The Regions of Albedos, Vol. V: The Asamad Basin & Avero Delta

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What are the Asamad Riverlands?

Considered by the people of Albedos to be the Cradle of the Gods, the Asamad Basin and the Aver Delta are some of the most fertile, vibrant places upon the continent. It is dotted by vast, slow-moving rivers that cut through the deep valleys before making their way to the warm southern seas. The Asamad Basin is renowned for its bountiful harvests by the Caentoi who worked the lands. For generations, the Basin and its riverlands were a place of peace and serenity once overlooked by the city of Rakshal. A small port-city that  Rakshal was the final port-hub before the long voyages into the churn of the southern expanse and one of the major trading hubs for the once burgeoning city of Basrai. The smell of spices, sizzling meats, and cloying smoke filled the air of Rakshal in a wreathe of mystery.

What happened to Rakshal?

Then, everything changed when the Dreikathi Empire attacked. Rakshal had risen without a Dreikathi-sanctioned council at the helm and now had proven to be a nuisance; tithes upon tithes remained unpaid to the Empire and the leaders of Rakshal were dismissive of the ambassadors that advised them. Rakshal, to the Dreikathi, was little more than a den of iniquity that, like its cousin to the north, had attempted to throw off the yoke of its oppressors. Rakshal was destroyed from the sea, with salvo after salvo unleashed on the port city and its inhabitants. It crumbled into the sea. Basrai, several years later, followed its sister city into oblivion.

Rakshal is now a husk of a city that sits atop the craggy reef, its people lost to the Dreikathi in a savage attack and its riches awaiting the most intrepid of adventurers that dares dive into that dark water.

What else can we see and do in the Asamad Riverlands?

The Asamad Basin is one of the most fertile, lush places that is not inherently out to kill the sentient NPCs and players with the local flora and fauna. Players should expect to see many peaceful farmlands (all of which pay a monthly tithe of food to the Dreikathi overlords) that they may themselves find a use for or even have of their own!

To the west, you will find the shattered husk of Rakshal and the abandoned Morae Keep. Few tread into Morae Keep, but even fewer find the courage to dive into the leviathan and shark-infested waters surrounding Rakshal.

To the north, the desolate Vakimal Wasteland is just over the low-lying Gyart Mountains which you may read about in my previous post on the--wait a second! I never told you guys about Basrai and the Vakimal Wastelands!

Come again soon and read about the desolate, horrifying, and wondrous city known as Basrai, the Maw of Urokt! Korvok will be awaiting you all.


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