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  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
    That's what the rest of my post was about.

  • Moirean said:

    Eleanor said:

    It should be noted that making a thing that moves you around while bashing is a huuuuge no-no

    No it's not. Auto movement is allowed, as long as you are at your computer and responsive.


    Triggers and automation are allowed in Aetolia provided that you are present at your computer terminal at all times. FULLY automating quests and hunting - with movement and all actions included in the triggers - are allowed so long as one is present at the computer, as well as gambling automation.
    I think that it should updated to say that you must be in the Aetolia screen at all times. Being at one's computer at all times and being on the Aetolia screen are two ENTIRELY different things.
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Alertness calling:

    ALERTON to enable alertness calling to web.
    ALERTEN to only call out for enemies. Replace the variable WARENEMIES with your own "all the people I fight" variable.
    ALERTOFF to disable all calling to web.

    It also subs the spammy long default message with a concise, snazzy colored one.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <cmud> <alias name="alerton"> <value>#say #say %ansi(red,bold)~[%ansi(blue,bold)~(Alert~): %ansi(grey)Reporting on!%ansi(red,bold)~] alerting=1 alertness on alert_all=1 </value> </alias> <alias name="alertoff"> <value>alert_all=0 #say #say %ansi(red,bold)~[%ansi(blue,bold)~(Alert~): %ansi(grey)Reporting off!%ansi(red,bold)~] </value> </alias> <alias name="alerten"> <value>#say #say %ansi(red,bold)~[%ansi(blue,bold)~(Alert~): %ansi(grey)Reporting just enemies!%ansi(red,bold)~] alerting=0 alertness on alert_all=1 </value> </alias> <class name="alert" enabled="false"> <trigger priority="58620" newline="false" prompt="true"> <pattern>H:(%d)/(%d) M:(%d)/(%d)</pattern> <value>#if @option=1 { #if @alert_all=1 { #if @alert=1 {#if %ismember( %lower( %item( @alertpeeps, 1)), @warenemies) {wt ~[ALERTNESS~]: ENEMY! %upper( @alertpeeps): @alertdirection} {#if @alerting=1 {wt ~[ALERTNESS~]: @alertpeeps: @alertdirection}} #var alertpeeps {} } }} alerted=1 #t- alert</value> </trigger> </class> <trigger priority="54230"> <pattern>Your enhanced senses inform you that (*) {has|have} entered * to your (*).</pattern> <value>#t+ alert alerted=0 #if @alert=1 { #additem alertpeeps %1 alertdirection=%2 } #if %ismember(%1, @warenemies) {#sub {%ansi(red,bold)~[%ansi(blue,bold)~(Alert~): %ansi(red,bold)ENEMY! %ansi(grey)%1 ~- %2 %ansi(red,bold)~]}} { #sub {%ansi(red,bold)~[%ansi(blue,bold)~(Alert~): %ansi(grey)%1 ~- %2 %ansi(red,bold)~]}}</value> </trigger> <trigger priority="54230"> <pattern>Your enhanced senses inform you that (*) {have|has} entered your current location at *.</pattern> <value>#t+ alert alerted=0 #if @alert=1 { #additem alertpeeps %1 alertdirection=here } #if %ismember(%1, @warenemies) {#sub {%ansi(red,bold)~[%ansi(blue,bold)~(Alert~): %ansi(red,bold)ENEMY! %ansi(grey)%1 ~- here %ansi(red,bold)~]}} { #sub {%ansi(red,bold)~[%ansi(blue,bold)~(Alert~): %ansi(grey)%1 ~- here %ansi(red,bold)~]}}</value> </trigger> </cmud>
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Quick little script for a calendar mod, to let you know the RL time left until month/year/decade change. Also adds a status bar for constant reference. I couldn't find a gmcp for IG date, so you'll have to rely on typing DATE or the new day messages.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
      <class name="calendar">
        <trigger priority="1618270">
          <pattern>${It is now|Today is} the (%d){st|th} of (%w), year (%d) of the Midnight Age.</pattern>
    #say %ansi(cyan) -------------------------------------------------
    #say %format("&54s", (%ansi(white)New Month: %ansi(black).%ansi(brown)@daysleft %ansi(cyan)hours.))
    #say %format("&70s", ((%ansi(white)New Year: %ansi(black).%ansi(brown)$days_left %ansi(cyan)days~, %ansi(brown)$hours_left %ansi(cyan)hours.)))
    #say %format("&54s", ((%ansi(white)New Decade: %ansi(black).%ansi(brown)$years_left %ansi(cyan)days.)))
    #say %ansi(cyan) -------------------------------------------------
        <var name="months" type="Record">
      <stat name="Calendar" priority="64240">
        <value>@currentday @currentmonth ~(%db(@months,@currentmonth)~), @currentyear</value>

  • Would anyone be interested in a pretty library script with the ability to add an entire library (not the book contents, but author, title, book number, vnum, etc) to a searchable database? You can also mark a library as belonging to your home/haven, guild or order, and have it displayed next to the title of any book showing if those libraries have a copy. It's only half done right now, but I'll be done in a few days. Currently it's only lacking help files and some echo's, and I plan to add in the ability to copy a book for another library, and shelve those books automatically. Anyway, here's what it looks like, with a normal LIBRARY CATALOG at the top, a title search second, and an author search third.
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