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    Honestly in order for the all the AB files to be updated like they should be, it should be a power or priv that either the GM can appoint someone to change the AB files or create a system where the GM or Sec can make a proposed change and then have to have say either another sec or the GM that did not originate the change approve it or have it where 2 or 3 people must approve it before it will be sent to change.  Even add in GR19 or make it a priv that the GM can assign to a rank where they can approve as well in the event that there are not enough Secs to approve a change.  This way its being reviewed by the Guild and maintained by the Guild.  For those that do not have guilds like Praenomen and soon to be Lycan something new will need to be created of course for this or allow the House leadership to have the privs for at least the Praenomens, or even the Dominion.  for the Lycans I really do not have a solution for that just yet,  but I am sure this idea can be adapted later on with the Packs for each class? 

    The main reason for this suggestion is because at this rate with a TON of AB files out of date like they are, its unrealistic to expect a Coder, Volunteer or what not in the Pools to do this on their own when really I think the player base are best to handle this.  

    If we, the players, start sending in reports to the Pools then some will get done but sooner or later they will start to sit there much like our Bugs, Typos and suggests do.
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    Really, some guilds can't handle that sort of responsibility -- this was made very clear when GMs were capable of appointing Liaisons. Now, I understand that upkeep of AB files is not at all the same sort of thing, but I feel it's an even bigger responsibility. You need both the raw data (assuming we adopted a new format for ABs, which is the biggest point of what I'm pushing for) and lore to be exact and spot-on, there's no room for mistakes. Guilds being able to change ABs without administrative oversight could lead to a lot of problems, especially in smaller guilds where there's not a lot of player policing being done.

    ABs need transparency like so many MMO skill tooltips. Unfortunately, this can't be done without a coder putting the raw data out there for volunteers to update the ABs, which brings us back around to my original idea and problem. We don't lack player volunteers, we lack coder time. Just leaving it in the players' hands is not a feasible solution.
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    Yeah. I feel like there's a serious lack of in-depth information about what stuff actually does. There's nothing beyond what players wrote themselves for the ylem artifacts, there's nothing that lists what each affliction does, most skill AB files don't tell you what the skill actually does. It would be a big undertaking and I'm not sure how much time they have to devote to this in between everything else going on but it'd certainly improved Aetolia's quality-of-life hugely.
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    If you absolutely need to expand on the ABs yourself, write skill notes down in a GHELP file.
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    OMG yes, no more noose to impale and vines being sold out like hot cakes. 
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    I am hoping that the cost of deathlore attacks/skills will drop as the gathering of souls is pretty slow going even as a dex Carni. It took me 7-8 hits in a row without a second to spare to get 10 soul. I then ran it in a fight with Chelsea and could not get above 4-5 soul the whole fight due to her hindering/rebounding me. Is it therefore likely since we lost ease of soul gathering that we could get a polearm rsl to help us keep up afflicting. I honestly think it would go a long way towards the class as it dead boring for "speed knights".
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    Re Mastema:

    Have you tried tempering for more penetration?
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    Yes I have a very high 135+ pen, but it forced me to drop speed and damage in exchange so it was pointless even with my level3 runes on it. I forged for an hour over a few days this week and give up trying to make a good balanced weapon.


    Sorry that might be confusing. I made a 135+ pen halberd, but it was rubbish. So I am reusing my standard halberd again with 110pen as it has more speed and damage, which I require to afflict at 2.4secs.

    I tried again to forge a well balanced weapon but the end result is you either gain penetration and no speed/damage or you get average damage/speed and at best 100ish penetration. This is why I was saying it would be nice to lower deathlore costs to compansate maybe,

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    I went dex and tested the change. It took 13 swings with a 135 pen weapon with the highest speed I could manage to hit 2s SSLs. It took 9 with the halberd I was using before to hit 2s SSLs. The change pretty much did nothing.

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