A Captain and a Rogue

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Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer exclaims, "Hey!"

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer asks, "Benedicto, right?"

You have emoted: Benedicto nods his head towards Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer. "That's correct. You are Captain Ralir." He replies.

This tall and lean Kelki sailor possesses a weathered countenance, bearing the marks of his maritime journeys. With eyes that are a mesmerizing near-white blue, his attention is given and maintained with confidence. His hair takes the form of numerous thick tentacles, cascading from his head with a graceful undulation. Marked rarely by the occasional scar, his skin displays captivating hues of mottled blues, reminiscent of the ocean's depths. Delicate white speckles adorn his muscular arms, blending harmoniously with his aquatic nature. A subtle flush of deeper purple accents his cheeks, lips, and the tip of his nose, lending an air of distinction. In this Kelki sailor, the wisdom of his experience is etched upon his face and reflected in his captivating features, yet in his movements he carries with him a certain audacious swagger. A darkly inked tattoo marks his exposed chest depicting a downward pointed dagger with twin serpents coiled about its blade.
(left slightly opened) : a simple, dark purple sailor's vest
(kept fastened with a thick leather belt) : loose fitting, off-white trousers
(dangling from his weaponbelt) : a sharp, steel cutlass
(well-traveled) : a pair of sturdy brown leather boots

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "Look, there's not much time to explain."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer asks, "I just got a whiff of some slavers in Esterport. I want to take them out. Whoever kills the most buys the other a drink, alright?"

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "They were nearby the Clan Headquarters."

You have emoted: "That sounds like my kind of invitation." Benedicto raises his eyebrows in surprise, even as a grin curls his lips.

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "Wait."

With a slight nod, you demonstrate your understanding.

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer pats himself down, making sure he's good and ready.

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "Okay, go."

------Get there

A brutish slaver snarls angrily at you and moves in for the kill.
A brutish slaver snarls angrily at you and moves in for the kill.
A brutish slaver snarls angrily at you and moves in for the kill.
A brutish slaver snarls angrily at you and moves in for the kill.
A brutish slaver snarls angrily at you and moves in for the kill.
A brutish slaver snarls angrily at you and moves in for the kill.

You wryly say, "Simple enough."


Thoughtfully, you say, "Unusual for them to be so brazen on the streets of Esterport though."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer nods once in agreement. "I agree," he allows. "But I didn't want to give them a chance to get away, and I figured six at a time is a couple over my record."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "Thank you my handsome friend, though unless I miscounted, I believe you owe me a drink."

You say, "A fee I'll gladly pay."

------Walk to Shining Trident

The common room of the Shining Trident pub.
Appearance unkempt, Brock sits on the edge of a nearby table, foot propped against the seat next to it. A large wooden counter covers most of the western wall here. An oak table is here, 5 simple chairs have been placed at it. An oak table is here, 2 simple chairs have been placed at it. An oak table is here, a simple chair has been placed at it. A drunk man has passed out here. Overlooking the bar is a heavyset one-armed man, dour as a gargoyle. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale.
You see exits leading north, out, and south.
Brayth, the Bastard nods ever so subtly at you, cleaning the dregs from a snifter. "Hey there. C'mon in, we're still open."

Brayth, the Bastard pauses, then eyes you again, a craggy grin spreading across his face as recognition sinks in.

"Well, if it ain't Benedicto himself," Brayth, the Bastard says. "Always welcome, you are."

Brayth, the Bastard says, "Damn shame the 'free beer' policy didn't survive Delos. Bloody new management - what can you do."

You have emoted: Benedicto clicks his tongue with disappointment before hiking a thumb over his shoulder in the direction of Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer. "Then I'll take a paid-for-beer for me and my Uncle here."

"Two Esterporters, coming up," Brayth, the Bastard calls out, yanking a flagon from the hanging racks.

Brayth, the Bastard scans the taps with a blunt finger, nudges the glass underneath the right one, and pours out a measure of rich, dark beer.

Brayth, the Bastard slides the glass down the bar to you. "There you are. Enjoy," he says.

You have emoted: Benedicto purses his lips for a moment. "Maybe a shandy for the young one as well." He casts a sidelong glance towards a fervent Minotaur recruit.

Brayth, the Bastard moves to begin the drink order at once, explaining, "Once upon a time, we were havin' a real bitch of a hot day on the coast."

"Couldn't keep up with the business, and I was starting to run out of beer," Brayth, the Bastard continues, pouring a bit of light malt beer into a flagon. Reaching behind the counter, he comes up with a clay jug.

Brayth, the Bastard pours from the jug, adding a turbulent dash of yellow to the beer, the colors blooming in the glass. "So I started addin' lemonade. They -loved- it. Been making it ever since. Real popular with the children."

Brayth, the Bastard slides the glass down the bar to you. "There you are. Enjoy," he says.

You have emoted: Benedicto slides a tankard, stamped with "Esterport" to the weathered Kelki with a nod of his head. "To a successful mission on behalf of freedom and liberation." He raises his own drink whilst handing the shandy to the Minotaur.

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer takes the tankard in a hand and cracks an easy grin over at you. "Uncle, hm? I can't interpret if that's cheeky or respectful, but I'll take it." He laughs a little. His expression grows a bit more somber, and after a delay, he speaks up, his words nonspecific but pointedly probing at the same time: "Maelo, right?"

You have emoted: The mug freezes en-route to Benedicto's lips and he stills suddenly. His effulgent stare fixes on Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer for a long moment in silence before the beverage touches his lips and he allows himself a small sip. "Yes." He answers finally, lowering the tankard. "My son."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer nods slowly, acknowledging the difficulty of such a topic. It gives the Kelki seafarer some pause, before he continues, seeming to address his familiarity head-on. "Didn't know him, but knew of him. Every seafarer, from the nastiest pirate lord to the lowliest deckhand knows, I figure. A real hero of the seas." Now, Ralir holds his mug up. "To a good man. To a great legacy."

You have emoted: Benedicto raises his tankard once more but it is apparent he has difficulty vocalising the words. He settles for a brusque nod and a forceful swig of his beer to free his voice once more. "From the way Rhulin describes you, you've earned a bit of a hero moniker as well." He quirks a brow towards Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer. "Albeit, it was slightly tarnished by the larceny shortly thereafter."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer either doesn't acknowledge the lack of a returned vocalization or doesn't dwell on it, for he soon takes a swig alongside you, ending with a satisfied "ahh," exhaled. "Rhulin said that? I wouldn't pay much attention. That Dwarf is going senile by now, I'm sure he can't remember where he last squatted, much less the adventures of someone like me," Ralir playfully insists, his taunting words of Rhulin delivered with some degree of affection in his tone. "As I've said before; I don't invite trouble. I'm simply a generous host. When life comes knocking, I'll answer."

Knowingly, Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "And you. You've not always been a devout warrior of the Light, yourself. Have you?"

You have emoted: "Everybody has a past. I don't judge a person by it. Rather, by what he does now and what he intends for the future." Benedicto replies with an easy shrug, seemingly unflustered by either the observation about - or knowledge of - his past. "What are your intentions for the future, Captain?" He asks.

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer asks, "Oh? You want the truth of it, do you?"

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "Amusing that your citymates have chastised me. 'Don't beat up this guy, don't have orgies here, don't kick scorned lovers in the balls.' But you, you ask the real shite, don't you?"

You have emoted: Benedicto lowers his tankard to the bar. "I see no reason why we shouldn't be honest with each other." He states in response.

THINK: "Sometimes people just need a kick in the balls. Those things are...inconsequential. Misdemeanours. The Age of Dawn will not be realised by chasing down philanderers."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "Hmm.. very well."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer turns to face you, clears his throat and glances away, if only for a second or two. "I've never had a home. Not truly. But I'm growing older. A vagabond's life is exciting, and excitement is what will continue to drive me. But I wonder if there's a future for me here, on land. Anywhere."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "I'm shipless. I'm crewless, for the most part. And I've more enemies than friends."

You have emoted: Estevin Stonehoof - Benedicto's squire - glances quietly from Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer to his liege and back again, quietly sipping his shandy. Meanwhile, the large, ascended Kelki continues to watch and listen, unwilling to interrupt the landlocked sailor.

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer sighs and, given silence, decides to continue his woes. "I'll never turn to undeath. I'll never belong in Spinesreach. And I certainly won't partake in the ritual sacrifice of innocent men and women," he says. "So that leaves Enorian, my friend. It is where Rhulin ended up, but me? I'll never be a righteous zealot. Not like you."

You have emoted: "There are shades of zealotry, my friend." Benedicto counters after a moment of thought. "You believe in freedom? You have a moral code that somewhat aligns with most of what we in Enorian stand for." He offers Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer a small, amused smile. "From what I know of you, you'd probably be a fairly good fit for the Templar if I didn't think that military discipline and you would go together about as well as a second merging of the Unbound and Earthen Lords."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer lifts a hand to hide his massive grin, muffling a hearty chuckle. "True that is. I'm more likely to chase arse than I am ranks in such a Guild," he says, fully acknowledging his own 'weakness'. "Perhaps I am doomed to be a bystander. Or, perhaps I'll convince the city that the occasional party isn't the worst thing it could endure," he mentions, taking a slow sip of his alcohol, swallowing down the unpleasantness or unlikelihood of either scenario.

THINK: "Chasing arse is what most of them do. He'd fit right in. He and Knight Emerson would have been best friends."

You have emoted: Benedicto gives a roll of his eyes. "It is only an ignorant fool who believes that the entire citizenry of Enorian maintains a vow of chastity and that they only engage in fornication to procreate and at no other time." He dismisses Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer's concern with a flippant wave of his hand. "It is more that they like to ensure that it remains behind closed doors. It is hard to shout about purity when you're caught balls deep in someone who is not your spouse or significant other."

You have emoted: At Benedicto's declaration, Estevin snorts suddenly into his shandy, spraying it across his face and drenching himself. He hurriedly tries to mop his fur with the cuff of his tunic.

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer blurts out a loud, unruly laugh at your bluntness. "I could have been fooled," he mentions, his errant chuckles only now starting to die down. "The Vanguard heard a bit of a party and nearly summoned the entirety of the Hammer's military might to bust the door down." He over-exaggerates in his own favor, as displayed by his next words; "well, maybe it was a /lot/ of a party, but still. I have difficulty with moderation."

You have emoted: "From this initial meeting, I can see it." Benedicto admits as he looks over Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer as though weighing him. "I think the city needs to remember that we pursue the Age of Dawn. Engaging in some frivolous sexual activity - as long as it's consensual - isn't propagating Shadow or Strife. You're not hurting anyone." He pauses for a moment. "Other than yourself. Probably."

Continuing, you say, "We should remember that we pursue a loftier goal. A higher purpose. The eradication of Shadow. The abolishment of tyranny. I don't care who you stick your tentacles in, so long as you believe in the same things."

Again, after a moment of thought, you say, "And the recipient doesn't belong to any of the aforementioned enemies."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer is still smiling from earlier, and seems unwilling to wipe his amusement away entirely. "I'll have you know my crotch is rotless," he teases, then more seriously, he adds, "I'm glad you can see things as such. Though, it's my understanding that not all do. One Herald in particular finds me most vilesome, though it shouldn't be my concern or business. I don't like having enemies I didn't earn properly, you know what I mean?"

You have emoted: Benedicto holds his hands apart in a gesture of helplessness. "Unfortunately, I occupy no position of authority or standing within the city or any of Her guilds. Ultimately, I can only be a voice that speaks as to whether or not you *should* be allowed to make a home in Enorian." He closes his hands and clasps them together. "I gathered as much from his behaviour at the meeting I was privy to in which Rhulin vouched for you." He issues a sigh, drawn out and filled with frustration. "He is only one Herald and Enorian is nothing if not a democracy." He draws another breath and brightens. "However, to rectify one of your immediate problems, I can at least make you less ship-less."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer asks, "..Eh.. wha?"

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer asks, "You're going to hand over a ship to a stranger?"

You have emoted: "Hardly." Benedicto scoffs. "Kelki you may be and your words and actions have done much to create a good first impression." His smile twists into an evil-looking grin. "However, one meeting does not mean that I am willing to trust you. Action. Continued action to prove your words are not just sweet, hollow nothings." He straightens and drains his tankard. "But I'm happy to put a deck under your feet. I have a ship in the harbour of Enorian: The Dauntless. You are more than welcome to take a berth there. I will instruct my first mate, Ifon Atticus, to make you welcome."

You wryly say, "I just ask that you don't despoil my cabin or the stateroom."

Adding, you say, "Or desecrate them with any bodily fluids."

------Whirran attacks and gets clapped

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer exclaims, "How rude!"

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer asks, "Back to Enorian, huh?"

------Back to Enorian and we head to the Dauntless

Below the quarterdeck of the Dauntless.
The rain pours down beneath the darkness of night, the clouds blotting out the heaven and stars. With a keen eye, the first mate, Ifon Atticus, scrutinises activity aboard the Dauntless. A fervent Minotaur is here, infused with holy zeal. An audacious Kelki seafarer stands here, sizing up his surroundings.
You see exits leading east, north, south, and west.

Ifon Atticus, first mate of the Dauntless gives the world a smart salute.

You have emoted: "Well met Ifon." Benedicto gestures towards Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer. "This is Captain Ralir, he'll be staying onboard with us for an indefinite amount of time." He glances back towards the seasoned Kelki. "My cabin is your cabin until you make your mind up either way."

Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer says, "My thanks, friend. I'll do my best to not desecrate your lovely ship too much."

Ifon Atticus, first mate of the Dauntless gives Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer the once over, issuing you a questioning look. Whatever questions he has seems to die on his lips and he merely nods at the order and gestures Ralir, an audacious Kelki seafarer towards the stateroom and cabins.

You nod your head at Ifon Atticus, first mate of the Dauntless.

You say, "Please do try to be kind to my ship, Captain."
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