The Nazedha Diaspora

Are you playing an Arqeshi or Nazetu? Consider joining The Nazedha Diaspora.
This clan is public / open and semi-democratic so that if I ever go inactive someone else can take it over.


OOC / IC: Yes?
The clan is mostly OOC in the way that CNT is. This means it is a place to ask out of character questions or discuss culture questions from a player perspective, but stays on the topic and intention of the clan.

Clan Purpose: To provide resources for the Nazedha races and their roleplay. The Nazetu and Arqeshi have a very rich history and foundation which has helped shape the world in past events! It can be a lot to keep track of, as well as figure out how it might influence your character.
  • CLHELPS about the Tribes, NPC descriptions, etc.
  • Developing CLHELPs about what life is like in Jaru, Huanazedha, and Ollin as the primary NPC communities
  • Collaborate on rituals and holidays that would be unique to Nazetu or Arqeshi, or shared.
  • Growing collection of designs familiar to Nazedha (bank account in Esterport for renewals)
  • Discuss and help shape new culture and RP questions as they come up. Recently we discussed what signatures, writing, and titles might look like.
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