Show off your Haven!

PiperPiper Master Crumbs
We all love our Havens and sometimes we wish we could drag more people up to RP in them just so we can show them off (don't lie, I know you do) so I figured we can just all show off our Havens and see what everyone's got! Obviously, if it's something super secret and mysterious that will expose too much of your character more than what you're comfortable with, then feel free to just.. not.

First, this is Orisae's Haven. I don't play her anymore but I still love her Haven. It's basically a cliff on Polyargos (or some other island) with a submerged cavern at the bottom with a shipwreck that I had been RPing her slowly repairing.


As you focus on your haven, the faint sound of seagulls and crashing waves can be identified coming from the fierce maelstrom winds that churn about your form. The storm continues to build with you as its source, overwhelming the senses and mind with half-remembered glimpses of the ocean as seen from foot beaten paths along cliff tops and sandy beaches. As suddenly as it has begun, the struggle ceases and the welcome sight of an endless horizon greets your eyes as you slowly open them, the salty scent of the sea air filling your nostrils.

A rocky cliff overlooking an ocean.
Patches of sparse grass and tough shrubs dot the rocky slope leading up to the edge of the cliff. At the top, the stone levels out into a wide, flat shelf, making the sudden drop-off readily apparent. At the edge, the stone cuts sharply away underneath, the platform hanging suspended only by its connection to the preceding cliffline. Far below, the dark, roiling sea crashes against the sharp rocks at the base, a fearsome end for one unlucky enough to fall over the edge. The expansive waters extend far past even the best eyesight, racing the skyline in a mad rush towards eternity.  You see a single exit leading down.

A half submerged cavern.
A steep slope of damp rocks and jagged stone walls provides a slippery path down into a cavern worn deep into the side of the cliff. The heavy scent of brine, varying levels of near below freezing water, and the constant cut of piercing wind fills the area with a brisk chill could easily set teeth chattering within minutes. Other than what can be allowed from the entry path as well as opening of the cave, there is no lighting and stumbling into one of the many impressive stalagmites and stalactites is a constant threat and possibility. Just by the mouth leading out into the endless sea and covered in numerous layers of salt deposits and barnacles, the partially-submerged wreckage of a wooden ship appears to be slowly under repair.  You see a single exit leading up.

When you go IN-

A dilapidated grand hallway.
Haunting creaks, broken boards, and faded velvet-lined walls are all that remain of what had originally been a grand and lavish hall. Cold and drafty, many doorways lead into similarly broken rooms, each filled with heaps of collapsed furnishing that might have once been called richly crafted. Shards of mirrored glass and crystal, in various unfortunate shapes and sizes, litters the ground while empty frames hang crooked on curved walls. Small windows line the right wall, though they do not provide any lighting into the interior of the ship. Instead, a velvety blankness is all that can be seen beyond the heavy glass, indicating total, subterranean darkness. On the far southern end, the hall looks more put together, as if someone had been working on restoring it to its formerly decadent beauty.  You see a single exit leading south (open pine door) and east.

When you go South- (Warning SPAMMY)

A dimly lit chamber.
Spiced incense mingles with the heavy mixture of vanilla and floral that wafts about the air pleasantly to greet the occupants of this room. Dark walls of stained wood grain line the inside while tall windows, decorated heavily with beautiful and elaborate tracery of black painted iron, stretch from the ceiling to the floor and span across the entirety of one of the walls. The translucent glass, a smoky amethyst color, allows for only dim chilled lighting to be cast around the room. A long wide desk carved from dark cherry has been carefully set in front of the windows, its surface an organized mess of reading material, blank scrolls, inkwells and numerous violet candles. In a matching style, a bookcase has been set into the corner, completely filled to the point where a good many books and various colored inks have been kept in somewhat scattered piles and stacks around it due to lack of room on its shelves. Some long forgotten stacks have even begun to serve as useful surfaces for other odds and ends such as combs, handfuls of coins, and even a small empty birdcage. An enormous canopy bed takes up a majority of the remaining space, heavy black velvet tied back against the tall heavy pillars. Easily seen through the under layer of sheer charcoal gossamer curtains, the mattress has been covered with fluffy pillows, a thick black feather comforter, and a pile of other comfortable blankets folded at the foot to create an inviting sanctuary. A dark stained oak desk is here, a sturdy oaken box with a stylized tree, a dark, iron-plated harp, a glass and wood statuette of Slyphe, and a vase of red and orange flowers atop it. A black leather armchair rests here, looking comfortable. Rivaling the height of a troll, a beautiful mahogany wardrobe stands here. A medallion of hematite and sankithakt has been set here. There are 15 magically-preserved letters here. There are 4 letter bearing the Spinesreach flags here. A worry stone, worn smooth by constant rubbing, lies here on the ground.You see exits leading north (open pine door) and out.

And the room to the east is yet undescribed but you get the idea-

A ballroom full of broken furniture.
Colours swirl and shift all about you in the void.  You see a single exit leading west.


And then we have Piper's haven. She doesn't have a custom haven return but her haven is one room and described-


An ocean of soft, green grass.
As far as the eye can see, there is nothing but green lush grass and commonly seen flowers, mostly dandelions, providing a brief burst of color. The terrain is that of gentle, rolling hills that kiss a cloudless blue sky holding up the searing sun, providing the entire area with the constant light of daytime. What it lacks in eye catching excitement and objects to catch your attention it more than makes up for in peace, warmth, and quiet.  There are no obvious exits.


Doooo it! I want to see your Havens!


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  • PiperPiper Master Crumbs
    Outc Haven
    Wield Haven
    Showoff Haven
    Inc Haven
  • HavenHaven World Burner Flight School
    Okay, okay. I yield. Here's mine:



    Picture done by @Laelio and colored by an old friend.
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  • SolariaSolaria Charlotte, NC
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    This is Sol's. The ship was added from RP with Exzuryx. No custom return anymore, since switching away from the Shamans. Debating what to do for it now.


    A lush cliff-face overlooking the ocean.
    Lush, green grass covers every inch of the ground below your feet - up until the sharp end that 
    rests just above the cliff-face. The edge is abrupt, resting above a flat area of granite that goes 
    downwards for many feet below until eventually reaching the ocean below. Waves crash into the rock 
    forcefully, sometimes chipping away at bits of it as they fall away into the watery depths. Zig-
    zagging back and forth down the side of the cliff is a steep pathway, leading down to a small boat 
    that seems to be docked at the small beachy shore below. A simple breeze comes in every so often, 
    carrying up the scent of fresh air to your nose as it shakes the grass here and there. The bale of a 
    quilted hammock curls here around two sturdy logs, awaiting use.
    You see a single exit leading down.


    And down, the ship:


    On the deck of a small cargo ship.
    Sounds of creeking of wood and the crashing of waves fill the air - fresh scent of sea water evident 
    within the air around you. The ship itself is relatively small in size, enough for a four person 
    crew. The boat itself, from what you can see, is oval-shaped and made from many planks of oak. To 
    the southern end is the ship's wheel for steering, the deck elevated a few inches from the rest to 
    allow the person steering a decent view ahead. A foot forward from the ship's wheel, directly in the 
    center of the sides, is a tall sail - closed and tied up so that it is kept out of the way. From 
    there, many feet are completely bare until you get to the very northern tip of the ship. Resting at 
    the northern tip is an old telescope, allowing a scout to peer miles ahead. Under a silken canopy, a 
    four-poster bed stands here.
    You see a single exit leading up.


  • PiperPiper Master Crumbs
    I love the telescope and working ship idea! Do you get any sailing adventure roleplay out of it?
  • SolariaSolaria Charlotte, NC
    Piper said:
    I love the telescope and working ship idea! Do you get any sailing adventure roleplay out of it?
    Not yet, but I'm planning on doing something. If I could bash more, I'd save up to add area affects and some other stuff.

  • IvolnIvoln Azvosh Rakar
    This is my haven. I have the advantage of being able to make a haven wherever I want, so this one is out in Sapience.

    A towering wall of skulls.                             (SUMMAN6)
    The land drops gradually, acidic rivers trickling down the dunes, following their shape like the striations of contour plowing. The northmost edge of the cavern rises almost ninety degrees, and is nothing more than a horrific bulwark of skulls, the bones of too many species to count. The skulls pile up into a tumbling hill at the bottom of the pit, the lowest ones bleached pure white by the sulphuric acid. With a careful leap, it is possible to vault the pool and climb the hill of skulls, where at its apex, the bones ramify into the shape of a great throne. A throne of skulls makes the apex of the burial mound, overlooking its acidic moat. The rib bones of a massive Earthen wyrm vault across the ceiling. An oversized chair of porous rock overlooks the pit.
    Exits from this room are:
    Southeast  : (SUMMAN4) A complex of recessed shelves
    South      : (SUMMAN7) Sulphuric pools and Earthen footprints
    Southwest  : (SUMMAN5) Aggregation of wyrm bones
  • AarbrokAarbrok Breaking things...For Science San Diego, CA
    Um I would post mine but its 21 Rooms, Consisting of....

    A Large tower encased in vines and Ivy that is crumbling, equipped with sleeping areas and a library
    A forested pathway
    A marble gazebo
    Bamboo gardens
    A misty lake
    Underwater grotto
    Bridge traversing around the lake
    A guardhouse and Stable
  • IvolnIvoln Azvosh Rakar
    Post your favorite room, then.
  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
    I have a small haven.

    The edge of a jungle clearing. (The Havens.) (13918)
    Moving out of a thick, vibrant dream of green vines and strong, dark trunks, this area slowly begins to rise out of the cloying, close darkness. It thins out, into a clearing where sunlight filters through a tangle of vegetation, to a floor padded with the debris of an ancient jungle. Off into the distance, a hill of sharp rock rises from the soft loam. Large and foreboding, it stands feet taller than the average house, a wide cavern opening in the front.
    You see a single exit leading in.

    A brightly lit cavern in the jungle. (The Havens.) (21835)
    Descending a few feet into the side of the hill, this cave provides a broad, natural theater for occupancy. Vines and mosses from the jungle beyond the cavern creep into the entrance, forming a natural carpet that descends several feet into the room-sized cave. The floor is littered with debris, various bits of rock, bone and broken branches scattered about. Sunlight streams into the cavern from its entrance, illuminating the whole of the cave in its natural glow. A small, carefully concealed trap door has been built into the floor at the far northwestern corner of the cavern. A sturdy iron forge stands here, cold and dark. There are 2 beguiling ouroboros here.
    You see a single exit leading out.

    You unlock the down door.
    You open the door to the down.

    A candle-lit chamber of ocean hues. (The Havens.) (21836)
    A comforting feeling of privacy pervades the area. A steep white-oak staircase terminates in a bedchamber designed with relaxation in mind. Each wall is awash in a sea of blues ranging from the light green-blue of sun drenched inlets, to the dark midnight blue of oceans deep. A resplendent floor of gold-laced, sand-hued tiles creates the lush feel of an ocean retreat. Standing at an angle in one corner is a short, white-oak bookshelf, various literature stacked on it haphazardly. A myriad of tan candles stand at each corner of this space, their sizes varied and placement haphazard, giving out dim lighting. An unadorned, white-finished vanity is here, a snowglobe depicting Shastaan atop it. A white vanity seat has been placed at it. A thin, floor-length mirror stands like an easel here. Regal in its simplicity, this white-oak canopy bed sits along the north wall. An unembellished upright piano stands at an angle in the southeast corner of the room.  A small sign indicates that LIBRARY CATALOG will list the materials in this library.
    There are no obvious exits.

    You close the door to the up.
    You lock the up door.
  • AarbrokAarbrok Breaking things...For Science San Diego, CA
    The underwater BOOM BOOM room.....
    (Actually a room I made for Meskhenet)

    A subterreanean crystalline grotto (51934) - The Havens (Unmapped)
    Rich veins of crystal sparkle through the ambient light of this grotto, filtering through the waters 
    above.  A small pool rests as the entrance, leading to a beach that creeps up to the cavernous 
    expanses beyond.  Hidden away deep in the inky waters of the mist-shrouded lake this retreat is a 
    place for relaxation and escape.  Stalactites creep down and drip water into the pool from the 
    ceiling above, the quartzite shards sparkling like stars in the sedimentary rock, allowing this 
    chamber to feel like eternal night.  Small shells, hermit crabs, and beddings of kelp rest curiously 
    upon the shore from the waters surrounding. Framed by washed river rocks, a cozy fireplace is here 
    in the center of the wall. A driftwood clamshell chest rests firmly on the ground here. Covered with 
    twisting vines, a cozy bed made of branches stands here.
    You see a single exit leading up.


    The tower top orphan prison....not really, KINDA.

    A defiled tower-top antechamber (50560) - The Havens (Unmapped)
    The landing upon the rickety marble stairs lay in disrepair.  Pedestals which once held great works 
    of art, sculptures and other sorts lay broken and cracked across the hallway.  The paint upon the 
    walls darker where great works of art once hung with care.  The rickety staircase leads further 
    upwards in which there is a hole in the cieling leading into the darkness above.  Dust lines each 
    step where few have sought to venture, the iron of the handrails looking rusted and unsafe.  On 
    either side of the hallway through the various bits of rubble and carnage are two large arched 
    entryways to the east and west, leading beyond to other areas.  The dim light of the singular sconce 
    left upon the wall hardly lighting enough to see beyond.  The masonry permitting a faint sunbeam 
    once in a while in its failing torpor showing streams of dust in the small crack of life it permits. 
    A red tunic lies here, adorned with a white lion. A mug of liquid steel clutched in it's paws, a 
    white lion doll sits here. Shying away from eye contact, a wide-eyed street scamp is here. A small 
    green ocarina has been left here.
    You see exits leading south and down (open pine door).
  • AngweAngwe I'm the dog that ate yr birthday cake Bedford, VA
    Beseeching the spirits of Dendara for aid, you call upon another gift of your form. Echoing the ways of the Heartwood fauns, you will your physical form to disperse, drifting away on the breeze.

    A gutted shack amid endless jungle
    You find yourself in the midst of a clearing in an unknown jungle, the scent of exotic flowers and decaying plantlife wafting on the rare breeze. Monstrously large insects whiz to and fro in the still, humid air surrounding what was once the ruins of a rusty shack. Stale water pools amid the mud and the rotted planks of wood that hint at the legacy if a floor underfoot, and what walls remain of the place are rotted and weathered. Likewise stained by rainwater and other, more questionable fluids, a makeshift table sits in the center of the destruction, the tattered remains of leather restraints still clinging to the bloated wood. Beyond, the jungle is an imposing and an ominous presence, teaming with life both seen and unseen. The hunting calls of predators and the dying cries of prey fill the air, accompanied by the constant song of exotic birds and a strange drumming in the far distance, evidence of other folk somewhere in this place. Always, you hear a chanting in a guttural tongue that seems to surround this clearing, the exact direction somehow impossible to discern.
  • MacavityMacavity Chicago, Il
    I am proud of the layout of my haven but not the rooms descriptions, is there a way to put the map up on here??  I like to see that type of designs as well
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  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
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    Yeeeah I have 29 rooms.

    Tallying them up, though, I've had roleplay scenes in 16 of them and several are just for the aesthetics of moving around.

     44825 eleanorhaven1      A desolate junction

     45097 eleanorhaven4      Zenith Street 
     44851 eleanorhaven9      A moonlit rock spire
     50989 eleanorhaven26     On a precarious ledge

     44848 eleanorhaven6      An endless library
     48894 eleanorhaven16     Within a vaulted library
     48895 eleanorhaven17     Deep in a labyrinthine library
     48897 eleanorhaven18     A distant corner of an enormous library

     44867 eleanorhaven2      A narrow back alley

     45251 eleanorhaven3      The "End of Time"
     45824 eleanorhaven10     A narrow, rickety hallway
     45825 eleanorhaven11     A disorderly private room above the bar

     44847 eleanorhaven5      Azimuth Lane

     44849 eleanorhaven7      A dusty hollow 
     44850 eleanorhaven8      An ethereal whispering forest
     46560 eleanorhaven12     A windy tower filled with machinery
     46561 eleanorhaven13     A room of confusing mirrors
     46782 eleanorhaven14     Shifting red sands
     46867 eleanorhaven15     A well-appointed tent

     49021 eleanorhaven19     Zenith Street
     49022 eleanorhaven20     A spacious, opulent parlour

     50142 eleanorhaven21     A descending earthen tunnel
     50143 eleanorhaven22     An immense, grassy cavern
     50144 eleanorhaven23     Beneath the boughs of an underground orchard
     50145 eleanorhaven24     A tiered garden with spiral irrigation
     50146 eleanorhaven25     A sprawling, lantern-lit vegetable garden

     51269 eleanorhaven27     A shaded forest path
     51270 eleanorhaven28     A creaky riverside distillery
     52874 eleanorhaven29     A long, rickety pier

  • PiperPiper Master Crumbs
    Macavity said:
    I am proud of the layout of my haven but not the rooms descriptions, is there a way to put the map up on here??  I like to see that type of designs as well
    Screen cap it!

  • IvolnIvoln Azvosh Rakar
    You can also copy the map display, hit the Show Source (paper icon with a "<>" on it) button on the post editor box, and then paste it between [code][/code] tags.
  • AarbrokAarbrok Breaking things...For Science San Diego, CA
    3F                 [+]               A defiled tower-top antechamber (50560)
                          |                 Within the alcove of knowledge (50368)  

    2F                 [  ]               An open air tower suite overlooking the mists (50207) 
                          |                 A vine-choked landing with fragrant blooms (49730)

    Base            [ + ]     [   ]         [   ]       A decrepit stable littered with cobwebs (50869)
                                        \          |         A liquor scented guards quarters (51056)
                        [ < ]    [   ] - [< ] [> ]       Gatehouse before the misty bridge (51043) 
                          |         |    /         |        Bridge traversing over the misty lake waters (49939)
                        [    ] -  [   ]         [   ]      Lost within the mists (49822)
                                                           Natural steppes through the misty Cypress wetlands.
                                                           A monolithic garden raised before the great tower.
                                                           A thicket of bamboo within a stone garden overlooking the lake 
                                                           A grand courtyard, reclaimed by nature (49040)

    SUB                      [+]                     A subterreanean crystalline grotto (51934)                
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    A comforting feeling of privacy pervades the area. Truly afloat amid nothingness, this chamber - room, area, cavern, what have you - is disconcerting in its undefinable aspects. Seemingly a bubble of space plucked from the void, everything and nothing circle the fragile, invisible walls, penned back by nothing visible. Beyond, chaos and colour circle in a riotous melee, twisting constantly into new shapes, while, within, the terrain itself seems to be in a constant shape of growth and creation, molding itself beneath your feet into new and curious forms. Hues beyond the spectrum barrage the eye, hinting at colours yet to be imagined, while the land itself ripples, constantly shifting into new forms and undulations. There are 2 beguiling ouroboros here. A sturdy iron forge stands here, cold and dark. This is a stable. Use STABLE to check your mounts or WARES to buy new mounts. A PURPLE MOTH IS CLUMSILY SCRAWLED HERE.

    You discern that you are standing in The Havens.
    Your environment conforms to that of Haven.
    You stand upon the Continent of Sapience.
    You are in the Havens.
    This room belongs to Moirean.
    This room will hide you from the who list.
    This room is a slaughterhouse.
    This is a private room.
    This room is a stable.
    This room will regenerate willpower at an increased rate.
    This room will regenerate endurance at an increased rate.
    This room can be used to preserve poisons.

    Aka "I dumped everything into one room for the mechanical benefits." >_>

    I think havens are cool, but I don't like that only you can go to them, and being offplane means that you can't farsee people from them; as a PKer, this is frustrating in case combat flares up, so I tend to avoid visiting mine except for enchanting/milking. I really like seeing some of the nifty stuff other people have done with their's, though - people have done some really creative stuff with the concept.
  • AshmerAshmer Barefoot Adventurer Life

    My first-person Haven entrance:


    A sharp pain knifes down the length of your spine before arcing through the rest of your thin frame. A howling wind can be heard, gathering force until it drowns out all surrounding sound. As your bones break, there are a muffled series of snaps that reverberate up through your hips and shoulders, and as you begin to fall, your flesh simply dissipates, blasted away in clouds of fine black dust. After a moment, your entire body has come apart, and blackness overtakes you. Slowly, the howling wind subsides, and your vision returns.


    My third-person Haven entrance:


    Abruptly, Ashmer comes apart, his flesh blasted away into fine black dust by an unseen wind. There is an audible series of pops and cracks as his bones break, and before his crumbling form has even struck the ground, he has vanished entirely.



    My lonely little Haven room. I have plans, but Raceskills are way more important right now:




    At the edge of a shattered plain

    Dark spurs of basalt jut from the broken ground of this vast plain, clawing at the dark, clouded sky in cloven points. You stand at its very edge, closed in on the west by a towering labyrinth of the same cracked stone, and the wastes themselves stretch to the horizon in every other direction. Fine ash intermingles with jagged gravel underfoot, and above, the sky is a roiling mass of dark, seething clouds. The light from some unseen source tints everything a deep, dusky indigo, variegated to purple where the hazy horizon meets the charcoal sky. To the east and south, the land is shattered, the ashen soil slashed in long ravines and littered with sharp-edged boulders. To the north, the labyrinth falls away, trailing into the same broken ground. An enormous peak rises contemptuously from that ragged horizon, its shadow cast across miles of the shattered plain at its feet.


    the way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine

    open hand or closed fist would be fine

    blood as rare and sweet as cherry wine

  • DaingeanDaingean Xanhaal, probably.
    edited December 2013
    I really, really like my haven, and if I had a house, it'd probably just be a copy of my haven, with more rooms connecting, rather than the antechamber setup I have now.

    Daingean has always wanted a home of his own, so his haven is basically what he desires in a home - and it's very personal, which is strange for a guy who isn't all that personal. @Phoenecia was supposed to design furniture that could be interacted with that's generally referenced in the extended descs, but that sort of fell through. My favorite room is a toss up between his Atrium - which is a total abuse of the 'are havens real places or are they magical and thus do not need to conform to accepted standards of reality' question - and the apartment he built for his pets.


    [Spoiler]You will see: Your lips turn up in a smile as you summon a small Spark to your fingertip and begin drawing a simple door in the air before yourself. As soon as you complete the small rectangle meant to represent the latch, you reach out and lift it, the incorporeal door swinging open on silent hinges at the lightest touch. Stepping across the threshold, blinding light encompasses your vision for a moment. When it clears, you are within your Haven once more.[/spoiler]

    [spoiler]Others will see: Daingean smiles briefly and summons a small Spark to his fingertip. Carefully drawing a door in the air before himself, he reaches for the latch as soon as it's completed, lifting it easily and causing warm light to pour forth from the newly formed doorway. As he steps across the threshold, the quiet click of the latch falling into place can be heard before the outline vanishes in a puff of smoke.[/spoiler]

    Atrium [exits lead in and out, both connecting to the Antechamber] - this room exists because Daingean believes the initial haven room is formed from the strongest desire of a person at the moment of their ascension to Tekal. He has a terrible memory, and he's secretly terrified that one day, he'll lose the memories that matter the most to him, and so a room that essentially acts as a slide show of memories made a lot of sense to him.

    [spoiler]The Atrium of Insight. --> A plain space with no obvious boundaries or doorways, warm light floods in from no discernible source, banishing any shadows. Playing silently in the air about you, moments of your existence dance before your eyes, showing your entire life to this point, flitting and shifting back and forth between times far past and those more recent, intermingled at places with thoughts only just crossing your mind.[/spoiler]

    The pet apartment:

    [spoiler]Standing before two small apartments. --> A single iron lantern set above the door offers light to this unique space. Built carefully into the western wall, two complete apartments have been constructed at reduced scale. In each a small kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathing area has been painstakingly recreated, no detail spared. The top boasts bright colors and shiny trinkets, smudges of fire ash coating almost every surface, though it is neatly kept. Over the fireplace in the living room is a small plaque reading, 'Sprinkle'. The lower apartment has only a small table in the kitchen for furniture, and bears no sign of ever having been lived in. A small plaque set into the kitchen floor reads, 'Peeve'.[/spoiler]

    His full haven is made up of the atrium, the antechamber [it's an octagonal shaped room, with doors leading everywhere else. Saved me having to make real connective rooms.], a devotional chamber [that's where my private/hidden powers are], a sleeping porch, which leads into a garden [the floor of the sleeping porch is actually grass, and there's a gentle slope leading directly into the garden], a sunny crafter's workshop [this room was made and designed for/by Nola when they were a couple. He just locked the door when they ended their relationship.] a kitchen, a pantry connected to said kitchen, a cellar/cold storage beneath the pantry, a cluttered workspace [this is where Daingean tinkers and designs stuff. It's a mess, but it's where I prefer to sit him if I need to afk. It allows me to rp the creation of a lot of items that he can't mechanically make.], a hexagonal study, a disrobing room with giant marble slide that leads down into a giant bathing pool complete with wave-making-apparatus beneath the water.

    Edit - God, I hate spoilers. I've added --> between the name and the extended desc, because I can't be arsed to use the source finagling to get the breaks right.
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  • Within the unformed void.
    Colours swirl and shift all about you in the void.
    There are no obvious exits.

    Have used Toz's all of five times total since getting it. Just afk in the Carni GH instead!

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    I just saw this thread and want to show mine. It's like, the only thing I've ever described myself in game. -_-

    A frost covered grave.
    An unnatural darkness has fallen upon this area, sheltering everything but a solitary grave and the
    snow surrounding it from sight.  A small orb like light circles the tombstone, causing the shadows
    to distort the inscribing on it.  When the light reaches the front of the tombstone and the shadows
    disappear from text, it becomes legible for a brief moment.  The inscription reads 'Draiman'. A
    jagged black ring lies here. A pool of water is all that remains of this sprite. An ebon ring, set
    with emeralds, lies here. a black ring lies here, carved with flames. A black ring lies here, shaped
    to resemble an icicle. There are 2 arcane black rings here. Its ophidian pupil gazing skyward, a
    diaphanous all-seeing eye earring is here. A lightning bolt puzzle ring of magnetized iron is here,
    shimmering softly. A multifaceted ring of translucent, caliginous black obsidian is here. Resembling
    a frosty arrowhead, a silver icicle knuckle ring is here. Radiating residual heat, a two-tone ring
    of melted gold is here. Left here is a black cloak emblazoned with a silver star. Resting on the
    ground is a fist-shaped sigil.
    There are no obvious exits.

    Lately it's just used as a graveyard for faded enchantments because I'm too lazy to sort through them and give them to a humgii thing (cube? w/e) and Rashar's sprite (that hasn't decayed in like 3 months and has become like a permanent fixture and I'm strangely ok with this).
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    ... That is actually really, really cool.

    the way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine

    open hand or closed fist would be fine

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  • EmelleEmelle Dreamshaper Tecpatl's Cradle
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    As some of you know, Emelle was blind for the vast majority of her life -- it was only when she became Omei's Eye that she had vision. Her haven is the representation of her experience during the time she was blind, like a window into her consciousness. Like @Moirean's, its features are malleable, so it can really be anything I want. I don't get the opportunity to RP in it especially often, but it is always fun when I do! Something about it seems to unnerve people, though...

    Emelle begins to change, her features shifting and distorting ethereally before she fades away, disappearing into the surroundings.

    In the dark.
    Total darkness surrounds you, so thick and impenetrable that any attempt to shine light on the area would be a failure. At first the dark is asphyxiating in its completeness: deafeningly silent, endless. Over time, though, the experience begins to change. In the distance, rippling mirages of color dance, indistinct sounds echo, familiar scents waft. Sensations tease the consciousness in a constant, tireless flow of energy, each fleeting and just barely discernible.
    There are no obvious exits.

    Edit: uuuuuunicorns spoiler tags.
  • SaritaSarita Empress of Bahir'an The Pillars of the Earth
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    I don't have any of the custom entrance messages set for Sarita's because she's been doing the disguising gem thing and trying not to let too many people in on the fact that she's not human anymore. Part of that involves not going to the haven in front of people, obviously. I was originally planning it to be five rooms connected by a lake (which exists for quick bathing purposes, but isn't described), with each of the other four rooms representing a time of day. Each one was also meant to hold a different memory related to her childhood, so she goes to the haven to sort of help relive it. So far, I think only one or two people have been to the haven with her, so I've been using the other haven points for skills.

    [spoiler]The meadow of memory at night.
    The entirity of this small meadow is blurred and obscured by the sort of mist left by a light rain, though there is nothing wet about the surroundings. Ambient light diffuses downwards, possibly coming from the moon or stars, illuminating the clearing but not penetrating into the thick trees that encircle it. At the very center, a shadowy illusion shows two log benches beside the remnants of a campfire. Seated at one and frozen in place is a teenaged girl, Sarita in her human body. At her side is a rajamalan man who appears just a few years older. He too is frozen, mouth open in conversation and showing the distinctly pointed fangs characteristic of the Consanguine. A third bench set across from the incorporeal ones is solid, offering enough space for two or three people to sit. Tiny flames circling its form, a miniature fire elemental spins slowly here.
    You see a single exit leading north. [/spoiler]
  • HavenHaven World Burner Flight School
    Ezalor said:
    He is a stalwart Azudim with thin midnight strands of hair decorating his crown in complete disarray, cut short and unruly as it barely makes its way down past his slightly pointed ears. Unlike the rest of his body, his eyes are pure in that they are entirely unmarred and ring a radiant but solid white like a fresh blanket of snow on a crisp winter's day. His shoulders are broad and thick as they lead down to a well-muscled and lean frame. The Azudim's largely tan complexion prematurely ends evenly across the bottom half of his body; from his thorny elbows to his abdomen and across his forearms and clawed fingertips to which his flesh seems to take on an almost calcified shell of obsidian. Almost as if the skin were severely burned, the flesh around the center of his chest has been warped and blackened to a crisp, shaping what closely resembles a clawed handprint. Directly over this desecration, slanted at the collar, neatly seared is the word 'Xiystude' which faintly glows an ominous orange like a dying piece of ember.
    ...I hate you. xD
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  • I was hoping someone would post that.

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