

Exayne stirs slightly and groans, his eyes opening at gaze at Catty without focus.

With a silent glance around her, a conscripted Spirean soldier brushes off her furs, ice falling to the ground. Tightening her grip on her hammer, she stares forward from her post as she lets out a quiet breath.

Grimdale morphs before your eyes, taking on the form of Myslani.

The sounds of construction echo outward from the outer city, followed by the occasional curse or two.

"Exayne," Catty whispers again, her attention completely on him for a moment before her eyes reach Grimdale's, "You said... Temporary..."

Grimdale calls upon the Divine to grant him the grace of speed and is answered with a ripple of energy flooding his body.

Exayne reaches up to brush a hand against her cheek as he smiles up at Catty weakly. "Welcome back." he murmurs.

Grimdale nods slowly, "Yes, you can never get rid of it, at least not that I know of...only control it...kind of."

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "Now I need to go kill my ex, before she destroys my house."

Catty gives Grimdale a slow nod, "I... Uhm, this isn't the first time," she whispers slowly, "It happened when I was Bahkatu too," her attention suddenly turning back to Exayne.

Grimdale puts his hands on his hips and goes, "Hmmm!"

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "It seems to like wolves, I guess bears aren't too terribly different."

Sejast huffs slightly at the mention of wolves.

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "Best advice I can give, is don't mutate, and uh...stay away from uncomfortable situations."

Catty Ve'kahi says to Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir, "You don't know me very well..."

Catty smiles wryly.

Exayne pushes himself into a seated position, a hand moving towards his neck with a groan.

Grimdale picks up a three-footed iron cauldron.

Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "Oh I know enough..."

02:53:58 Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "Oh, and uh, sorry."

Catty tilts her head instantly, "Enough?"

Grimdale's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

Grimdale winks knowingly.
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    I just posted what I grabbed from when I entered. :p  I may fix it up more later.
    Sejast - Feral Prowler of the Atabahi
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    Agree with Ivoln, sweet roleplay, but just a bit confusing on what exactly is all going on. Give us moar!
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    Whoa, Catty went way darker than I've ever seen her before! Quite curious what this is all about, but interesting to read!
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    Interesting to read, and really good roleplaying by all! You're amazing! 

    One thought, thanks for bringing her back :) -<3 kale
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    I'm sorry there isn't more to this guys! Sejast walked in amidst part of the RP It goes back a few days but I know some one is making a link and posting all of it some place.

    Thank you for the awesome feedback
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    Plus he missed oodles more to it! We have more on it's way but this goes back quite a bit! Will try to clear it up a bit for you all in the upcoming ones and in the meantime be on the lookout for one highly ticked off vampiric bear :-P Love ya Catt!
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    Don't forget syssin!
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    History lesson before I go posting round 2, since you all asked for some back story so you at least have a semblance of an idea on what's going on. Not a lot of people know about this little arc we have going because originally we thought we'd either get into trouble, or tick someone off highly if they had no idea what was happening. So it was kept to a small group for a while until, we felt the need to share :-)

    Way back, a long time ago: So as few people know now a days, Kallah and Grimdale were married for about 50 some odd in game years. They met and such with the House Nebre'seir, and eventually reponsibilites and the stupidity of a certain leader at the time took it's toll on them, and so they as a couple made the decision to try the breathing side of life for a while. They hitched up their belonging, highly enraged a sire or two, and moved to Enorian. A few crib midgets later and a couple issues unfolding within her guild, they decided being alive wasn't for them, or so they thought. So when all broke down (great rp from way back when thanks to the original luminaries :-P) She moved to Spinesreach, Grimdale and their bandwagon of cribmidgets in tow. Joined the syssin, things seemed to be going great for a while. 

    One day Kallah comes home to find Grimdale in completely silence until he transformed into his lycan form and went bonkers. After a massive bite to her arm and some chasing through the city, he snapped back out of it and from there out they set about discovering or trying to discover why he had snapped and what was happening to him. Around this time, Kalls made the choice to go back to being a vampire (Hello Lunare Empire) which upset her dear husband, who had asked her to wait and yet she jumped at the first opportunity. SO upon finding this out, he also joined with the vampires once more though remained undead this time for a while. A few months later he began to really snap until eventually there was nothing left of him. With no idea what triggered it, or why it was still occurring and getting worse by way of possession at this point, it finally culminated into cornering him in a cave on the outskirts of the tundra where in a flurry of movements, Kalls took Grimdale down and drained him dry. Saving his life, and snapping him back out of it, all seemed like we had won, until Kalls began to snap.

    There is much much more to the story that I won't bother to bore you all to tears with, but we did eventually find out that what -IT- was, was what can happen when you let rage/anger/darkness and all that take over you completely, no longer yourself. Never fully coming to a common ground of what it really was though, things calmed down and Grim and Kalls learned to live with it and control it. Saving each other or snapping each other out of it whenever an episode would occur...(Kalls exploding liver sure thanks Grim for that one...never said it was pretty) Obviously you all know they split, but in adding to our big group RP right now, they never stopped loving each other, regardless of where they have ended up and merely continue to brush it off and avoid it for unseen reasons...(Erm forgot to add how we can spread this..by biting and feeding or by somehow mixing the blood...eh I am sure you will figure this out)

    As for Catty! Being a cute and cuddly little Bahkatu, she always has had tempermental issues so to speak...(Cute little bear RAWR) and has had anger issues in the past where she blacked out from being upset. She didn't have an easy life as none of us have, mostly. So when she came to Kalls finally with her concerns on how taking the plunge into being a vampire, and the fact that she was having these little spells where got so angry, something bad followed...Kalls decided to take a few measures into her own hands in fear for her best friend. She obtained the Monk class when last she was breathing, and so in using her skills she decided to probe into Catty's mind to see what it was that was bothering her so much and in hopes that it was not another repeat of so many years ago. How could she stand it to watch that -thing- plague her best friend as it did her and her love. Little did she know, Catts darker side had already begun to take ahold of her and messing within her mind took a hefty toll on Kall's and had momentarily cursed her, turning her veins black. Kallah tried her best to explain to Catty about her past experiances, and how she had hoped that this was only Catty being upset and nothing more, when she gathered the courage to show her friend her arms. Catty threw her to the ground and drained some of Kallah's blood and also some of that buried away rage, sending her now into a ticking time bomb (Kaboom! HULK SMACH) of rage and anger just waiting to take over her and explode. 

    Kallah ran and did the only thing she knew to do...message Grimdale and get his stony butt over there to help, when she had discovered Catt acting strange in a way only she and a select few remembered. This brings up to the Bar where Sejast and Kallah walked in on Catty and Exayne.

    -So while this all may sound confusing I tried to sum it up in a nutshell and be quick about it in hopes that it would help a little bit with the backstory, to go into the entire thing would take pages and really...not wanting to make eyes bleed or explode here. As I said hopefully, this will become clear when we post more of this little RP arc as we hope you guys enjoy it, now that more people know about it! A huge thanks to Sejast for posting chapter one, and thanks for the comments... Can we save Catty? Don't know, but we are darned well gonna try!
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    Aetolian 28 Days Later? Interesting.
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    Chapter 2:
    Kallah's side of things since the bar episode. A few minor missing details from before hand, the fight did not end in the bar. The four wandering souls ended up at the Kal'Adun Mansion which Grimdale had built for his family a few decades ago. A minor brawl broke out as Kallah snapped slightly, unable to control what it was she tried to show Catty, in hopes of hitting home within her friends mind. Grimdale fought to put Kallah back in her place and unable to bear some of the heartbreaking words coming from his mouth, Catty had rushed Kallah and ripped her heart from her body to spare her and snap her back to reality. 

    All went well, and after a month or two, the two friends met up over a drink at the Phoenix' for a drink and where Catty had begun to see that something was eating at the back of her friend's mind. Kallah in return was tired, and could sense that Catty was not fully recovered either. They had a great time however, acting as normally as possible until it was time to break ways and go home to rest. Earlier this month, Kallah, after already having an argument with Grimdale over a few things, was within the Mansion. A simple request, forgotten years ago to help design the place that she had once too called home. Our scene opens here, before things go terribly wrong.

    (From Kallah's point of view)
    You say, "Point my paintbrush in the right direction and I shall see it gets done. A promise is a 

    You tap your nose knowingly.

    Spreading its wings, a falcon soars off to the north.

    "Heh heh heh," Grimdale chuckles.

    Grimdale says, "I think the bar is done, minus the actual bar."

    You say, "And glad to see you in a more improved mood."

    You say, "True, a bar is no use without the booze."

    Grimdale says, "I'm usually in a good mood, except when that 'thing' shows up."

    You nod your head at Grimdale.

    Grimdale beckons you to him.

    Grimdale says, "This one is not yet done, it's supposed to be a place the family can sit and relax 
    in peace."

    The stars wink into existence, familiar constellations illuminating the night with tales of myth and 

    You say, "Hmm, so essentually just a private living room."

    Grimdale says, "Pretty much, yes."

    You nod your head at Grimdale.

    A little growl in its throat, a dark-skinned gremlin prowls in from the east.

    Grimdale says, "Small enough to feel private, but has to be big enough for our family to fit.

    The corners of Grimdale's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

    You have emoted: Kallah scribbles down a few notes in her sketchbook, looking about the room.

    You say, "Our family is rather large."

    Grimdale nods his head emphatically.

    Grimdale says, "I think it is just the sitting room."

    You nod your head at Grimdale.

    You say, "Alright."

    Grimdale says, "Unless you want to add anything to these other rooms."

    You shake your head.

    You say, "I like this room."

    You say, "Has a homie feeling to it."

    Grimdale nods his head emphatically.

    You say, "Then again it is your mansion, as long as your happy with it and all."

    You say, "I aim to please."

    Grimdale says, "Well if you want to add to the others, the stable doesn't need much really, the 
    entryway can be embelished more, I don't mind. If you get bored I suppose."

    The corners of Grimdale's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

    You say, "We will see, but my first priority is the sitting room."

    A falcon wings in from the north and perches nearby.

    You peer at a three-footed iron cauldron suspiciously.

    You smile at Grimdale.

    You say, "I am glad you like it."

    Kallah bends down, stuffing her various supplies in her pack.

    Grimdale's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

    Grimdale says, "Keeping the cauldron for now...just in case."

    You nod your head at Grimdale.

    You say, "I haven't...seen her much since. No idea how she's holding up, she seemed alright last 
    month, just tired."

    Grimdale says, "She left me a message asking for help, I don't think she is doing well.

    You bite down on your bottom lip, obviously troubled.

    You say, "When was this?"

    You say, "I would say I am partially to blame for this, but in reality she had it long before she 
    even took any blood from me."

    Grimdale says, "Maybe, but I think that may have triggered it, or possible added to it.

    Grimdale says, "I saw the message when I woke."

    You nod your head at Grimdale.

    You say, "And you all think I have control issues, she's literally a walking time bomb.

    Grimdale nods his head emphatically.

    A dark-skinned gremlin flicks an ear and flashes a toothy grin before bounding off to the north.

    Grimdale says, "I know."

    You say, "Draining her will do no good, you know this right? It can only delay or bury it for a time.
    You say, "Especially now that she has more of it."

    Grimdale nods his head emphatically.

    Grimdale says, "I know, it has to be her, she has to overcome and take control."

    Grimdale says, "I just bought us time basically."

    You nod your head at Grimdale.

    You say, "And if she can't...I don't think I could hurt my friend...my sister like that.

    Grimdale says, "Next time I will have to try and get her to come out on top, or piss the thing off 
    so badly it makes a mistake, like I did with you, but you took the opportunity...I don't know her 
    well enought to know if she will."

    You say, "She could run, and if she runs...well you know how well that ends up."

    Grimdale says, "We can do it here, the only way out is a key, or some type of teleporting.
    You nod your head at Grimdale.

    You say, "So we ensure she has no one to prism to in the area, because to my knowledge she doesn't 
    have an amulet or wings."

    Grimdale nods his head emphatically.

    Catty tells you, "So, about this little girl.. Would you like to come test this 'little' girl now.

    Grimdale says, "If she is lycan, can't she return to her mark?"

    You say, "Da**it...she an yes."

    You say, "Can even."

    Catty tells you, "Wrong."

    Grimdale says, "So make sure she is Praenomen then."

    The corners of Grimdale's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

    Grimdale says, "Or something else."

    You say, "I just got a disturbing tell from her, so."

    Grimdale says, "Oh?"

    You crease your brow in a frown.

    You say, "And I was looking forward to a peaceful month."

    You tell Catty, "Not Catt..."

    You tell Catty, "You need to take some deep breaths love."

    Catty tells you, "Catt is already gone."

    You say, "When someone tells you they are gone...you assume the worst."

    A frown wrinkles Grimdale's brow as he articulates a "Hrm...."

    You ponder the situation.

    A fledgling air beast goes suddenly out of focus, then fades away.

    Grimdale says, "So she said she was gone?"

    You nod your head emphatically.

    You say, "Correction...it said she was gone."

    With a slight sigh and a slump of his shoulders, Grimdale utters a quiet "Ugh."

    Grimdale says, "Shall we go find her?"

    You say, "I um...alright.."

    Grimdale says, "Well we don't have to, just offering to help."

    You say, "No, your right we probably should before she lets herself loose on the streets.

    Grimdale says, "Though....that might be funny."

    You say, "Says you."

    "Heh heh heh," Grimdale chuckles.

    (Enter Catty's side of things...yea it's about to get interesting here folks!)

    A few months after the first encounter I came to help with a lesser, aiding us was bloodloch. I of course had become first target, whilst being told to follow by everyone ten million times I had already been following Canasius. While they stayed there till I was killed then instantly took off. While this is NOT the only factor she had been letting lots of things build up in her mind ever since the first time the ‘change’ had happened.

    You tell Kallah Ve'kahi, "So, about this little girl.. Would you like to come test this 'little' girl now."

    Kallah tells you, "Catt?"

    You tell Kallah Ve'kahi, "Wrong."

    Kallah tells you, "Not Catt..."

    Kallah tells you, "You need to take some deep breaths love."

    You tell Kallah Ve'kahi, "Catt is already gone."

    Catty narrows her black eyes instantly as you both enter, fixating instantly on Grimdale, "I have no need for you to be here," she growls out before finally fixating on Kallah, the sword in her hands twirling slightly as she holds it loosely.

    Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "Mine's bigger."

    Kallah Ve'kahi says to you, "Course you do, every best friend needs their best friend."

    You say to Grimdale, "I don't care -who's- is bigger."

    Grimdale smiles and wipes some blood from the blade, "You will, when I rip your guts open with it."

    "You act as though I really care," Catty growls as she fixates her eyes back on Grimdale, "It'll only make it worse, isn't that what you said after Kall's heart was ripped out," a smirk playing at her lips as she finally takes hold of her sword.

    Grimdale steps between you and Kallah, planting the end of the halberd into the ground, "So, try me.”

    Kallah frowns, looking over Grimdale's side at you, "Snap out of it Catt..."

    Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "But you can see, she is just fine."

    Grimdale winks at you, "So why not try it on you?"

    Catty hisses as she moves towards Grimdale, her eyes becoming narrow as her sword connects with his, "It'll only be a short fix, you know that. It'll become worse and worse with every kill."

    Grimdale leans in slowly, placing his head next to your blade, "But is sure as hell would be fun."

    Kallah backs up slowly, simply watching the pair of you from a safe distance, "You know, it doesn't have to be this way, you could fight it..."

    Grimdale turns and glares at Kallah, "Give it up, she is too weak to fight it, look how easily she lost."

    Catty swings her sword instantly, connecting with Grimdale's before moving quickly, to push him into the wall. Ignoring Kallah's words she keeps her eyes fixed. "Fun?" she mocks with a grin. "It'll be just as fun to keep this going."

    "That's not fair...she is stronger than she looks.." Kallah pipes out to Grimdale, turning her gaze to stare directly at you.

    "Get out of my head, before I take your head," Catty hisses at Kallah, her gaze not breaking from Grimdale's, being sure not to be caught off guard.

    Kallah defiantly shakes her head at you, "No...I won't..." She casts a small apologetic look towards Grimdale before her stare intensifies towards her best friend.

    Grimdale hisses as his eyes go black, slamming the shaft of the halberd into your chest, pushing her back a few feet away. "Really? You're a weak one aren't you? I had a harder time getting it out of Kallah." He laughs and wipes the blood away from his armor.

    Several voices mar the back of your mind. Each one calling to you with what your sure is warm, open arms.

    Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "But if you want to play.....we can play."

    "Get out," Catty hisses one more time towards Kallah as images play across her mind. Stopping short when she is pushed back by Grimdale, "You like this don't you, hurting people for fun. Deep down though it hurts," she murmurs as her glare keeps on Grimdale's now black eyes.

    Kallah's left eye twitches at the comment, her focus never loosing grip though her features begin to contort into a hardened grimace at you.

    You say to Grimdale, "Even more when it's your precious Kallah."

    Two small children play within the safeness of your haven. Both turn to smile and look at you, begging you to take them into your motherly arms.

    "Of course I enjoy it, why else would the call on me? Hmm?" Grimdale growls as he steps away from the wall, "Because I'm the only one willing to do what is necessary, regardless of who it is."

    "Mommy!" the tiny voices reverberate across your unconscious mind. Both children come running towards you, only to be zapped away in the blink of an eye by an ominous ambient light.

    Catty pushes the images aside instantly, not letting them phase her. "See the ting is... I know you won't show it.. But your weakness is here," she growls towards Grimdale, moving instantly she manages to slip to Kallah, stepping behind her so the sword is around Kallah's neck.

    Kallah shakes her head free from the mind spell she had upon you, "This isn't what you want Catt...you don't want to hurt me." Not even struggling, she allows herself to stay with you grasp for as long as needed.

    "I am not his weakness anymore...surely even you must realize this by now..it will never work Catt.." a familiar voice trembles lightly in the back of your mind, both in unsureness and fear.

    Grimdale backs up slowly to the center of the room, "Alright then, when you are done with her....just me an you."

    His voice echoing from the featureless mass, Grimdale rumbles, "I will make sure you are still awake, as I rip you limb from limb."

    Catty digs the blade in close against Kallah's neck, "See, you won't admit it, it hurts Kallah every time you deny it. Sadly," she reaches up with her free hand to let her fingers trace down Kallah's neck. "She loves you."

    An eerie laugh echoes from around the room as Grimdale bellows, "She knows...she knows what I must do, you are wasting my time now worm."

    Kallah stands perfectly still, her eyes focus gone from any mind control she had over you. She looks across the room towards Grimdale, lifting her chin at your blade.

    "The sad part is...you are right..." a soft voice from behind layers of shadows ebbs at your ears.

    "This isn't about what she knows you have to do," Catty hisses out to Grimdale, a smirk playing her lips after a moment. "Such a shame one of the few couples that are meant to be together can't even push through." Tilting her head she slowly lowers the blade, pushing Kallah into Grimdale.

    Clearly striking a nerve, Kallah rebounds off of Grimdale, performing a small backflip as she sends her left leg into your gut.

    Catty catches Kallah's foot instantly the kick weakened, she forces Kallah to the ground when she can't pull the foot away, "Sorry doll, better luck next time?" she taunts, pushing Kallah aside slightly.

    Grimdale shakes his head slowly, "How sad, you couldn't even do it." As he watches Kallah he gestures to his golem who lunges at you, grabbing you left arm. Almost at the same time he lunges forward, grabbing you and lifting you half way to the ceiling, pinning you to the wall by you right arm.

    Landing on the ground in a small thump, Kallah hisses at you, turning instead to watch the golem pummel you.

    Catty hisses as she tries to pull away from the golem, her focus too much on that she coughs instantly when Grimdale raises her off the ground. "Kill me," she murmurs with a smirk, her eyes completely black as she looks down at Grimdale. "It'll only make it worse right now."

    "Stop this madness at once...is this who you wish to become?" Voices spring from every inch and yet no where at all into your mind. "You are strong...you are not this thing that is tearing you apart from the inside."

    Grimdale runs his finger down your body, the stony digit a few inches away, "Where should I start then, what organ should I crush first?" He laughs slighty, "Killing you is far to easy, no, when I am done with you. you will be begging me to set you free."

    Kallah grimaces, turning her head from the scene of you both knowing full well the meaning and what follows.

    Catty hisses at Grimdale again, her hands trying to tug free as she moves against the wall. "I will never... Beg you."

    "Your going to hate yourself for this...darkness comes from a hidden place amongst ourselves and you have let yourself open to it." the voice continues

    The eerie echoing laugh returns, as Grimdale whispers, "Oh, but you have begged before, and you will again...or did you forget last time?"

    Catty hisses again as she moves to kick Grimdale in the gut, connecting as she tries to wiggle free.

    In an instant, all your memories, your light goes dark. A gracious numbing pushing away all emotion or care.

    Grimdale looks down and laughs as your foot connects, "Oh please, you have to do better than that? Did you honestly think I would make this easy?"

    Catty narrows her eyes down at Grimdale, glancing at Kallah as the images continue to play at her mind. "He may torture me and kill me but I will still kill you. They will not work."

    Kallah rises to her feet, stepping to stand beside Grimdale's massive form and you. Looking up to her friend, and back to the overbearing stony form, she simply utters out, "It's a shame you had to let it come to this...that you weren't strong enough to fight back at your own rage and anger. You disappoint me, and it matters not what hurtful words you shout, he will tear you limb from limb to free you from yourself." Turning to walk back to her spot, she stops at you words, "Kill me, if it really makes you feel better...in the end you will never be able to forgive yourself for killing your best friend....again." Her back still turned to you both, she glances over at Grimdale, "Just do it..."

    Grimdale nods at Kallah then growls and pulls on the arm, stretching the shoulder to nearly dislocation, "No, no, no, eyes on me, this is our time together, enjoy it while you can."

    Catty smirks instantly at Kallah's words, her attention turning to Grimdale as her shoulder gets stretched out, "I will never enjoy my time with you, bastard," she hisses as she closes her eyes for a moment, embracing the pain before looking at Grimdale again. "Is this all you have?" she murmurs with a smirk. "I've had far worse dear."

    As his laugh returns, Grimdale chuckles out, "Oh, this is just the beginning, but don't be so harsh, I do so love this time together." He nods to the golem and in a sudden jerking motion the golem wrenches the arm free from the socket, allowing it to drop and dangle uselessly. His hand contorts and stretches, the sand wrapping around your waist, holding her firmly he does the same to the right arm, allowing to drop as well, the small amount of bone protruding from the skin causing blood to run and drip to the ground.

    Kallah pulls a tiny empty vial from her pack, diving under the carnage to catch some of the blood. Looking up at Grimdale she adds, "To remind her of what she has done...here she is talking about love and yet I can almost gurantee you, she has none for her knight in shining armor who thankfully is asleep for all this. I would hate for him to see her in this state and all.." With a small smile of satisfaction, she pulls back, plugging the vial closed with a small cork.

    Catty hisses as she holds back a small scream, her eyes fixating on Grimdale as she does her best to keep still, "Oh right, this is your favorite way to g..." she slowly trails off as a sudden grin plays across her lips, tilting her head she fixates her gaze on Kallah again, "Mmm love can be such a vial thing, look at the two of you I mean.. Really.. It's clear you love eachother that you want to spend your life or well... Unlife together yet.. Look at this." She stops as her gaze connects with Grimdale, "She's pushing it off for you, you know. I know her too well. She's hoping her knight and shinning armour will stop it."

    Grimdale laughs again, shifting his grip to the right leg. "Of course, you think I don't know her? Please little girl, I have lived far to long to fall for this unicorns." Squeezing the leg in thought he pauses for a moment, "Hmm, wait, which leg did you want me to start with again?"

    Meijin Grimdale Nebre'seir says, "I have to make sure you don't bleed out, what is the fun in that?"

    A loud hiss eminates from within Kallah as she turns to glare at you. Angry and yet confused she crosses her arms over her chest, wincing at the harsh words falling from Grimdale's lips.

    Catty chuckles as she watches Kallah, "What dear? Didn't think I knew you better? Don't act so confused," she hisses as she tries to kick at Grimdale again, using both legs this time to kick Grimdale square in the gut with all her might by surpruse. At the same time she whispers words under her breath, using the brief moment she has to summon forth shadows, getting out of Grimdale's hold she runs.

    Grimdale and Kallah parted, as he had to go rest for soul issues and Kalls was just flat out upset and worried. Catty..well she ran off to gods knows where...tune in next time!

  • CattyCatty Member Posts: 36 ✭✭✭
    Angwe said:
    Aetolian 28 Days Later? Interesting.
    That's one way to put it- It's what Sejast kept referring to it as
  • ExayneExayne Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
    that was really fun. I've a fully detailed log of the first event prior to Sejast's entry if anyone wants to read it I can post it

  • CattyCatty Member Posts: 36 ✭✭✭
    @Exayne, We have it going again now. I will see how long we can keep it going so you can join in again.
  • ZsadistZsadist Member Posts: 815 ✭✭✭✭

    @Kallah, @Catty, @Exayne: I love all of the RP, very intense, very dark, very.... well.. me. It has been a long time since I've seen RP this good.

    @Kallah: I love the backstory behind it all, very intriguing. Its very interesting and goes back a very long way.

    @Catty: Nice to see Catty has a dark side, I always took her for a "teddy bear". :P

    @Grimdale: Great RP man. Enough said.

    @Exayne: You have good RP too, though I expected you to be abit darker. Still great nonetheless.

    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

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    @Zsadist Catty hasn't been very 'teddy bear' like for a really long time. She's always had this sort of evil twist but we decided to take it a step further when she turned Vampire with @Kallah.

    It's been a lot of fun and I do want to start doing more with this RP, I've been putting it off for a while to do guild/city/house work. Think I'll take a break and use this again really soon so keep an eye out!!
  • ExayneExayne Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
    @Zsadist Yeah it was really fun and i'm glad you enjoyed reading it. Exa isn't actually as "dark" as people think, though he does have moments of madness when he gets angwe.
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    @Catty, I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for anything suspicious. :) I've always enjoyed RP-ing with @Kallah, though I do believe she gets a headache with Zsadist. lol
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

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    Exayne said:
    ...though he does have moments of madness when he gets angwe.
    Freudian slip here no doubt.

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