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Oh god what is this I don't even
My avatar is not representative of how I or my character look.


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    I like Camille as a character, (s)he's really not bad. Personally I've never seen a non-traditional gendered character played without being some sleazy MUDsex magnet, so the fact that Camille has a gimmick that isn't erotic RP is refreshing.

    That said... it's the stutter. I know my own character does it sometimes (in specific circumstances) but good Christ, sometimes I literally can't figure out what Camille is saying. I don't expect you to change your character on my behalf, but I can guarantee you that toning down the speech impediment would go a long way toward encouraging others to deal with you.
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    Now that we've had a sort-of interaction, he's adorable. =3 Yuuki is probably going to be sending him a lot of gifts and stuff just to hear the stutter.
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    We interacted once, in Great Rock, and again in way of a few short tells. I don't have a very broad scope of experience to make any evaluations from, but I have to say I think you've done a good job with your little niche of RP there. Or have the potential to, at least!
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    edited December 2012
    I did can the stutter, but it's because I was looking through some logs from before to try to reorient myself on where Camille's been and what his goals should be, and realize that he didn't have it, and then it hit me.
    Hell's bells, Camille was going to be my attempt at making a shy character who didn't stutter like he had vocal Parkinson's and see if the timidity still came across.
    Though, being as shy and meek as he is it will still crop up from time to time, but not as a part of his default speech patterns.

    Also, I feel like I'm violating some sort of etiquette by posting again in my self-affirmation thread; sorry you had to see that bye

    My avatar is not representative of how I or my character look.
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