Iron Realms has theme songs now

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  • SeirSeir Seein' All the Things Getting high off your emotionMember Posts: 992 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm personally disappointed that Aetolia, being as emo as it is, was not a song performed by My Chemical Romance or AFI. Alas.
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    Oh hey, these are the tunes that play when you use the HTML5 clients, I believe.

    They got our song wrong though.

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    Too much tinkly sparkly.

    Yeah, thats right. Music can sound like sparkles and windchimes.

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    See, I don't know if it's just me, but the whole cheesy-music-playing-while-loading thing brings me right back to Runescape days, and I'd like to think Aetolia's playerbase is much more mature than that. That song kinda gives off a weird vibe, and definitely one I'd consider even remotely close to Aetolian.
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    I'll just add these to my normal playlist, now.

    I like them all. I don't think any of them bring their specific game to mind, honestly, but I don't care.
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  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie BraavosMember Posts: 2,094 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I only listened to the Aetolia one.  The song didn't make me think of Aetolia -at- -all-, but I generally liked it.  (Then Ansnom argued with me that Knife Girl didn't have anything to do with Aetolia at all.)
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    Knife girl WAS Aetolia. :|

    The song was pretty but not entirely accurate considering the darker aspects of the game, Iunno.
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    Oh, but I liked the song. I may try to adapt it into one of Camille's piano pieces, but I'd feel like I was stealing it then...
    It really reminds me of the Arnika theme from Wizardry 8, which is here:

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    I felt the song was dark and mysterious, but with a sense of wonder. It seemed fitting to me but I can see the opinions on that are very diverse.. 

    Edit: Second listen, it is a lot more chimey than the others.
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    Reminds me the most of Castlevania. Tolling bells. Eerie chords. Vampire themed.

    I personally think it's great, and a great effort.
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    I want the sheet music for it. The harmonies fascinates me to no end and I sit here conducting my own little head. Love it!

    I've only played two of these games seriously and tested one of the others, so you definitely shouldn't go by my descriptions, but these are the images I get from simply listening to the music

    Achaea - A note of everyday life, dramatic parts in the middle, moving towards a peaceful ending.

    Aetolia - A place of intrigues, intricate patterns, plots and a sense of something dark.

    Imperian - Focus is on warfare, dark, melancholic nuances with  drums in the background

    Lusternia - Frivolous life filled with revelations, light, and airy music hinting at few conflicts.

    Midkemia - Ordinary life becomes epic, music striving forward, building up to a crescendo.

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    Fun fact! A crescendo actually means 'building up' or 'rising'. It's generally the preface to a louder dynamic, such as conducting a crescendo from piano or mezzo-piano to forte or fortissimo.

    Achaea doesn't fit at all. Achaea hasn't been anything like that for ages. The music is meh.

    With Aetolia, I can see what they're going for. The harpsichord, the staccato stabs with the strings; they're trying for a cold, forbidding sound, but unfortunately the chimes and sparkles completely ruin the effect they've just begun to establish. It's like filling a glass of fine wine with packets of sugar. Terrible.

    Imperian is okay, but a bit monotonous.

    Lusternia is... this is just atrocious. What are they even trying to do? Harp and voices? The sounds don't complement each other, they fight with each other. They're too densely packed and conflicting with each other. It's waaaaaaay too sparkly. It doesn't at all suggest the sort of world Lusternia actually is! It makes it sound like it's Care Bear Land or something!

    Midkemia sounds like elevator music in its first half. Then it sounds like it's trying to rip off Metal Gear Solid and Pirates of the Caribbean. Out of all these songs, it's probably the best. I'm an unapologetic sucker for brass and strong percussion. This actually sounds like something close to good.

    Overall opinion: Meh.
  • CamilleCamille Member Posts: 50 ✭✭
    In my experience the general view of Lusternia across the IREs IS that it's Care Bear Land.

    It isn't, mind, that just seems to be the consensus for some reason.
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  • DashaDasha Member Posts: 17 ✭✭
    Elanth said:
    It's like filling a glass of fine wine with packets of sugar. Terrible.
    Well, at least Orisae will have a new drink.
  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox Member Posts: 1,228 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Lusternia is Care Bear Land with thermonuclear weapons.
  • OrisaeOrisae Member Posts: 239 ✭✭✭✭
    Dasha said:
    Elanth said:
    It's like filling a glass of fine wine with packets of sugar. Terrible.
    Well, at least Orisae will have a new drink.

    I approve of this terrible drink! The song, however, is terrible. Do not like any part of it.
  • OrisaeOrisae Member Posts: 239 ✭✭✭✭
    Double post, sorry!

    I always considered this song to be Aetolia's theme, long-winded as it is. 

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