How To Annihilate/Absolve Properly

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A lot of people either send contemplate in the same block of commands as their attacks (which causes you to miss annihilates/absolves) or send a contemplate and then trigger their attack blocks off the contemplate message (which slows down your offense). There's a way to get the best of both without the negatives of either.

AB SURVIVAL QUEUEING contains information about the in-game queue; normally this queue is all but worthless because it can only queue one command at a time and doesn't take into account conditions such as prone, webbed, etc. Luckily for us contemplate is only one command and doesn't suffer all those silly restrictions.

So at the END of every attack combo simply queue bal contemplate target and queue eq contemplate target. Then work in a variable that holds whether or not they can be annihilated/absolved based on the contemplate return math and adjust your script/macro/whatever to annihilate/absolve if this variable is true. The in-game queue guarantees that contemplate will fire off and calculate before your attack block; you get to keep the full speed in automating and you never miss an annihilate/absolve. Win-win!

All credit to Ilyon who told me about using the in-game queue for this.
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