The Gate to the Abyss

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The story arc of the latest Carnifex event. Skip to part 4 for the final event scene. The rest is basically just setup and backstory.

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Part 1: Summoning the Wraithlord
The Carnifex manage to obtain a new tutor. Part of the agreement for his service includes promising to hurt Dhar.


Part 2: Planning for War
A month has passed since the Carnifex summoned the Wraithlord and the guild knows that their actions - and the history leading to this point - means that a war is coming. Perhaps compelled towards decisiveness because of the coming battles, Toz proposes to Moirean. Guild members research ways to attack the Underking. And the guild itself...searches for aid beyond their ranks.

Warning: some bits are snuggly. This is from Moirean's perspective, and her relationship to Toz is all tangled up in Carnifex stuff, so I just included the personal storyline parts.

Part 3: Shoring the Defences
Another month passes and the Carnifex have begun establishing their defences. Toz attempts to run the guards through some drills. Oil cauldrons and murderholes are added to the parapets of the curtain wall. A watchtower is built, complete with a warhorn to sound if enemies approach.'s not enough. More is needed, and so Moirean begins to think bigger.

Part 3.5
Basically just for anyone who is a voyeur. Fairly tangential, but Toz and Moirean have been skirting around the plans for their wedding. Every time he tries to discuss details, Moi distracts him or changes the subject, usually by taking off her clothing. Finally, he forces her to discuss it and they make a unique decision. Mostly including this as a balance to the other parts and because it gives insight into part of the reason Moi reacts as she does in the final part. 

It is snuggly and there's a fade to black reference to grown up cuddles. You are warned.

Part 4: Opening the Abyss
Chakrasul has come through on her part of the bargain and has given the Carnifex an archway, telling the guild to fill it with souls of the slain. The guild spends half a year making plans, researching potential uses of deathlore, hunting and dumping bodies into the gateway before they finally sense about to open up.

Thank you to everyone involved: @Toz, @Satomi, @Kiershu, @Mastema, @Yettave, @Barda, @Xenia, @Tsvanni, @Bakhtuh, @Eleanor, @Akaryuterra, @Maghak, @Chakrasul, and @anyone I may have missed. This has been a really fun month, and the story has been a great one.Very engaging and awesome for me to really explore what is currently making Moi tick. I'm excited to see where the next chapter takes all of us.


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    Man, that was a heck of a thing. Great story and atmosphere from everyone! I know I had a lot of fun and I hope the Carnifex all did too.

    Also as a sidenote, Moirean hasn't censored Ryotega's language in the last one. Just a warning for the sensitive.

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    Epilogue: Moving forward after the failure.

    Reading music: 

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    :P song is win.
    Carnifex failing since 2011. Fixes coming Soon ™
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    And I guess final chapter. Toz makes Moi a hand!

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    Daaaaaamn, that was really good. It's great being able to see Moirean and Toz in their private moments, they're nothing like their outward appearances.

    The imagery and use of thinking (I assume Moi has no way of seeing Toz's thoughts, so if it's being done for immersion, props) is much welcomed. You guys work seamlessly together.
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    Very nice event! I feel it is far from over.


    Huge and slimy, this bizarre, abberant prong of abyssal matter flails and quivers, forming eyeballs and gaping mouths against its surface from time to time. The root of it descends into the Abyssal rift and vanishes into shadow, suggesting that this is merely the impudent flagellum of a much, much larger organism.
     A monstrous, quivering tendril almost glows with nearly god-like power.

    That so reminded me of a god-like being from Lusternia. OMG We breached into Lusternia!
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    This is partially to experiment with a format for posting group RP logs. I'm going to be minimizing the other conversations to highlight the plot focus. Thoughts on how well the coloring for this works out? I like group stuff, but it's hard sometimes to follow individual plots through all the action - but cutting out the background stuff alltogether doesn't work either - you lose ambience! The post was too long for forums, so I had to put it on my googlesite, and googlesites have wonky spacing, so it might be weirdly spaced to some eyes. :/

    So, a year or so has passed after the Abyss and there are...issues. Moi's been super tired and has flashes of irritability and rather bitchy mood swings, but is convinced she's just tired from organizing the Spirean festival. Toz has been getting feedback from this through the arm - since he used part of his soul to power it, he and Moi share a small thread of emotion and thought - and finally firmly asks that Moi see one of the "scientists" (this is now our title for Eleanor and Akary) for a check up. Cut to the city cocktail reception.

    Listening music:

    Warning: Akary drops a F-bomb

  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE Member Posts: 818 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well to be accurate, Ryotega drops an f-bomb.

    Also, oh my god that ending they are so adorable aaaaaa.

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    Aha! Still figuring out how the two of them work. I love watching them talk to (and argue with) each other. :D

    The custom pose Akary made outside the bar awesome. I dunno why, but that was like the highlight of my night. It was just such a perfect simple image.
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