Announce post #3439: Clan Slots Update

11/13/2022 at 15:10
Ictinus, the Architect
Clan Slots Update

Hi folks!

With how common the proliferation of city and org clans has become for keeping business organised, we have decided to make some changes to clan slots in order to make this process less of a cost burden on those who want to partake in a variety of different fields.

To that end:

- The medal of meritorious bureaucracy artifact has been removed.
* Anyone who owns one of these or has used one in the past has had them fully refunded.
* If you had extra clan slots from using these, you'll still have the slots and still get the refund as a one-off grandfathering policy.

- Clan slots can now be expanded at a cost of 10,000 gold per slot with CLAN EXPAND CAPACITY.


Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 24th of Ios, in the year 506 MA.
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