The Ylem Mines of Sapience: *Cute Eld Will Kill You*

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As we've been talking about for some months now, we've been working on ways to involve players of all types in collecting and scavenging for ylem in a departure from the PvP focused foci system. While the revamp for major foci is still on the horizon (and being churned around like so much butter), and we're nearing closer to our release for several new ylem trees, we are right on the cusp of our new release: the ylem mines of Sapience.

The ylem mines are vast excavations that have been founded on top of the leylines themselves, delving the most resource rich sections of land for the cities by the Research Society of Delve and creating new leaps in research for the great cities of Sapience (which will be further discovered via the new trees following the release of the mines).

The mines themselves are small areas that are instanced to the city in question and will allow citizens to take on semi-daily quests (IRL day, mind you) in the mines to reap rewards for themselves and their city. These quests scale to your level, adding in challenges for the seasoned veteran while allowing new players a way to explore the ylem system and its lore via these quests. Our new questing and dialogue system has really helped to streamline this, so we essentially had to take everything back to the table with its release and are now working on getting everything up to par for release!

These areas are the Cinderbreach Mines (Enorian), the Myesian Run (Duiran), the Difohr Passage (Bloodloch), and Radial Dig Shaft #15 (Spinesreach). 

Here's a brief spoiler for the quests, and, aside from dialogue from your quest givers and the location, they are all the same in their scope and direction:

[Cinderbreach Mine]
  + Delving the Cinderbreach Mines                    
  + Invasion in the Cinderbreach Mines!               
  + Operation Extraction: Cinderbreach Mines          
  + Sabotage in the Cinderbreach Mines                
  + Rescue in the Cinderbreach Mines!                 
  + A Deadly Sample                                   
  + Fragments from the Mines                         
  + A Ripple in Reality                               
  + Purging the Cinderbreach Mines                    
  + Clearing the Rubble                             

Riveting quest names, I know, but there will certainly be some excitement for players! After our initial release, I'm hoping to release another slew of 

Also, as a warning: one cannot linger in the mines forever. Exposure to the raw ylem energies for extended periods of time in such high density will lead to a terrible disease known as ylem sickness. Try not to eat the ylem, folks. It'll lead to hair loss and probably some other parts falling off shortly thereafter.

We're really looking forward to this release and hope that the playerbase will enjoy its inclusion as well.
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