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I know I'm not around much right now, because of a packed RL schedule, but it won't last forever. In the meantime I'll ask for comments on character, rp and combat and what could be done to improve in said areas.

Have at it!


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    Hah. Okay where to start.

    I don't have anything to say in regards to your writing style as we've only interacted less than a handful of times so I don't have a real grasp to it yet. However, I must say that I absolutely love what I've seen of your character so far! She's tough but sweet and full of life which I think is reflective of the culture that's been brewing in Duiran for a long time now. She gives off the same kind of energy/vibe I got whenever my character crossed paths with Sibatti. I'm curious to know more about her but alas... our characters are at odds so there's that. Irea also has balls man. STEEL BALLS.

    It always excites me when fellow role-players take the next step and dabble into the PK aspect of the game. Irea really threw me for a loop with how bold she was when she confronted Haven in Enorian. I mean she pretty much said to Haven, "Be ready and watch your back because I'm coming for you." She's certainly gained some measure of my character's respect from that.
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    Irea is everything I could have hoped for as a daughter for Periluna. I knew as soon as Milian and Peri met her that there would be some amazing RP ahead of me, and I'm glad I was right. They had their rough patches, but I think it helped develop our character even more. I'm looking forward to our future interactions. And I agree with Haven. Steel balls on that girl.
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