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Looks like I'm coming in from Lusternia, so I figured I'd come here to try to get some advice on getting started. I've been forum lurking for a few days, trying to get a feel for the state of Aetolia. I made a character here 3ish years ago and apparently bought credits, but at this point I remember so little I don't know if I should try to pick her back up or start from scratch. To me it seems it wouldn't be much more work to get a new character where this one is (GR1, level 67, Mythical Terramancy) than to try to figure out what I was doing with her. Thoughts on this or any other random advice not elsewhere covered?


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    In my opinion, after that long, you could easily pick her up, dust her off, and go in whichever direction you wanted with her. I highly doubt anyone remembers her existence, unless you were some sort of amazing little sand goddess. Besides, Teradrim got a revamp, so you should have all of your lessons back, making it very easy to change classes.

    As for generalish advice? You're a mudder, you know the basics. You'd have to be more specific as to what you'd like to hear before we can really offer much. Which guilds are totally amazing woah will vary by who you ask, which side is most active / which city is most involved / where all the best role players hang will also vary by opinion - I highly suggest creating a couple little alts to test the waters in the places that pique your curiosity.

    Doing it when I first came here was very rewarding.
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    Thanks for the reply! Definitely not an "amazing little sand goddess," though that thought does amuse me for some reason. I'm alting it up a bit, trying to get a feel - I know the general idea of the guilds here for the most part, but that's quite different from interacting with them.

    I'm generally into bashing and roleplay of an intellectual nature - I love IG lore, researching it, writing on it. I've never really been into PvP, but I've been saying for years that I might try to get into it. With that in mind, any classes that are especially bad (or good) for bashing?

    Edit: I remember hearing Teradrim were good for this, but my damage versus mobs is about 200 lower than I saw on Decay. This confuses me.
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    If you like research, try looking in to Cabal and Sciomancers on the shadow side, Ascendril on the spirit side. They're not the only ones, but I do believe they are all very much into those things.

    As for bashing, I don't know which ones are best. Mages have the ability to reflect some of the damage though. I'm sure someone else is better able to help you on that note.

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    Teradrim is very good for bashing, especially after you get Skullbash for attacking and Earthenform + Fend(in Animation) for better resistance. You can also use the golem for even more damage, although this can be risky - don't do that until you have learned up to Escape in Animation..
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    Oh, I have Skullbash, only I didn't realize it worked on mobs. And, wow, that's a significant improvement. Thanks!
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