Newbie Class Guide: Sentaari

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The Sentaari guild is a monastery nestled in the forestal city of Duiran, focused on achieving balance in all things. Do not be fooled by their outward tranquil and calm appearance, however, for the Sentaari are a group of highly disciplined monks, with their bodies, minds and even spirits honed to preserve the ways of Life. Using the skill of Tekura, they study martial arts, mastering a variety of deadly and precise kicks and punches. Their training in Kaido teaches their minds to push their bodies to stunning levels of physical effort, while they can even use their meditative studies to tap into Telepathy, a powerful skill which can be used to heal and soothe allies, or to harm those who disrupt the balance in Sapience.

Monk combat focuses almost exclusively on limb attacks, with rotating damage done to the target's arms, legs, head and torso stacking up to create an overwhelming combination of broken bones. These attacks are augmented by telepathic attacks and the use of kai, which grants the Sentaari kai energy when they are hit - this energy can then be unleashed for powerful abilities. Monks provide good support to teams, with their abilities to attack from afar, and can even use their minds to wrench enemies to their location. While some of this may sound complicated, monks are actually very easy to learn for newcomers.

Sentaari have ties to the natural world, due to their place in Duiran, but can be just as comfortable in a city. Members are varied, from the outgoing to the reserved, the shy to the boisterous, while the guild itself focuses on achieving serenity and enlightenment - expect calm reflection and philosophical discussions alongside the rigours of physical training! The skill of Telepathy allows a lot of unique roleplay opportunities, with monks able to project illusions directly into the minds of others, opening the door to some very creative interaction possibilities.



Tether: Spirit
Starting City: Duiran
Outlook: Sentaari are focused on seeking balance and harmony in the land, and they view the Undead as anathema to this goal. Some may take a zealous stance on this, but it's far more common for the monks to have a more gentle hand, leading those who have fallen into darkness back to the side of Spirit to find peace.



Guildhall: The Sentaari monastery lies in the southeastern part of Duiran, its walls tucked amidst the lush forest of the Heartwood. A tranquil and placid place, the architecture is refined and simple, with an emphasis on clean lines to encourage an easy pursuit of inner peace. Lush gardens surround the buildings, with elegant statuary and even an exotic creature or two, such as a stunning phoenix who prowls the grounds.
Entrance: Before a serene wall with a sloped overhang, in Duiran (room number 43795)
Directions from Portals:out, s, e, e, e, e, ne, se, e, se, se, s
Special entry: TOUCH STATUE



Brother Shinobou
Tutor - you can LEARN # LESSONS FROM Shinobou to study skills
Merchant - ASK SHINOBOU WARES to see what he sells!
Found at: The training pagoda (room number 39050)
Directions from entrance: s, sw



COMBO <target> SCS UCP UCP: This will put you into scorpion stance, followed by two punches. A good initial opening attack.
COMBO <target> SDK UCP UCP: This will kick a target, followed by two punches. Good for once you are already stanced.

REGENERATION ON: At the cost of willpower, you will passively heal damage.
TRANSMUTE MANA # FOR HEALTH: Turns part of your mana into health to heal you
NUMB: Delays the damage you take for a short time. Be warned! This damage will be delivered after a short time, all at once!



Armor: Leather

Weapons: Your fists!!

- See AB TEKURA COMBO for quick ways to combo attacks.

Clothing: Guild uniform of robe and pants (purchase from Shinobou)



Kaido: A stunning study in discipline, Kaido trains monks mastery over their body itself, allowing them to achieve impressive feats of self-control beyond the scope of most mortals. Many utility and defensive skills can be found in this skillset, such as abilities to regenerate health, clot bleeding, resist damage and heal limbs through force of will. Kaido also gives access to a unique mechanic called kai - the more a monk is hit, the more kai he generates, which can then be spent on powerful abilities such as self-heals, remotely choking a foe's windpipe, or even the power to banish someone from the current timestream.

Tekura: The core of a monk's skills, Tekura teaches monks a vast array of punches and kicks. Abilities such as the hammerfist, roundhouse and even a flying jumpkick can all be combined for deadly use against a foe. Various stances, such as the rat, phoenix and tiger, give different benefits, opening the door to tactical choices not only in limb strikes, but in combat stance, while the lessons themselves follow a traditional martial arts progression of demonstration for a superior to earn belts.

Telepathy: A result of honing their minds themselves into weapons, monks can telepathically assault or assist others, even over a distance. Once a mindlock has been formed, a monk can perform a variety of actions on their target, such as healing them, moving them, forcing afflictions onto them, or even completely destroying them in a radiant, deadly strike.  This skillset is excellent for ranged situations, making the monk an asset in a team combat situation, both for harming or helping others.



Defence: Toughness
MessageYour skin is toughened.
Purpose: Reduces damage you take from physical attacks.
Source: Kaido toughness
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Vitality
MessageYou will call upon your fortitude in need.
Purpose: If your health drops below a certain level, you will receive a surge of health
Source: Kaido vitality
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

MessageYou are resisting magical damage.
Purpose: Reduces damage you take from magical attacks.
Source: Kaido resistance
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)
Defence: Fitness
Message: You are utilising your bodily control to make yourself more fit.
Purpose: Blocks the first hit of asthma, cures asthma (active use)
Source: Kaido fitness
Use/Priority: Combat (high), Hunting (low)

Defence: Nightsight
MessageYour vision is heightened to see in the dark.
Purpose: Lets you see in the dark.
Source: Kaido nightsight
Use/Priority: Utility (moderate)

Defence: Constitution
MessageYou are using your superior constitution to prevent nausea.
Purpose: Prevents vomiting from nausea
Source: Kaido constitution
Use/Priority: Hunting (low), Combat (low)

Defence: Immunity
MessageYour blood is steeled against poisons.
PurposeBlocks a single venom application (you will then need to reapply the defence)
Source: Kaido immunity
Use/Priority: Hunting (moderate), Combat (high)

Defence: Split mind
MessageYour mind is split, allowing constant meditation.
Purpose: Regenerates mana and reduces the mana cost of skills
Source: Kaido splitting
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)


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