Newbie Class Guide: Carnifex

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The Carnifex are a militant guild of savage knights, based in a fortress in the icy Tarean mountains known as the Shadow Keep. Wielding hammers and polearms, they use the skills of Savagery to attack their foes, while also commanding hounds through the use of Warhounds to aid them in battle. More than simple soldiers, though, the Carnifex also practice dark magic and ritual, draining the very souls from their victims for a variety of brutal uses. This guild is a dark-aligned knight guild, with magical aspects of Deathlore and soul control. 

The class is suited towards those who enjoy physical combat and weapon attacks. PvP focuses on venom afflictions and limb damage. You can command loyal hounds to attack your enemies in battle, or to aid you in hunting. Magical abilities are primarily utility and augment the physical weapon attacks. Carnifex have a unique momentum mechanic - the more you attack, the more damaging assaults you can unleash, so 1v1 combat gives them a build-up of momentum over the course of a fight. The class puts out high damage and are the main "DPS" in a team combat situation, with the majority of their skills focused on dishing out pain.

The roleplay tends to be dark and brutal, with a heavy emphasis on military structure, compared by many to boot camp - you will likely find yourself shouted at and even attacked or killed by the guild's leadership in order to "train" you to become a strong soldier. Inspections of gear and behavior are common events.  Despite this harsh training (or perhaps because of it), there is also a strong sense of camaraderie among the soldiers, with rowdy drinking a popular pasttime among many of the Knights. Members can also branch into magic and dark rituals with their captured souls, giving a unique roleplay opportunity of physical fighter combined with magic wielder.



Tether: Shadow
Starting City: Bloodloch
Outlook: The Carnifex are generally considered to be an "evil" guild, as they slaughter innocents and capture souls. Their focus is primarily on strength in battle, however, which can be played as a more neutral/grey moral stance.



Guildhall: The Shadow Keep can be found at the very top of Mount Gallows, a windy, exposed peak in the northwestern Tarean mountain range. The Keep is a cold, rugged place, with a foreboding appearance and heavy battlements to ensure security against any who may assault it - staunchly independent, the fortress features many of the amenities of a city proper, with barracks, a mess hall, stables, forges and even a warhorn which can heard echoing every now and then over the mountaintops to call the Carnifex to battle.
Entrance: Plateau of Mount Gallows, in the Tarean Mountains (room number 18485)
Directions from Portals: in, n, e, ne, nw, n, ne, se, s, w, nw, ne, s
Special entry: PULL AXE



Wraithlord Gruxmal
Tutor - You can LEARN # LESSONS FROM GRUXMAL to study skills
Found at: A shadowy training yard (room number 36877)
Directions from entrance: w, n

Tarhiya Rheat
Merchant - ASK TARHIYA WARES to see what he sells!
Found at: A simple workshop (room number 38761)
Directions from entrance: w, n, w

Gatewarden (alerts the Keep to intruders or calls to arms)
Found at: Between the portcullises (room number 36872)



BASH - Basic damage
GUTCHECK - More damage 
BATTER - Most damage

CARVE - Masic damage
HACK - More damage
SPINNING - Most damage, but slightly slower. Two hits, making it ideal for higher level players, once they begin seeing a high number of critical hits.

SOUL BARRAGE - Fairly high damage attack, but a bit slower than weapon attacks. At lower levels, or for those with high intellect/quick equilibrium, this can be potent.

SOUL CONSUME FOR HEALTH - This will heal you.
SOUL SHIELD - This will create a shield to deflect incoming attacks, akin to the shield tattoo.



Armor: Fullplate

Weapons: Bardiche, hammer

- AB DEATHLORE CLEAVER covers how to create a weapon for basic hunting.
- For hunting, ignore the penetration stat on weapons!

Clothing: Guild uniform (GHELP UNIFORMS)

Gear: Soulstone (TOUCH SOULSTONE in room number 36877)



imageDeathlore: This skillset covers the manipulation of souls and magical attacks. The skills in here are primarily focused on utility and augment the main attacks in Savagery. Defences to make you take less damage, ways to heal yourself and even skills to revive allies are in this skillset. The core mechanic of the Carnifex class is included in this skillset - the capture of souls: Carnifex draw souls into their soul stones which they then use for certain attacks. They also temporary eat away at an opponent's soul through an ability known as soulthirst, which empowers their attacks to make them faster and stronger.

Savagery: Weapon attacks can be found in this skillset, with the skills branching into the hammer and polearms sub-trees. This skillset is the primary source of Carnifex attacks. Higher training in Savagery will increase the amount of damage you do. Polearms can be used to slice at a foe to make them bleed, trip people to the ground, hack into an opponent for damage or even skewer someone to the ground and wrench at their guts, while hammers let you swat people from room to room, deal heavy damage and batter exposed limbs.. Savagery even lets you channel your brute strength to smash past the enemy's parry or recklessly ignore hindering afflictions for a short time.

Warhounds: This is a tertiary skill to augment your basic offense. Hounds provide useful extra attacks, and also have utility purposes, such as the delivery of objects to other players, interception of attacks, and the ability to sniff out NPCs in an area. The guild has a kennel where members may request new hounds, while wild hounds exist throughout Sapience which an intrepid Carnifex may hunt down and wrestle into submission, brutally forcing the beast to be a dominated, loyal creature. Hounds can be trained through training sessions to teach them abilities, increase their strength or make them speedier in their attacks.



Defence: Soulthirst
Message: Your weapons thirst for the souls of your enemies.
Purpose: Allows you to gather soul from your victim when you hit them
Source: Deathlore soulthirst
Use/Priority: Combat (high)

Defence: Soulharvest
Message: You are harvesting the souls of your victims.
Purpose: Lets you automatically gather souls from those you slay
Source: Deathlore harvest
Use/Priority: Hunting (moderate)

imageDefence: Spiritsight
Message: You are seeking the souls of the hidden. 
Purpose: Lets you see who is hidden in your room
Source: Deathlore spiritsight
Use/Priority: Utility (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Fitness
Message: You are utilising your bodily control to make yourself more fit.
Purpose: Blocks the first hit of asthma, cures asthma (active use)
Source: Savagery fitness
Use/Priority: Combat (high), Hunting (low)

Defence: Gripping
Message: Your hands are gripping your wielded items tightly.
Purpose: Stops wielded weapons from being knocked away or dropped if arms break
Source: Savagery gripping. 
Use/Priority: Combat (high), Hunting (high)
Note that gripping STOPS you from throwing stuff. Use FIST SIGILS instead whenever possible!

Defence: Embedweapon
Message: none
Purpose: Increases the damage your weapon does
Source: Deathlore embedweapon
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Embedarmor
Message: none
Purpose: Increases resistance to magic/fire/cold/electric by 10%
Source: Deathlore embedarmor
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Substitute
Message: You will substitute your soul with another upon dying.
Purpose: Returns you instantly to life if you die
Source: Deathlore substitute
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Soulfortify
Message: Your soul has been fortified.
Purpose: Increases your constitution by +1
Source: Deathlore fortify
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)



Information for fighters interested in learning about the intricacies of Carnifex combat.

Carnifex Roleplay: Example logs showing roleplay from the guild.
- The Purging, a trial for a returned Knight
- A large guild event, where a gate is opened to the Abyss

Feel free to post any questions you have about the Carnifex class in this thread for the forum community to answer!


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