Still stuck with learning skills

I don't know if I'm being really stupid but I still don't understand how skills and how to learn them (I started playing two days ago for context and I've never played MUDs before).

The little help window thing in the Nexus is telling me the instructions should be LEARN FROM but when I try it doesn't work.
I don't know if I'm getting mixed up between skills and skillsets, or if I'm missing something entirely about skills, but can somebody explain in a very dumbified way how to learn skills, particularly for an omneiromancer.


  • By any chance, do you play with MXP on? If you don't, I highly recommend doing CONFIG MXP ON.

    Also skills and skillsets are one and the same. If a scroll tells you to learn Oneiromancy up to , it means you should learn the Oneiromancy skillset up to that ability. To figure out how many lessons it will take you to get there, AB ONEIROMANCY .

    On that note, you can only learn your lessons from a tutor. PATH TRACK TUTOR in Duiran and when you get there, all you need to do is LEARN , eg LEARN 60 ONEIROMANCY.
  • Thank you for the MXP tip.
    Also thank you for breaking it down for me. I'm able to learn skills now.
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