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    One of a very small group of people that Rash legitimately loves. She's went from that fun lady that I would always try and bother every chance I got as a young character and new player to something of a (maybe reluctant) mentor, and somehow somewhere in the middle there developed into a person who is very very important to him.

    Also someone who can make him want to curl up into a ball while simultaneously screaming at the top of his lungs and like, wrestling a were-porcupine out of sheer frustration. But hey, that's what makes the good part so good. And that good part so gud.
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    Gods I love you guys
  • NolaNola Member Posts: 684 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Because I've been making a nuisance of myself lately, tell me what you think.
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    @Nola, I know we don't often seem to match up. But so much love! You always make me think deeply about Kendri, where I'm taking her and the consequences of what she might do. Exactly as a mentor should.
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    @Nola... I do not even know how to really begin this - so I'll do what I do best, which is rambling!

    I have been playing IREs for... Longer than a decade. Never in any of my time playing has someone else's character had such a real impact on one of my own. Playing Lucie is an adventure for me into something a bit uncomfortable and new... And Nola (along with @Melantha) provides such a strong support structure for her that I feel at ease letting her run loose and seeing where that takes her. Thank you for that!

    As for the character in and of itself - I think Lucie said it best to @Liska:

    1. "Nola is my rock." And she IS a rock - consistent, persistent, sturdy and strong.
    2. "My sisters shine so brightly that they draw others to them." Nola is passionate and draws people toward her almost like a magnet, or like moths to a flame.

    Basically - I love Nola! I'm so happy that her and Melantha adopted Lucie. More fun times ahead!
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    Wat can I say about Nola that I haven't already. Just hearts.
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    @Nola‌ oh Nola.

    Having seen my fair share of Daru GM's, you and @Kylan‌ have been my favorites. Specifically you, I've probably said this before.

    Nola has a certain... air of command about her, without being a total unicorns. She makes sure the job is done, and points get across, but will turn around and make sure everyone is okay. She takes herself seriously, but to a point she ignores humor.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is just keep doing what you're doing.

    You've heard it all before from me anyway :smile:

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    I've been getting an unexpected amount of people approaching Nola - and I really couldn't be more grateful and happier for it. So first, thank you for taking the chance to RP at/with me.

    That said, what I also wasn't expecting, but what has also become a result, I've been getting back into feeling out who Nola is these days so I'd appreciate some feedback.
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    I love how Emelle and Nola's relationship has turned into this casual, friendly confidant situation. Emelle has always respected Nola for her openness and kindness, which are qualities that invite repeat interactions with her.

    What I find fascinating about this moment for Nola is that she's at a major crossroads for what seems like the first time in her life. Having been there with Emelle, I know just how energizing it can be to explore a new direction even when it feels like a stretch -- it's really an exciting opportunity to try some new things, even if it feels strange to push a character out of their comfort zone.

    I hope you stick around awhile! I would love for Emelle to have the opportunity to get to know Nola better.
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    Echoing the above sentiment-

    Hope you stick around. Having gotten a chance to see a small sliver of Nola, would greatly enjoy getting to see more.
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    Thirding the general sentiment - stick around! Stay! It's nice having someone around to liven up CT and roleplay well.

    As a more personal note, I love how helpful Nola has been about teaching Karhast of what she knows, about teaching novices and being generally useful. I haven't interacted with very many people her age at all, and I get a very definite sense of her character having been through a lot every time we interact; whether it's about the Grand Flame or certain Guilds or deities, Nola appears to have something historic and insightful to say at every occasion. Couple that with playing a very consistent, sensible character, and I'm glad she's sticking around.
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    It has been nice to see @Nola around again. @Melantha

  • TenshyoTenshyo Member Posts: 382 ✭✭✭
    It has been nice to see @Nola around again. @Melantha too.

    Furthermore it is increasingly refreshing to see Nola finally easing down and realizing it's okay to express things again. To feel and be human, so to speak. Not having to be the constant, rigid leader she used to be.

    She's breathing again, and in a good way. She has a sense of personality that many didn't get to see in the Daru days, unless you were with us. And it's good to see that now other people get to see that.

    That and she and Tens learning of an apparent joy for pranking friends/unsuspecting people is just icing on the cake.

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    Nola is really confusing but also has a way about her that draws Elliana in. She sometimes feels like she is under the microscope then you out of the blue hit the nail on the head with your gift to her. It really made her feel like you were thinking of her even for a moment, and during a rough time for her she actually smiled and squealed in delight. I really would love to see more Nola/Elliana interactions as time permits
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    I've had one whole interaction with Nola and it was... it was amazing. I wish I could bring back the esteem bit I put out there because it was written in the moment, and I meant it all. I so hope I get more chances to hang out with Nola because her mix of quirky adorable and grumbling motherliness was awesome and completely kept Jaymi on her toes which I always have the most fun working with. The only complaint I have, actually, is there were too many fun people around to RP with in that room I didn't get to focus on Nola enough to get as much from it as a smaller group might've offered.

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    Only had one interaction with Nola, and it was well worth sticking around for. Intelligent, friendly, and capable of flowing with an abstract type of topic. Look forward to more interactions.

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    I wanted to write this last night and I wasn't sure whether to write this here or to wait for you to potentially make a new one for your alt. Regardless, since it's the same player and I've interacted with both characters, I'm going to put an affirmation here.

    First, I'll repeat myself with you as I have in the past by saying that I am very glad that after all of this time, we've had a chance to finally interact with one another. If I had any regret, it'd be waiting this long to actually go about doing it. The scene with Lehar, Serrice, Nola, and Seir in Lehar's shop was one of the more funny scenes that I had seen in some time and it was nice to have something that wasn't super serious, morose, or otherwise day-to-day roleplay. Your writing style is fluid, evocative, and I feel you give unique life to both of your characters. Most of my interactions have been with your other character, whose name I won't say, but just randomly stumbling onto them one day turned out to be the most spontaneous role play I've ever had and it ended up being the highlight of my day on Aetolia.

    I say this to everyone: thank you for interacting with me. I truly do appreciate it, and I look forward to our interactions in the future. I honestly have no criticisms. You're a treat to RP with every time I've come across you so far.
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    I haven't had a tremendous amount of interaction with Nola, but from what I -have- managed to snag, you're a solid writer with a warm and believable character. The nature of our interactions sorta limits the depth I've been exposed to regarding her, but I'm looking forward to further developments and interactions. :+1:
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    Oh man. I'm gonna try not to just parrot everything you said on mine. HERE GOES. They are very different people with very different histories, but somehow they just click really well - particularly remarkably considering how completely opposite it could have gone after their earlier meetings. I honestly had no particular direction in mind when Z spontaneously invited Nola to tea, but I'm so glad you did, because you're just so much darn fun.

    Of course your emotes are great, and you play off my variety of antics very believably while having a decent spree of antics yourself. Nola often feels like a bit of a girl a bit behind the times, like she's trying to catch up to all these modern ideals without losing herself in them, and I really like seeing someone play a role that isn't necessarily the easy route and without all the trappings of modern-RL sensibilities. It makes her stand out, and gives her and Zaila plenty to bond and/or argue over, depending.

    Nola's become/ing someone Zaila really feels like she can count on and trust, and I'm just loving every minute of it. Even though a lot of our interactions are lulzy bantering over tells, or shameless girl talk, I still really get a great depth out of Nola and she always feels like a wonderfully rounded character.

    Where's that pendant!
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    Nola has been anything if not ROCKY AND HARSH lately as she develops through her crisis. I would appreciate feedback.
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    When Kodaza met Nola for the first time, I noticed so many similar mannerisms that I felt guilty, like if I'd copied you, even though I had no idea. They even have similar tastes in clothing!

    Well, time's passed for both of them, and put them through surprisingly similar life events as well. More than ever, I'm convinced Kodaza and Nola are the same person, or rather, the same coin. Nola is the timeline that landed on heads and has managed to reaffirm herself, while Kodaza is the timeline that landed on tails and got swallowed up by her anxieties.

    I hope they both keep teaching each other things, the more divergent they get.

    Love you! Lots!

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    First person I ever thought was going to backhand me on the spot. Fiery woman dedicated to the light. Hardly receptive to Sigmunds views on the Light. Her dedication to it is obvious and well played, I like it.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: You're an amazing and talented writer. The biggest thing I love about your writing is your ability to show rather than tell. Your style paints the world Nola lives in vividly while still leaving room for others to expand and bounce off of.

    The history between our characters speaks for itself I think and there's not really much I can add here that I haven't already said in the past. You're a real treat to collaborate with and I'm glad you're enjoying the ride.

    You flatter me with your affirmation but, if I'm going to be honest, you're the real star here. Your character is realistic and consistent with her growth and pitfalls. You convey her as a real and breathing person behind the stoic and staunch values. She doubts, she cries, and she laughs and trembles like anybody else. It's easy to roleplay with you because you're not padding your work when you're showcasing your ability to show rather than tell. Your writing flows naturually and really shines especially when expressing vulnerability and ultimately the genuine humanity in us all. How can we not connect with that? So yeah, don't be so hard on yourself. Hold that chin high as I'd easily rank you among the top writers in the game.
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    Bippity Boppity Boo.

    I'd like to know how my RP makes you feeeel
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