Events post #347: Unrest for the Wicked

11/13/2022 at 0:28
Unrest for the Wicked

While Spirean forces were beset on all sides by war, a crime lord has seemingly taken advantage of the chaos and formed a coalition of menaces and thugs within Spinesreach called the Brass Rats. What was initially a rag-tag group of individuals has since ballooned into an organized unit said to have an extensive network that reaches far beyond the realm of the Dragon Republic.

A questionable source linked to the ongoings plaguing the Spires says the Brass Rats were peaceful commoners at first who were only looking to make ends meet during turbulent times. However, violence soon became a necessary norm according to the source due to a manipulative "Strangler Gnome" among the citizenry and a "She-wolf Banshee".

The source also claims the Senate had hoped to purchase his silence but when he refused opted to toss him into the Ironmaw to rot forever more. When questioned about his daring escape and the dazzling jewels upon his robes, the source chose to terminate the interview and flee the Grand Library.

Rumors have circulated that these menaces are associated with some of the gangs and slavers that had been roaming Esterport some time ago before they were routed by the Templars and Iesid Mulariad. In an effort to escape the growing instability and violence surrounding the city, some citizens have opted to flee and venture out into the world at large while others sought aid from the Hammer directly.

Godsmith Rasani Morrog and Pentarch Kalena Emerson were reportedly seen journeying north to investigate matters and dispense Hammer justice but numerous reports say they were ultimately thwarted and ousted by the locals.

For weeks the city remained on edge as the thugs challenged any authority sent to corral them. But as the wars waned and resolutions met, Spinesreach narrowed its focus and eventually began maneuvering to put an end to the festering strife in their streets at the behest of the Chair and the leaders of the various controlling guilds in Spinesreach.

How it has since resolved itself is anyone's guess as reports have slowed from Spinesreach. Despite conflicting testimonies, what is certain is that there are signs of instability and unrest within the Dragon Republic as evidenced by bouts of defaced public property, assassinations, and roving bands of thugs openly traveling through their sphere of influence.

Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 20th of Ios, in the year 506 MA.
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