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I have been trying everything and talked to a lot of people about this problem but when I use raceskill select it comes up with skill unknown also does it for raceskill select Air Stability, raceskill select Underwater Breathing, Rock Harvesting.
I have tried all caps, putting the words together using underscore using the first word. I have also done a fresh install of mudlet no scripts and tried nexus with fresh and nothing is working and I have 4 race points and it did work for the first raceskill select I did which was flight.

Please help.

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  • KerocKeroc A small cupboardAdministrator, Immortal
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    It was a bit too strict about how to select an ability, but you should be able to select what you want now. Just try the command again and it should work!
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    Thank you so much works at treat now <3
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