Announce post #3450: December in Aetolia!

12/1/2022 at 0:01
Ictinus, the Architect
December in Aetolia!

Hi folks!

December has arrived and that means it's time for stockings! As always, they can be obtained from the Aetolia website at under 'artifact packages'.

Following the feedback on last year's overhaul (see announce #3271 if you want a refresher), we'll be continuing in that same vein this year with the scaling tiers of prizes and plenty of new offerings including a brand new relic set!

See HELP STOCKINGS for all stocking-related commands and for a complete breakdown of prizes! I've included a short summary below:

Festive or Trick Stocking, minimum value: 16 credits
Fancy Stocking, minimum value: 45 credits, guaranteed at least 1 relic coffer
Grand Stocking, minimum value: 200 credits (increased from 150 last year), guaranteed at least 2 relic coffers
Extravagant Stocking, minimum value: 550 credits, guaranteed at least 3 relic coffers

This year we have a new relic collection available themed around the Gods of Sapience. See HELP PANTHEON RELICS for all the details, but the items include the following:

- An empowered gem of hematite (pantheon_abhorash)
- A writ of heresy (pantheon_bamathis)
- A jade spiral of Despair and Might (pantheon_chakrasul)
- A mote of revelation (pantheon_damariel)
- A scroll of finality (pantheon_dhar)
- An Ogrish finishing hammer (pantheon_ethne)
- A songline totem of the Bloodhunt (pantheon_haern)
- A Weathered chisel (pantheon_ivoln)
- A pair of ornate spectator's binoculars (pantheon_lexadhra)
- An ever-changing map of Ka-la-kai (pantheon_omei)
- A strand of Umbrael, the Cloak of Midnight (pantheon_severn)
- A charm of the mariner (pantheon_slyphe)
- A tempestuous gyre (pantheon_tanixalthas)

All relic pieces from the Pantheon set trade in for 30 credits!

Each stocking tier below extravagant also has a very small chance of rolling a big prize in the form of a 400-2000 credit artifact!

Every 150 stockings opened will trigger a global prize where one of the next 50 stockings opened will contain a bonus of 500 credits on top of the other prizes it contains.

Additionally, for every 5 stockings of each type you purchase, you'll receive either a gold or platinum stocking of that tier! So if you purchase 5 fancy stockings, you'll get a gold (or platinum) fancy stocking. Gold and platinum stockings are special and fill up only on Christmas and New Year's Day, respectively! These are tracked cumulatively, so you can safely split up purchases without losing out. Opening one of these stockings acts as if you had opened two of that tier, giving you double the prizes!

Finally, stocking purchases automatically enter you into a raffle drawn on January 1st, and all stocking purchases award "a decorative gift voucher" - these can only be redeemed (LOTTERY EXCHANGE VOUCHER) by someone other than the owner, and provide 1 raffle entry to whoever you gift them to. See HELP STOCKING RAFFLE or LOTTERY 38 for info!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 3rd of Lleian, in the year 506 MA.
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