End of the Cycle

It has come to my attention that my presence here on this mud brings what seems to be immeasurable pain to certain individuals which can only be remedied by my enforced absence from this game that I love. This enforced absence is completely the fault of my own, and my own actions, and I rest blame of it firmly upon myself. I write this because I have had time to reflect upon pain as of late, and rather than seek revenge, which would only perpetuate the cycle, I would rather apologize for my own foolish actions. I have been wrong. I have stuck my nose in business that was not mine. I have been careless with the feelings of others, and been selfish in my actions, thinking only of myself. For this I am truly sorry, but I write this not to seek forgiveness, but to detail my actions going forward.

To those of you instrumental in my departure, I embrace you. As much as I love this place with all my heart, I will depart, for I do not wish to inflict such pain upon anyone any longer, and especially not you. We are all human beings, and I do not believe a human could hurt another so ruthlessly, so heinously, so viciously, as leaving you all hurts me, without first being hurt far worse than that. And this cycle of pain must end. And the end WILL start with me.

To any friends I may have made, thank you for putting up with my annoying butt, you truly made these last 3 months fly by.

Bad Rad "The Kid" Arcan


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