Yay Me!

ElyniElyni New Zealand
Resolved, you still your thoughts and bend your mind to the task of completing your hollow form. The
essence within you roils as you ineptly attempt to manipulate it. Then, with horrifying suddenness,
you feel the constraints on your soul unravel, allowing the very essence of your being to spill away
and evaporate, taking swathes of your material form with it. Your fraying psyche begins to collapse
beneath its own weight, and as darkness laps at the edges of your vision, understanding finally
blossoms within you. In a fevered instant, you grasp what must be done, and from the rapidly
disintegrating remnants of your body you weave a new form, an echo of your imperfect self; a cage of
flesh and bone to contain your wild, unfettered mind. Your spirit once again settles uneasily within
your transformed flesh, and with bone-deep certainty you know you have become an Idreth.
A shiver runs through Creation, rapidly swelling into a thunderous, echoing tone that heralds the
rebirth of the Idreth, Elyni.

Many thanks to @Alexina for letting me steal her artifacts the past two days.

And to @Ezalor and @Plato You both suck, and are hard to hunt against, when I need experience!


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