Forging (Guide, FAQ and Q&A)

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Of Steel and Coal
Forum Edition

I made a book all about forging, thusly dubbed Of Steel and Coal, that is floating around in game. However, there are lots of OOC questions and resources that I wanted to share, and build a collective base of forging knowledge. If you have any questions about forging, forging designs, stats, or needs, please ask them here, and I will try to keep things answered and updated. 

Currently seeking: PMs with a list of what each class needs in terms of forged items (armour, weapons, and any needs for those weapons - damage or speed or a mix). 

Forging Overview
[spoiler]First you need to find yourself a forge. After you PUT COAL IN FORGE, you FIRE FORGE to get it going nice and hot (just the way we like it). 

A note on coal: One piece of coal lasts for five minutes. You can stack coal as you put it in - so, if you know you're going to be forging for 15-20 minutes, you can PUT 4 COAL IN FORGE and fire it, and you won't have to re-fire it for another 20 minutes;

Next, you want to know what you're going to forge. Let us say you want to make a buckler and a shortsword. You need to pick a template for each of these (see next section), as well as the commodities for the base item. To make the base item, you FORGE (template) (item) - so, you FORGE STANDARD BUCKLER or FORGE STANDARD SHORTSWORD.|

Tempering is what fills the item's stats out. Armour and shields can be tempered five times, while weapons can be tempered six times. To do so, you TEMPER (item) FOR (stat). So, you would TEMPER BUCKLER FOR BLUNT/CUTTING, or TEMPER SHORTSWORD FOR DAMAGE/PENETRATION/SPEED.

If you decide the stats of the weapon aren't what you are looking for, you can SMELT it. You regain roughly half of the commodities used to make the item.

Once you are happy with an item, you also have the option of adding a special appearance to it (see Customizing section). To apply a pattern to an item, you CUSTOMIZE (item number) AS DESIGN (design number).

A note: You can only temper and customize weapons and armour that you yourself have made. You can smelt indiscriminately of who made the item originally.[/spoiler]

Armour Templates and Stats
[spoiler] Stats affect several aspects of an item. For armour, they determine the percentage of damage mitigated on your AUDIT.

Template: Standard  C B
Leather:   5   5
Ringmail: 10 10
Scalemail: 25 25
Chainmail: 35 35
Splintmail: 45 45
Fieldplate: 55 55
Fullplate: 65 65
Shields: 15 15

Template: Flexible  C B
Leather:   0 10
Ringmail: 10 20
Scalemail: 20 30
Chainmail: 30 40
Splintmail: 40 50
Fieldplate: 50 60
Fullplate: 60 70
Shields: 10 20

Template: Reinforced|C B
Leather:  10   0
Ringmail: 20 10
Scalemail: 30 20
Chainmail: 40 30
Splintmail: 50 40
Fieldplate: 60 50
Fullplate: 70 60
Shields: 20 10

Quality: Good   Note: Good quality ranges from _3 to _5, the _5's being a threshold.
Leather: 24 24
Ringmail: 34 34
Scalemail: 44 44
Chainmail: 54 54
Splintmail: 64 64
Fieldplate: 74 74
Fullplate: 84 84
Shields: 34 34

You are more likely to get good stats on armour and shields if you do a reinforced or flexible template, then temper fully for the non-emphasized stat (so reinforced + five blunt, or flexible + five cutting). Standard templates are fairly useless, as is general tempering, as far as armour is concerned.

As far as shields are concerned - they are all the same as far as stats go, however there are still different types of shield, with different commodity costs, for RP and variety purposes.[/spoiler]

Weapon Templates and Stats
[spoiler]Weapon stats vary in how much they impact things, as the skill used also determines the results. The stats for weapons are Speed (impacting the balance time on most attacks), Penetration (how much armour is ignored when using the weapon against an enemy), and Damage (how much hurt it hits for).

With 'new forging', all weapons work on the same scale of stats, but the weapon type (see subsequent section) determines just what that formula is in action. 

You can now apprentice in an item-type, which will improve the consistency and quality of items of that type. See Customizing and Thrummal section.

Template      Speed     Pene.   Damage
Standard 100 100 100
Precise   80 110 110
Powerful 110 110   80
Lightweight 120 100   80
Honed 110   80 110
Accurate   90 120   90
Heavy   90 100 120

The highest we can forge in any one stat is 180. This is a hard-coded cap, and can only be exceeded by the use of weapon runes. 

Different attacks and classes have different needs for weapons. Demand for 'extreme stat' weapons is the majority, with people needing either all speed (lightweight + six tempers to speed) or all damage (heavy + six tempers to damage). Sometimes, however, there is a need for more balanced weapons. This requires some experimenting with the templates and tempering order. An example: I have found that for Templars, the ideal warhammer is a 140 damage 130 speed weapon, to capitalize on DPS. This requires using several types of tempers. 

Weapon Families and Commodities
Weapons now are grouped in different 'families', though this hasn't really been capitalized on, beyond standardizing the formulas of stats between weapon types. In turn, the commodity spread is a bit uneven, when comparing one-handed weapons to two-handed weapons.

Leather: 10 leather
Ringmail:    5 leather   3 steel
Scalemail:   5 leather   6 steel
Chainmail:   12 steel   6 cloth
Splintmail:   5 leather 18 steel
Fieldplate: 25 steel   8 cloth
Fullplate: 30 steel 10 cloth
Buckler:   1 leather   1 steel
Cavalry:    2 leather   1 steel
Kite:   1 leather   3 steel
Tower:   1 leather   4 steel
Banded:   3 wood   1 iron

Small Bludgeon
Club 1 wood
Mace 3 wood 3 steel 3 iron
Morningstar 1 wood 3 steel 3 iron
Flail 1 wood 3 steel 3 iron

Small Blade
Dagger 1 obsidian
Dirk 2 steel
Shortsword 4 steel 1 leather
Whip 3 leather 1 wood 1 iron
Rapier 5 steel
Battleaxe 7 steel 1 leather 1 wood
Scimitar 8 steel 1 leather
Longsword 8 steel 1 leather
Broadsword 8 steel 1 leather
Spear 3 steel 4 wood

Large Bludgeon
Warhammer 5 steel 3 wood

Large Blade
Bardiche 6 steel 5 wood
Halberd 5 steel 5 wood
Trident 3 steel 4 wood
Bastard 8 steel 2 leather

Axe 3 wood 3 iron
Javelin 3 wood 1 obsidian

Customization and Thrummal
To customize a forged item with a custom appearance, you need to utilize the crafting guilds in game. So, your first step is to stop by Thrummal over by Delos (v42129). Thrummal serves two important purposes.

The first purpose is to train apprenticeships, which come in three flavours - Blades, Bludgeons and Thrown. Apprenticing will consistently improve the quality of your forgings of that type. It costs 10,000g to retrain your apprenticeship.

The second purpose is to sell designs! Much like tailoring or jewelcraft, custom forging designs go through the craft guild queue. There are rules for this (it must be something a mortal could make, usual crafting rules, must be feasible in combat, etc). To begin, DESIGN REQUEST (costs 300g) to recieve a blank design. Then, after reviewing the WARES in Thrummal's office, DESIGN (your draft number) COPY (the item type you wish to make's number). 

Fill out the necessary information - appearance (7 words or 40 characters), dropped (max 80 characters), and examined (minimum two 80 wrapwidth lines). If you have ingredients that aren't included in the base commodities, you need to add them at this point. Once it looks the way you want (DESIGN will list all of the available syntaxes), DESIGN (number) SUBMIT at a crafting annex and wait! Once it is approved (DESIGN (num) PAY FEE), you're ready to go. 

Once you have a tangible, forged item made, you then can CUSTOMIZE (item) AS DESIGN (your new design!). Keep in mind that customizing will NOT require you to have a second set of the base commodities (those that are used to forge the item). The only additional items you will need are those you added to the design (such as a cloth grip on a warhammer, you would add 1 cloth to the design, and need 1 cloth to customize). 

Diminishing Returns
[spoiler] Once I finish the maths I'll fill this in. 'New Forging' has a capped scale for what you can forge, and one that is fairly achievable (refraining from commenting!). As it stands, the higher a stat goes, the less it improves in action (that is to say, going from 100-135 is a much bigger difference than going from 150-180). Math math math. [/spoiler]
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    Class Needs
    The classes of Aetolia are varied, and each have different needs and demands when it comes to their equipment. Lycanthropes have no forging needs. Most classes can make use of a mace or warhammer for Shatter (Weaponry).

    Tether: Spirit

    [spoiler]Shaman: Armour - Ringmail
    Weapon: Summoned

    Luminary: Armour - Splintmail
    Weapon: Summoned
    Other: Shield (for painting symbols on)

    Templar: Armour: Fullplate, Fieldplate
    Shield: For Strike
    Weapon:   Two handed Zeal: Bastard or Warhammer, extreme damage.
    Two handed DSW: Bastard or Warhammer, 140 damage - 130 speed.
    Single handed DSK: Scimitar, shortsword, broadsword, battleaxe, rapier, longsword, extreme speed
            Flail, Mace, Morningstar, 120 damage - 150 speed (limb pressure)
    Thrown: Javelin, ...I don't know yet.

    Sentinel: Armour: Chainmail
    Weapon: Spear, throwing axe (damage or speed)

    Zealot: Armour: Leather[/spoiler]

    Tether: Neutral

    [spoiler]Syssin: Armour: Scalemail
    Weapon: Whip (damage or speed), dirk (speed)
    Other: Shield

    Monk: Armour: Leather[/spoiler]

    Tether: Shadow

    [spoiler]Cabalist: Armour: Scalemail

    Indorani: Armour: Scalemail

    Carnifex: Armour: Fullplate
    Weapon: Bardiche (95/---/170), Halberd (95/---/170), Warhammer
    Other: Warhound armour (need to find stats)

    Teradrim: Armour: Scalemail
    Weapon: Flail (extreme damage)
    Other: Shield

    Praenomen: Armour: Scalemail
    Weapon: Spear, trident ( )[/spoiler]
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    [spoiler] image [/spoiler]
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    Just from my observations from weapons, the following max increases are possible:

    EVEN TEMPERS: Up to +5 in each stat.
    TARGETED TEMPERS: Up to +10 in the targeted stat and MINUS 1 to 3 in the other two stats.

    Now this is just with cursory testing, I am not sure if it's possible to get a 5/5/5 temper for example but I do know for sure 5 is the max increase for an even temper. Should be some useful information to add in/test further.

    For classes, Praenomen weapon requirements are:

    WISE + CROWN: 107 speed light blades, 137 speed for heavy blades.
    WISE: Can't exactly remember the light blades speed (it's somewhere around 94 or 95), 122 speed for heavy blades.
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