Aero and Hydro?

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So im bored and without my laptop and my mind began to go over the class concepts of aetolia. During these ponderings, I reached an interesting concept that struck me: we have an earth based skill-class/theme (terramancers) and a fire based skill/theme (illumination) but left Air and Water dry (so punny :p).

Wouldnt it be amazing if we had two other skills that would focus on the other elements? Imo it could really bring out the inherent rp flavor in each. For example:

Earth is the element attributed to undeath and taint. It is bestowed to us by Ivoln, god of earth. It brings with it a concept of strength and form. Terramncers are described by Earth as priests of undeath

Fire. Fire is attributed as the element of life and warmth. It bestowed to us by Auresae, goddess of fire. It has the power to purify and rekindle the spark of life. Luminaries and Daru are defined by Fire as warriors of purity and life.

Now that leaves us Air and Water. Unlike the other two, Air and Water are more neutral when it comes to light and dark, and focus on more physical aspects of creation, rather than spiritual. Less is known and connected with these two elements.

(Please note these below are mainly from me)

Water is the element of progress and change. It is bestowed to us by Slyphe, goddess/god of water. Water is ever-flowing, always shifting.

Air is the element of dominion and dexterity(?). It has gone through some recent changes but remains an element of raw energy. It is ever watchful and cautious from its vantage point. Air teaches of speed, discovery and flexibility.

Now imagine if these were transformed into skills that could define a class. It could be outstanding, albeit slightly geared to neutral.


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    I like where your head's at.
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    Just uh. For some of that research we all like so much - the elements themselves are neutral, there are the Sciomancers and Ascendril for air and water, and it is the gods that champion the elements, and the guilds that are polarized, not the elements themselves.
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    I hope that chart doesn't stay, ugh.
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    Please to be explaining that chart!

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    See, that was a chart that Galleus had once upon a time in a livestream. It supposedly shows the base elemental makeup of stuff in Aetolia.

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    Nifty. Anyone got a handy chart of the planes of existence in Aetolia lying around too?
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    Ciarelle said:

    Nifty. Anyone got a handy chart of the planes of existence in Aetolia lying around too?

    oooh, I could make one, having stared at that damn orrery for hours
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    @Arbre, @Lin, @Xavin and any other old timers: Got anything else like that chart lying around?
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    That was the only chart we were given.

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    Oh my god, RIP Knife Chick. 

    For other nostalgic pictures of events/comics and stuff, it doesn't get better than Untrapped Error, a comic that was made by @Eleanor. A lot of them are likely a lot better if you know the people/events involved, but even without that it's bound to make you laugh.
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    Oh god the kraken costume

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