This looks like fun. The bashing may commence immediately.


  • LadranaLadrana Member Posts: 29
    Drana <3's Dexter. You made him really chill. Apart from the other night at Dex's wedding when I was semi-drunk and made Drana look stupider than usual.  Dex is a cool dude, helpful, chill, understanding, and he can be a butt-face, but only if you get on his bad side. I enjoyed Ladrana getting to meet him in person instead of over hear-say. It changed her opinion a lot.
  • ExayneExayne Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
    He's alright, needs to go out and adventure more.
  • DexterDexter Member Posts: 6
    Psh, or maybe exayne needs to stop being prae everytime he does go out to adventure
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