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Lucus arrives from the northeast.
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Shavit Ridha walks briskly to the south, her robes billowing behind her.
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Lucus smiles at you.
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Lucus utters a prayer to Dhar, the Underking and smites a pebbly black snake.
A pebbly black snake collapses to the ground, writhing and lashing for a few moments before falling still.
The final blow proves too much for a pebbly black snake, who expires, pitifully.
A pebbly black snake has been slain by Lucus.
You gasp with the realization that Lucus has reached the level of 99.
Lucus smiles in satisfaction, but the smile suddenly freezes on his lips and is overtaken by a look of pure horror. Unable to help or hinder, you watch transfixed as Lucus's body begins to swell and grow, his arms elongating and his skin stretching and taking on a translucent grey sheen. He throws back his head and screams, the incredible sound driving your hands to your ears defensively. The scream dies down and you stare, speechless, at Lucus. He lowers his gaze to fix upon you, and you realize in horror that his eyes now appear empty and haunted.
An agonized scream startles all into a brief hushed silence as Lucus finally transcends the mortal body, assuming the hollow form of a Tekal.



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