Newbie Class Guide: Ascendril

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The undisputed masters of the magical arts for the side of life, the Ascendril are a scholarly guild focused on education and discovery. Students in the guild can expect a rigorous course of study, training them in the intricate ways of the arcane. Through the skillset of Elemancy, Ascendril channel the elements of fire, water and spirit to cast a variety of spells to both help and harm. Crystalism teaches the mages how to spin intricate vibrations out of the air, allowing them to attack an entire room of enemies at once, while mastery of Enchantment gives the guild a way to craft magical items for others to use, assisting allies from behind the frontlines.

Ascendril are amazingly helpful for team combat, with their vibrations attacking entire rooms of enemies. They can also cast active abilities which attack multiple enemies at once, or heal allies. Be warned, however - this sort of power comes at a cost, as mages are prime targets in group engagements, due to their potency. Ascendril kill primarily through heavy damage, or by hindering their foes and setting up a series of channeled brands which can be unleashed for instant death.

Ascendrils have a diverse range of options for roleplay - the guild's focus on scholasticism and discovery opens the door for a wide variety of character types, all included under the umbrella of "magical" sorts. Both fighters and pacifists can find a home in the Ascendril, with heavy encouragement given those interested in studying the magical forces found in Aetolia.



Tether: Spirit
Starting City: Enorian
Outlook: The Ascendril are fairly archetypically "good" in their outlook, although their role as scholars leaves some room for neutrality in the pursuit of knowledge. They firmly support life and guard the elemental realm of Spirit from the forces of Undeath.



GuildhallA bastion to knowledge, the Hall of Elements is located in the central park of Enorian. A tower rising into the sky, the building is home to arcane knowledge and tools of magic, wielded by the Ascendril to control and shape the elements. Fonts infused with fire, water and spirit serve as nodes of power, while the center of the tower houses an immense master crystal, used by the mages to transform pearls into delicate, mystical crystals used for spinning their ethereal vibrations.
Entrance: Before the Hall of the Elements (room number 44303) in Enorian.
Directions from Portals: in, n, e, ne, nw, n, ne, se, s, w, nw, ne, s
Special entry: BOW KAARDEL



Tutor - you can LEARN # LESSONS FROM IERNOS to study skills
Found at: 44309
Directions from entrance: n, u, s

Balam Agab, the ogre archmage
This Ascendril scholar is stationed in the Grand Aetolian Library in the Putoran Monastery. He teaches Aetolians the ogre language.
Found at: 11236



CHANNEL FIRE/WATER/SPIRIT: Open a conduit to the elemental channels
CAST BEAM: Deals a moderate amount of damage
STAFFCAST LIGHTNING AT <target>: If a member of Duiran (Duiran does extra lightning damage)
STAFFCAST SCINTILLA AT <target>: If a member of Enorian (Enorian does extra fire damage)
Staffcast is a far stronger attack than beam, so obtain a staff as soon as you can - it has a heavy mana cost, so you may have to wait until around level 10 to have enough mana to summon one.
CAST ARCBLAZE AT <target1> AND <target2> AND <target3>: This attack lets you hit up to three different targets at once.

CAST REFLECTION ME: This creates a magical reflection that will intercept an attack directed against you, for a rather quick equilibrium cost



Armor: Tower shield

Weapons: Aetherstaff

- AB ELEMANCY AETHERSTAFF covers how to get one

Clothing: No uniforms

Gear: Crystals for vibrations

- AB CRYSTALISM REFINE covers this process



imageCrystalism: This skillset is primarily focused on PvP skills, with a unique form of Area of Effect (AoE) spells. Ascendril can spin vibrations, which then affect every enemy in the room, making them very potent in a team fight. These vibes are prepared in advance and then passively attack enemies over the course of a battle, dealing out a variety of afflictions, wounding targets, draining their mana reserves, causing enemies to flee or even slowing time itself. Some vibrations also heal and help allies, further augmenting the Ascendril's role of a core team anchor.

Enchantment: Enchantment is a trade skill which allows you to create a variety of useful magical items. These items are needed by all players, so it can be a good way to make money. The skillset lets an Ascendril make goods which can increase resistance to elemental forces, craft useful sigils to protect houses or weapons, or even create miniature elementals to assist in hunting down vermin.

Elemancy: Elemancy is the core of an Ascendril's active offense and defence, with skills in this skillset focused on using magic to deflect attacks, augment vibrations and hinder foes. Ascendril can unleash timed explosions of magical energy called holocausts which affect everyone in the room, either healing or harming them, based on which element is channeled. By tapping into fire, water and spirit, an Ascendril can weave defences to strengthen their body, cure afflictions, transfix their foe and even steal their abilities to use against them. The most adept of the mages can even twist the elemental forces to inflict brands upon their target, which they can then unleash to rip their soul from their body.



Defence: Veil
Message: You are protected by a veil of fire.
Purpose: Reduces damage taken.
Source: Elemancy veil
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Waterward
Message: A thin layer of water ripples over your body.
Purpose: Gives you a chance to resist being afflicted by a venom.
Source: Elemancy waterward
Use/Priority: Combat (High), Hunting (moderate)


Feel free to post any questions you have about the Ascendril class in this thread for the forum community to answer!

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