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Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time.

After the Second War of Night, things have been relatively quiet (and bombastic) since the changes of the event of the Monomachy. Those who were once brothers or sisters in the Pride have moved on and chosen different paths for their adventures in Sapience. While it is fun to see characters move on into those directions, I am opening up a request for new Sentinels to come wander into the forests of Duiran and join the cause and crusade of protecting the forest of Life.

It is an free invitation - meaning that it does not matter who your character is, or how they act, or where they've come from so long as they are interested in enriching the guild and the overall ambiance of our organization. There are no chokeholds here on race, attitude, or direction.

I know that the Sentinels have always seemed, thematically to be very dry. One note. And has never been given a lot of love or attention. Most people wonder why, even, what the purpose of the Sentinels is. They're a hunting guild, they're just hunters. That's boring. But wait -- Let's break this down with a list of old things, and new things the guild is trying to accomplish:


- Yes, they are protectors of the Wilds. They're warriors, and their culture is an amalgamation of all 'wild fantasy' warrior cultures. They also protected Dendara, now Dia'ruis as one of their charges in covenant with Duiran, the Heartwood.
- There history is two-fold. The founder of the guild, Huwald Seluno was the last man of the Raven Tribe which was a clan in Ancient Ithmia. What we know of him, thus far is that usual tale - There were three brothers, they had to come together for a great battle. Things happened.
- The Sentinels were primarily branded by some of the older material as 'Haern's guild' or the Hunters guild, as a lot of the culture established in the game was about using Haern's tenets. Their patron usually has been Haern, but sometimes that has changed to others in the past. Haern has a very close relationship with the guild, and will watch over them regardless of who is patron.
- Sovereignty and Defiance. The Sentinels usually have had an attitude within their own that they are warriors that uphold, watch, and safeguard against corruption in the Wilds and out of it. Sometimes people make mistakes, even Gods, make mistakes, and they are very aware that infallibility is just the same all across the board. They are not blind zealots who go along with the goals of others, and they usually act in ways that could either surprise, please, or challenge their own city organization.
- Oaths mean a lot to them. Particularly, their oath, and their code.
- A wariness for all things that come into contact with civilization. A taming of nature seems disrespectful to them, because of how much life as an energy, source, Cycle, Rhythm means to them and their people.

Newly Established:

- There is a respect for wilderness, and life, that is more on the grim side of fantasy. This is/was being developed before those two major events. Overall, we are trying to take this in a darker, grittier direction to respect some of the more archetypal warrior traits. Wild things should stay wild, and not be tempered by
- The emergence of the story of the Ancient Tribes of Ithmia came when we received the Warden class! There is a possibility that we will begin to know more about those times in the past through the understanding of THE ANCESTORS.
- Ancestral memory, and communing with the ancestors is an important part of Sentinel life and connections to the past that guide them towards a wiser future. We are able to do so now thematically.
- Sacrifices to Dia'ruis. Sentinels play a role in retrieving and acquiring sacrifices for Dia'ruis, in order to strengthen and grow the plane of Life further and spread its influence they must use their skills to capture the innocent. Some Sentinels take on this role with ease, others do not. This all goes back to Sovereignty and Defiance.
- Seasonal Rituals honoring the ancestors.

Wanting to Establish:

These are things that I am attempting to request or collaborate with admin on to see the guild get in a more updated, renovated direction. Either through orgrequests, or roleplay that is happening now, or through some culture shifts.

- Seasonal Rituals honoring the ancestors.
- More sacraments and rites that focus on the dark wild fantasy aspects.
- Establishing patrols to holdings of Duiran - the forests.
- Involvement in causes of freedom or revenge - The current Dreikathi conflict event.
- Encouraging headhunting and bounty hunting for advancement. Kill those vampires and akkari!
- Encouraging more PK engagement in current threats and conflict mechanisms through advancement.
- Vampires and Akkari. Now the bane of the Sentinels for the affront against life, I am trying to get some PVE options and missions for the guild to reinforce that on top of roleplay and current environment.
- The possibility of an ancestral cult, and more of an understanding of what happened to the tribes of Ithmia. Creating some more opportunities thematically!
- Establishing PVE quests and questlines that create some thematic connections, filling out some history, and gaining more affinity with the ancestors.
- Expanding the ranks of the guild to make more opportunities for those PVE quests, as well as developing more of a sense that you have to work to be a warrior.
- Possible hope for a currency for those PVE quests to earn thematic items, similar to Duiran's militia system.

With or without looking at all of those things I listed. I welcome you to give the Sentinels a try, there are so many opportunities there. And while we are a small guild at the moment, I hope this could change.

Thank you!
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