The Celebration of the Stars

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As some of you are aware, the Year 400 is drawing ever closer and it'll be one hell of a year for Sapience! I was originally hoping to launch the fabled Celebration of the Stars before Year 400, but the scope is certainly far beyond what I had expected and now is bigger than ever! The Celebration of the Stars will go on for the entirety of the year with drinks, food, games, entertainment, and events. Participation is key here, as the most lauded of the celebrants will receive praise across the land and reap the most stunning of rewards for their victories!

I don't want to spoil all of the excitement, but players both young and old should look forward to the events to come! Here's a sampling of just a few of the main events:

The Iron Epicurean -- Feasts of Albedos, with Chef Felix and Chef Al'quuoa

The Iron Epicurean travels to Albedos to delight in the wonders of Delve's cuisine and invites all Iron Epicurean fans to do the same! Chef Al'quuoa, an Utari master of the sea, will assist the Chef Felix in this latest challenge! Feast on the bounty of the city and its melting pot of culinary delights! Check EVENTS when the event rolls around, cooks! It's time to prepare your pots and pans for the wonders of Albedos!

The Beasts of Albedos

Albedos is a land wreathed in mystery with lofty peaks that scrape the heavens and dark jungles that remain untouched by mortal hands. However, such dangers are hardly enough to stop the citizens of Delve from reveling in the bloodshed of fallen hunters in the Proving Grounds of Delve. Blood sport, truly, has never been better. Great leviathans from the sea snap at their chains and wyrms from the Ironspine Highlands have been brought for your entertainment for one of the bloodiest Survivor games ever! 

The Walker's Tongue

Say the Walker's name, and most citizens of Delve will make a warding sign against ill omens and run away in quite a fright! The more adventurous sort will give you a knowing nod and a wink, for they know the ways of the Walker. It's a sport amongst the Walker's less than serious followers, to twist words and think on your feet as the Walker would have it. Check EVENTS as the Year 400 draws closer to see when the tongue-twisting begins!

Tournaments will be held often in the Proving Grounds and in the festival grounds themselves, ranging from chance to boundless skill! Let's hope the Walker has your odds in favour. The games should be popular; expect a full house!
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