The Regions of Albedos, Vol. III: The Jalaja

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Far on the eastern fringes of Albedos, a vast rainforest known as the Jalaja spreads across the land in a thick, mist-laden blanket that sprawls as far as the eye can see. It can be seen as most akin to the great Amazon Rainforest. A great mountain known as the Skyshroud Peak rises up from the center of the forest, casting its shadow across the ancient Temple of Kul-Jaati. Fringed by outposts and coastal encampments, the Jalaja Rainforest remains an impenetrable piece of the Albedi landscape; to enter the Jalaja is to challenge death itself.

What is the Temple of Kul-Jaati?

The Temple of Kul-Jaati is a relic of the Utari's early cultural heritage, built to honor the king known as Jaati who ruled over a throng of clans and tribes. In his twilight years Jaati was revered as a warrior god-king that conquered their ancient enemies, the Tidelarks, and made war on the Aslinn who once dwelt along the eastern shores. In constant victories over these foes, Jaati was a bold warrior amongst his kin and he was unparalleled in such great melees. It is said that weapons dealt him no harm and he emerged unscathed from the churn of battle. Thus, Jaati was titled Kul-Jaati and he was worshipped as a god-king unlike any of his ancestors that came before him.

In his hubris, Kul-Jaati ventured forth from the eastern shoreline and delved deep in into the Jalaja in a search for new enemies to make war and conquer for the great gods of the sea. It is said that the ancient spirits then turned their back upon the god-king and he was savaged by a wyrmkin, pumped with its toxins and left for dead as his priests drove the creature off. Kul-Jaati, who once rose as a god, now lay dying in the muck and mire of the Jalaja.

It is uncertain to the Utari of the western shores as to what occurred then, but it is rumored that Kul-Jaati was laid to rest in the depths of his great temple beneath the murky waters that flooded the lower levels. Yet, others speak of wild clans of Utari who strode out of the Jalaja with a stricken corpse risen high upon a gold-gilded palanquin and chanted Kul-Jaati's name as they fell upon their enemies, their god-king brought forth to battle even in death.

Occasionally, the western Utari clans come in contact with their eastern kin and speak of a darkness that has risen from the heart of the Jalaja. More and more clans begin to enter the Jalaja, seeking the god-king and his priests. For, you see, the god-king stirs in the depths of his tomb and what is truly dead may never die. The rites begin anew and Kul-Jaati awakens.

If you have an interest in the Utari, I would highly suggest traveling to the Wards of Delve to see a western perspective on these wayward clans. 

And what of these outposts?

On the untamed frontier of the Jalaja, the outposts shall be the lifeline for all who wish to venture into the Rainforest. Wyrmkin are the least of your worries in that hellhole, some claim, for sickness and disease spread like wildfire in the Jalaja. I won't go into a great detail concerning the personalities you'll find along the border, but they're quite a hardy lot.

And that's it for this Regions of Albedos! Work is still continuing on Albedos (it's never stopped!), but I might as well tantalize everyone with things to come. If you have questions concerning this post, please ask them in the Q&A thread. 

Next up: Beartalk, or, 'why is Korvok so handsome'?

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