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Clients are programs that you use to connect to the game, ranging from the basic web application to more intricate and complex programs you can download onto your computer. These clients let you make settings to handle tasks in game much easier.

More basic information about the various clients can be found here.  Here are some details about popular clients:

IRE Clients - Nexus/Flash/HTML5
- Can be accessed via web browser without any installation needed
- Supports basic code

- Designed for coding in the lua programming language
- Very popular among Aetolians
- Can be somewhat more overwhelming for new users without programming experience (but is very powerful and is worth the initial hurdle)

- Supports lua and zscript (its own simple code language)
- Has a shared package library to share code among users
- Fairly user friendly with an extensive GUI
- Has a very large forum of users across multiple games for coding support

- Rarely used by Aetolians
- Not advised for brand new players



Here are some easy terms to help understand the basics of coding a bit better.

SYNTAX: the correct order you need to do something, or to write a line of coding in. For example, the correct syntax for smiling at someone is SMILE (PERSON) eg SMILE SNUFFLES. Coding follows the same method - you must code commands in the right order for your client to understand what you want it to do.

ALIAS: this means a shortcut for a command. You make an alias to stand for a series of actions you want to do. For example, you can have an alias titled HAPPY, with the commands SMILE, GIGGLE and DANCE inside. Your client would then send those three emotes to the game, and whenever you type HAPPY, you will do all 3 emotes.

VARIABLE: Just like in math class, where variables are used to express unknown or changing aspects of the equation, variables can be used in coding for parts of your aliases that you want to change. Using variables allows you to make general aliases with specific parts that can easily be changed. For example, you could have an alias called GW, which would stand for GET WEAPON. Then the command for the alias would be GET <variable>. Then, whenever you change a weapon, you don't need to change the whole alias, simply the variable for your weapon.

TRIGGER: Triggers are automatic reflexes that your client will execute whenever a specified bit of text comes up. For example, you could make a trigger set to the PATTERN (the text you base the trigger on) of SNUFFLES TICKLES YOU MERCILESSLY for the COMMAND of GROWL SNUFFLES.

CLASS and FOLDER: Classes and folders are places you can put certain aliases, variables, and triggers to help organize them. The benefit and power of using classes/folders is that they can be disabled and enabled, allowing you to make temporary settings that are not always active, only when you specify them to be.



Aetolia has a basic in-game alias system for you to use! You can make basic settings using this to assist you with a variety of commands. HELP ALIAS shows this information in game.

Command list:
SETALIAS <alias name> <substituted text>     : Makes a new alias.
ALIASLIST/AL                                                : Lists your aliases.
CLEARALIAS <alias name>                            : Clears an alias.
CLEARALLALIAS                                           : Clears all aliases.

SETTARGET/ST <target name> <text>            : Makes a new target.
TARGETLIST/TARLIST                                    : Lists your targets.
CLEARTARGET <target>                                : Clears a target.

Here are some example aliases in action:
----> SETALIAS SM SMILE - makes an alias named SM which will smile whenever you type SM
----> SETALIAS SM SMILE &SMILE - makes an alias named SM which will smile at whoever the variable smile is
          SETTARGET SMILE Snuffles - sets your variable named smile to Snuffles
----> SETALIAS SM SMILES AND $0 - includes everything you type after the alias SM, eg typing SM WAVES HI would have you then emote smiles and waves hi.
----> SETALIAS SM SMILE ^smile - this will let you set a variable by using the alias. Just type SM SNUFFLES and snuffles will be remembered as your smile variable. Then you can just type SM to smile at snuffles again!



Systems are a term used to indicate a collection of settings used for overall gameplay. Systems cure afflictions, manage your health and mana levels and can even help you manage things like killing mobs or automating an offense for combat. Systems are very popular for Player versus Player (PvP or PK) gameplay.

Mubot - MAPPING module
  • Client: All
  • Contact: Xon/Lanira
  • Link:
  • Notes: This is NOT a curing system. This is a mapping and plugin module which handles speedpathing, area mapping, stores details like shrine locations and even lets you use a proxy to bypass firewalls!







Feel free to post any questions you have about coding and clients in this thread for the forum community to answer!


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