The Engraver's Guild

EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
Alright, so this is a thing that was on the old forums, and I thought it could be nice to have a go at doing it again.

There's a clan ingame called The Engraver's Guild. It's designed to be a hangout sort of OOC clan for people who do art, or people who are interested in art. There's some half-done artist-profile helpfiles in there right now, but I think I'll probably be taking those out and simplifying everything a bit, when I get some time.

Basically, it's for the following people:
-Folk who do art
-Folk who want to buy art
-Folk who want to do livestreams of art
-Folk who want to watch livestreams of art
-Folk who have software/art questions
-Folk who can answer those questions

So if you've got a lazy clan spot and are interested in anything much of that, let me know.

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