Crafting Requests and Wish List

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In tandem with the Crafting Ideas thread for discussion, this thread is to list and organize requests for Admin ease of access (and player ease of access). Please discuss there, since that's what the Ideas threads are for!

Things we have asked for and recieved!
Incense and Smokables
Design Tags!
Custom Poses!
Layering resolutions.
Pouring and vessel size!
Brewing moved to main crafting system!
Alternative Noun Additions: Book (manual, sketchbook) - Rack (stand) - Necklace (pectoral)
New Items: 
Jewelcrafting: piercing, charm/trinket
Woodcrafting: easel
Tailoring: costume, napkin

Crafting Alternatives and * New Patterns
Alternative keywords for interaction and design off of base patterns.

Wardrobe: clothespress
Decoration: lantern, candle, candleabra
Divider: trellis
NEW ITEMS: Sconce, Plaque, Lantern, Safe, Lockable containers (chest, cabinet)

Box: kit
Book: booklet
NEW ITEMS: Birdhouse, Birdfeeder, Journal, Holder (candle holder, napkin holder, etc), Pamphlet (2-5 pages?)

Dress: cheongsam
Collar: gorget
Veil: aventail
NEW ITEMS:  Saddle, Saddle bag (saddlepack, saddlepacks), Saddleblanket, Dreamcatcher, Choli,  Lehenga, Restraint (restraints)

Rolls: bagel
Casserole: terrine
Pancake: waffle, waffles

NEW ITEMS:  Utensil (fork, knife, spoon, cutlery, silverware),  Dish (plate, bowl), Sundial, Hourglass, Manacle (manacles),  Spyglass, Watch (pocketwatch), Compass, Knick-knack, Paperweight, Charm (ATTACHable to bracelets, maybe? Otherwise wearable), Token (Example of use: Lover's token, Contest token, Prize token), Barbell

New Ingredients
Plants: Currant, Beet

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    System or Interaction Wish List

    - Scaling on DESIGN RENEW to be appropriate for how close to expiration the design is.

    - A way for the crafting guild to add comments to designs or message the owner, without having to reject it, preferably the latter.

    - Charm Bracelets you can actually ATTACH charms, tokens, or trinkets to.

    -The ability of either woodcrafters or furniture makers to make doors and replace boring pine wood ones with ones that actually fit what the room says they have.

    -Possibly, a re-location of basic commodities such as generic fur and feathers to the crafting halls of the world, much in the same fashion that cooks have access to all of their basic ingredients without having to go hunt them down.

    -A mini skill / talent for tattoos and piercing. 

    -Allow mounts to wear certain designtypes. Specifically types like saddle, saddleblanket, and saddlebags/saddlepacks.

    -Allow houseplants, like potted plants or small trees. Could just have a pot design that works like a shelf in that it displays the thing placed in it. Could add a variety of plants to floristry for potting. As an alternative, could have a potted plant template of some kind.

    -Oils and perfumes that can be made and then either APPLIED or made to RUB ON with a fragrance or smell that surrounds the person for a period of time. (Like when someone defiles and has an aura of defilement showing, or the tick when someone has hunted ghouls in Mor and smells terrible).

    -Add a weapon/armour enchantment that makes it possible to customise magical properties unto forged items. Possibly requiring a similar certificate as for piercings/tattooing since magical customisations used to cost credits.

    -Update the items we can PLACE things on (we have pillows and sheets but can't easily PLACE them on beds!). 

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  • ArekaAreka Drifting in a sea of wenches' bosomsMember Posts: 1,693 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Reserved - we're so needy
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    Tok said he would look into raising the limit for how many people can fit into a bed, so hey, good timing on asking for manacles and restraints!

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    I'd like to be able to PLACE things on a bed (like pillows and such).
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    I would like to offer a small addition to the lists of alternate keywords for existing design patterns.


    book:     manual, sketchbook, booklet (or pamphlet, leaflet, something that implies small, cheap collections of poetry or sermons or whatnot that could be handed out)
    For her soul gives me sigh for sigh,
    And all day long
    Shines, bright and strong,
    Astarte within the sky,

    While ever to her dear Eulalie upturns her matron eye-
    While ever to her young Eulalie upturns her violet eye.
                 -E. A. Poe, Eulalie
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    I'm going to give this thread somewhat of a bump. I'll be paying attention mostly to items and new keywords for existing patterns.

    Note: Just because an item is requested does not mean it will be implemented! 

    If it has been brought up previously in the thread you do not need to repost it.

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    With the additions of helmets, I had hoped to see more forging designs. That would really be awesome!

    So, here are my suggestions:

    gauntlets (move this from the gloves design in tailoring, or just add a stand-alone gauntlet for those forgers that don't know tailoring)

    swimwear (in the past, I've tried to make this but it was deemed too modern, but really, there is -a lot- if way modern things passing through the queue these days)

    piercing (we already have stud, ring, and chain designs which can be used with the attire system, adding a 'piercing' design would cover most other instances of jewelry body art)

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    No to swimwear please, that's just begging for bikinis, and the other stuff that toes the line shouldn't be an excuse to produce more.

    Slyphe - crafters clan has project 105, I don't know if you can see that, though it's a bit outdated.

    Forging: alternative to club (or mace since clubs aren't ever used) to be 'cudgel'.

    While it's been brought up a few times, for forging, a way to flag an item as ceremonial/prop would be wonderful, so that we can have non-combat-feasible weapons/armour for roleplay (strips the stats/disables the stats from a piece when customized?).
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    Alrighty, so I've got a list of things that aren't listed in the crafters' clan project, but have been nagging at me for a while now.

    * Easels. We have paintings, but no easels. It'd be nice if they could be either craftable or purchasable from an NPC.

    * Paintbrushes/quill. It'd be nice if they were craftable, but not necessary. Paintbrushes could stand to be added to the Hemlik NPC in Delve since there's nowhere else to get brushes.

    * This is going to sound really dumb, but I like the idea of maybe having a flag or something for forgers that'd give them the option of giving the weapon a name. So in the description or something it'd have a line tacked on at the end that'd say 'It is called ______.'

    * There's an NPC in Moghedu that sells white quartz, and it's a huge pain just trying to even navigate the damn place just to get it. It'd be nice if white quartz were also sold someplace else that's easier to get to.

    * More flowers. Specifically skyheather (that was promised a long time ago when cloudblossoms were made into an item, but never came up), lotus flowers, and bird of paradise flowers.

    * Skysilver as a material since I don't think crafting approvers would allow you to use normal silver in place of it.

    * More ingredients for cooking. Specifically taro, tapioca, cassava, gelatin. That's all I can come up with for now.

    * Chandeliers in either furniture or jewelcraft.

    * Have 'stand' be an alternate keyword for the wine rack item.

    * Maybe having something for vases that allows you to see what's in it in the room desc like how you can see what items have been placed on top of furniture since if you put something like a bouquet of flowers in a vase, you can't see the bouquet unless you probe the vase.

    * The ability to stick small, live animals in craftable cages since we're not allowed to design, say, a birdcage and describe the birds as moving around inside. Or, y'know, can just change the ruling and be strict about what kinds of animals can be put in a cage. >_>

    * 'Pen' as an alternate keyword for the cage item.

    * This is not necessarily a crafting thing, but it'd be nice for luthier and ventier if there were commands and messages for when the instrument is PLAYED. So for instance, PLAY FLUTE would give a message. Or maybe even something more specific like PLAY SOOTHING MELODY WITH FLUTE. Not necessary, but it'd be nice to give instruments a little something more to them than just being props, and for those of us who are too lazy or don't know anything about music.

    * Sheet music or folders in woodcrafting.

    * I'm not sure if we had whales before Kelsys exploded, but it'd be nice if we could have whales to use as cooking ingredients. >_>

    * If possible, make 'pond' an alternate keyword for fountains.

    * Make 'chaps' an alternate keyword for gaiters.

    * Make 'mirror' or 'compact' or both alternate keywords for the handmirror item.

    * A deck item that's separate from the Tarot deck item in woodcraft that'd allow us to make decks of cards. Purely aesthetic, though.

    * Make 'plushie' an alternate keyword for the doll item.

    * Going off of previous requests for forging, make various armor parts separately craftable. Gauntlets are already in tailoring. Make greaves/sabatons as alternate keywords for boots. Pauldrons. Tasset as an alternate keyword for belts.

    That's all I can think of for now. God, that was long. >_>

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    tiara as an alternate for circlet
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    Quartz is sold at DeBurr's in Enorian.

    Plushie's pushing the modernity line. Yes plox for more forging items. >>
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    O_o Where is Sapience even supposed to be on the technological line? I'm under the impression that Sapience is last in the race (if it could even be called a race) with Delve/Albedos coming up second and then the Drekiethi (>_> I could never get the spelling right) far ahead of everyone else with chemical bomb dropping flying machines.
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    I think the Nazedha are considered last in the tech race, with Dreikathi placing first, Delve second, and then Sapience.

    Also, if the choice is going to the public paths in Enorian naked because that feels more 'fantasy' or 'realistic' than wearing a bikini and the other choice is having a bikini item even though it might be considered a fairly modern invention, I'd still pick the swimwear.

    Really, Aetolia crafting has gotten super modern during the last two years. I see crafted stuff all the time that doesn't feel like it'd fit a gothic fantasy world at all, and swimwear seems like a pretty minor infraction in comparison.
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    There actually is a mob in the game who wears a bikini, but she's a bearded lady for an old carnival sideshow, so I'm not exactly going to consider the garment canonical.
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    Cheesecake as an acceptable alternative to cake. 

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    There's other ways to do swim clothes and things to swim in without encouraging the devolving of crafting immersion. I'd rather the naked people and maintain some semblance of realm-setting-integrity than bikinis. Or you know, wear clothes until you get to the spot, or swim in clothes, make a swim dress, or just good ol' loincloth and bandeau, etc. Pull back from the modern, not push more into it. 

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    Well, it feels like I'm going off on a tangent here, but why is it okay that we have some crafted items that's really, really modern while something as practical as swimwear is not considered okay? It's not really that big of a deal to me, I've never contemplated making swimwear again after the first time I was told no, then I figured I'd ask for it now since this thread was about adding new patterns. -But-, when players accept designs there are huge and vast inconsistencies. I mean, there has been pool tables, milkshakes, tuxedos, glittering skating uniforms, and all sorts of other very modern designs produced by crafters. The freedom of the crafting system in itself is one of big appeals of this game, but there is one group of people that wants Aetolia to be dark, goth, medieval fantasy and one group of people that wants it to be a more anachronistic setting. This gap between which sort of items were accepted one day only to be rejected the next used to frustrate me to no end. I would still like it if the crafters actually had some sort of thematic standard to adhere to, but that would create tension because people would feel more limited.

    It might not even be a problem at all to most people, it's just something I personally started to notice after playing Achaea. We have more freedom in what to do; they have a stronger vision of what they want their setting to be. I sort of wish I could have both.
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    And not all of those things should have gotten through (though billiards tables date back to the mid to late 1400s, milkshakes have been ruled too recent, thus many now calling them icemilk albeit not quite accurately - and iced cream has been possible and the device used to churn it's early form dates back to China, more recent forms from the 1500s with the de'Medici's). Rather than saying 'eff it someone else slipped something through, let's further remove what thematic and time setting we have', I'd rather we adhered more to it. Just because some things have gotten through doesn't mean we should let everything go through.
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    I'd not accept milkshakes (believe I objected to that over the Crafters clan), a skating uniform (described in just that way) would not be acceptable, while a dress described as the kind of thing ice-skaters use would be fine. Just about how you phrase it.

    There are many things put into the game in way of design patterns that I really dislike because they are too modern. Most things can still be described as something more specific without having to add the name to it. This is why I am hesitant to agree to things like in first post of this thread: cheongsam, choli, lehenga. These are RL names of dress designs with special cultural traits. You can still describe a normal dress to make it look like one of those things without having to add it said RL name as an alias. WEAR DRESS works just as well, especially since you also have the WORN and REMOVED messages to help describe how the piece of clothing is actually put on and taken off.

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    Re: Areka

    Just because something dates back to the mid 1400s does not mean that it automatically should be present in a fantasy setting. To me, a billiards table is as jarring as many other items, even if the first one ever was constructed in the fifteenth century. The question is about whether that particular item fits into the game's overall setting, and to me, the definitions of game's overall setting has been steadily becoming more and more blurred. There exist some really questionable outliers in the crafting system. I am not saying that this is necessarily a problem, just that I personally feel the thematics of Aetolia are generally not being enforced by the crafting community. If a builder tried to put some of these items on their mobs or in their zone or whatever, they would probably be told 'no' but crafters get a 'yes'.

    What I want is for the administration to set some sort of standard that people would be expected to adhere to: either it is okay to have modern props (of which we have -a lot- already) or it is not. If it is not okay, then write up some sort of post about it, pay a bit closer attention to the crafting queue, and maybe even consider unapproving designs. If it actually is okay, then write up some sort of post about that too, be more generous about which patterns/item types that are allowed, and let the playerbase enjoy whatever the playerbase might enjoy, whether archaic, modern, or in-between.

    I'm fine either way. I'm pretty fine the way things are now, too, so don't take my posts too seriously. I just felt the subject might actually be worth discussing since we're looking into expanding crafting items/references anyway.
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    You bring up an interesting point @Alexina. But seriously, does anyone actually know the answer to my question? << It might clear up a lot of the confusion and inconsistencies. If there is no answer currently, it might be cool if answering this question were subplots in future events or something to help illustrate how some things evolved and set new (or reinforce) standards for the crafting community among other things.
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    The confusion and inconsistencies come from the width of the 'time theme' for Aetolia, which is a mix of Medieval through Victorian with dashes of other because everyone needs to be at 15 year old in a fedora.
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    Mm. We might need an entirely new thread for this discussion.

    However, something we as a community could do together is organize what each city has to offer both culturally and technologically that's cannon and submit it somewhere (perhaps the official wiki? Forums work too I guess) as the standard of where Aetolia currently is. Then we'd have a point of reference of what's possible and be able to direct where we're willing to go from there. Although I guess the crafter's clan might already have something like this in their clanhelp. I don't know as I've never been apart of it but it'd be cool to have as it could be applied for things beyond crafting like mini-events or more.

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    The problem with ruling if modern things are ok or not is, "Define Modern". Aetolia is a strange mishmash of begged, borrowed and stolen sources, timelocked in a classic fantasy renaissance period somewhere between government and guns, with twelve kinds of underwear but no milkshakes. There's the hot-topickers, the cravat-wearing ricepires, the hard-nosed SCA fans, the weeaboos who must have their katana nodachi wai wai wasabi baka desu, people who think billiards would be okay, people who just want to have a slutty schoolgirl outfit for their mudsex... trying to define everything would be impossible for the admins, and there's a lot of arguments for and against (It's jarring - yeah well the wikipedias said it was around in this era - so what era are we anyway) so all that can be done really is to take things on a case by case basis.

    Unfortunately, unless it goes to Becue (and waits for someone to feel masochistic enough to jump into that shell), the ruling usually happens by whoever's experienced and online, so it's never going to be consistent. Because it's not consistent though, "X exists so why not Y" is never going to be a good argument. For evidence of that, I point to the few sex toys that have gotten through the queue and haven't been nuked (because they were subtly written and lucky with approvers) not being sufficient basis to allow more of them.

  • AlexinaAlexina the Haunted Soul Member Posts: 851 ✭✭✭✭✭
    katana nodachi wai wai wasabi baka desu
  • MinaraelMinarael Member Posts: 449 ✭✭✭✭

    I like fedoras, okay? Leave those out of this. :( 

    -slinks back into her corner-

  • MinaraelMinarael Member Posts: 449 ✭✭✭✭
    Bandana patterns should have the ability to be worn on the head, currently, they are wearable on privates, legs, and feet. Which doesn't make much sense to me. 

    Masks should have a 'half-mask' acceptable reference, since 'half mask' is wrong and bad. 

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    Weird, my bandanna is head, wrist and arm.

     It's an old arti though.
  • SlypheSlyphe Member Posts: 617 Immortal
    I'm going to be making a post about this in a few days, but I've fixed the issue with bandanas. The only remaining problem is that it won't be applied to existing ones, you'll have to re-sew it from the design again.

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