The Exploration Compendium!

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So, with the introduction of this month's promotion, a new item was released: The Exploration Compendium.

23.3.6 The Compendium

The Compendium is an encyclopedia of knowledge being compiled by the Fellowship of Explorers. Detailed pages of information about areas have been written by numerous past explorers, and the Fellowship is trying to combine them all into one place. To obtain your Compendium, you must bring your first page to Windchaser, the head of the Fellowship.

Pages for the Compendium can be obtained rarely through the cryptic chests. Each page will be about a specific area, and inserting that page into your Compendium will increase your page count for that area.

You can then dedicate your pages towards unlocking bonuses for that area. Some bonuses require more pages dedicated to them than others.

The Compendium and all its bonuses become disabled if one is engaged in active PvP combat.

 - Check the list of areas you currently have in your Compendium.

 - Check which bonuses you have for an area listed in your Compendium.

 - Inserts a page into your Compendium. The area it will be added to depends on the page itself.
 - This cannot be undone.

COMPENDIUM UNLOCK <bonus> <area>
 - Dedicate some of your area's pages towards a specific bonus.
 - This cannot be undone.


 - Cost: 2 pages
 - Allows you to teleport directly to the area.

 - Cost: 3 pages
 - Allows you to detect players currently located in the area.

 - Cost: 4 pages
 - Allows you to detect how many NPCs from that area are currently dead.

 - Cost: 1 page
 - Grants +1 to move speed while in the area.

 - Cost: 1 page
 - You'll receive an extra 5% experience while in that area.

 - Cost: 3 pages
 - Your maximum health is increased by 10% while in that area.

 - Cost: 1 page
 - Your maximum mana is increased by 10% while in that area.

 - Cost: 2 pages
 - Your health will regenerate slowly in the area.

 - Cost: 1 page
 - Your mana will regenerate slowly in the area.

 - Cost: 2 pages
 - Your endurance and willpower usage will be halved in the area.

 - Cost: 2 pages
 - Your damage against NPCs in that area will be increased by 5%.

 - Cost: 2 pages
 - Your critical chance in that area will be increased by 5%.

 - Cost: 5 pages
 - You'll take 5% less damage from NPCs in that area.

You flick through your Compendium until you reach the section on Arbothia and quickly examine the chapter.

Pages: 9/29
Dedicated: 8/9

Bonuses unlocked:
[ ] Teleport        [ ] Lifeforces      [ ] Deathsense      [ ] Movement
[x] Experience      [ ] Health          [ ] Mana            [ ] RegenHealth
[ ] RegenMana       [ ] Fortitude       [ ] Damage          [x] Criticals
[x] Resistance

So! I enjoy bashing, so this actually made me pretty excited at first. There's a few points that I'm a bit unsure about, and would like, if possible, some clarification.

  • First of all, I've only heard of pages being found for Arbothia, Nal'jin, Fengard, and Moghedu. Most people that bash at endgame don't really use these areas, which makes them sort of useless. Does pages even exist for the Volcano, Xaanhal, or Tiyen? Would you consider changing the compendium so people can actually chose which area to assign a page?
  • I recently unlocked the resistance ability for Arbothia, but but my audit didn't increase when I went there. So either the ability is not working or it doesn't show up on audit, which is sort of confusing. Could the compendium damage reduction be made to show on audits?
  • The Compendium itself is not marked as an artifact, which makes me think it'll be gone if you give it away/lose it. This seems very much like an oversight, as other similar items from the cryptic chests actually count as artifacts.
  • Is it possible to let other people borrow your compendium? If I gave it to another person, would they gain the benefits?
  • Do I even need the item in my inventory? Could I place it in my pack or leave it in my haven, and still gain the Compendium benefits?

That's all my questions/concerns for now. If anyone else has questions or maybe even answers, feel free to post them here.



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    I know this topic is old, but I sort of wanted answers to Alexina's questions, since I've been trying to put together my own compendium, bit by bit.
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