Announce post #3443: The Return of the Midnight Serpent

11/17/2022 at 4:27
Ictinus, the Architect
The Return of the Midnight Serpent

Hi folks!

Brought forth by the illusory magics of the Memoryscape, the Haekathi ship known as the Midnight Serpent has returned and now sails amidst the shimmering mists.

Captain Xaseira, backed up by her crew of reavers and sailors alike, once more provides a deadly challenge to those who dare board her ship.

- The instance has been added to milestones at a reward of 2 for completion.
- You receive 1 medallion of commendation for completion.
- Medallions of commendation can be used as currency in the shop now located near the Portent and Glandor shop.
- The ship travels around the island and will dock at a different place each Howling.
- The instance is no longer capped at 1 group at a time, and is permanently available.
- XP loss is not in effect while aboard.


Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 20th of Arios, in the year 506 MA.
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