Announce post #3438: Imminent Auctions

11/11/2022 at 23:00
Ictinus, the Architect
Imminent Auctions

Hi folks!

About an hour from now at the howling, a round of auctions will be going live! In total there are 7 credit auctions, 5 iron coin auctions, and 5 gold auctions.

Some notes:

- The auctions will run for 10 real days.
- Any artifacts bought through auctions (including gold items) cannot be traded in or have their powers transferred.
- Credit auctions do not require you to have the credits on hand to bid.
- Gold auctions do require you to have the gold on hand to bid.
- When auctions end, we allow a week to gather the winning bid amount. Failure to meet the bid amount after this time will result in loss of character until the cost is settled.
- Bound credits CAN be used to pay for auctions.
- HELP AUCTIONS and HELP AUCTIONHOUSE both have additional details.

- Bids are final, and we will not reverse mistakes. If something is not clear about an item, you are welcome to ask me for more details prior to bidding. Please be absolutely sure before placing a bid.

Without further ado, here are the listings that will go live when the time comes. You will also now be able to see information on the lots using AUCTION INFO <auction> once they're up.


Custom wings token
- A custom set of wings (or alternative worn item) with a custom command word, and a custom portal room.
- The item and the portal room must be appropriate to Aetolia's lore and setting.
- Room exits are subject to approval and generally must be in normal locations, and cannot be in cities.
- Same restrictions on use as the wings or caves artifacts.

A jar of black mist (power: atrophy)
- POUR this jar out and it will seep across the area, capping everyone who remains in the area to a max of 3 celerity for 15 minutes.
- This can only be done once an hour.

Power orb: super_polymath
- While this power is in your inventory, reduces your class change cooldown to 10 minutes.
- Aggression restrictions still apply.

Relic token
- Redeem this token and claim any fully completed relic of your choosing.
- Retired relics such as venom rags are not available!
- Ask in advance if you aren't sure.

An oddly-sloping shield of absorption
- When wielded, gives you a 15% chance to completely negate the damage from a blunt/cutting attack.
- Provides 6/6 armour stats.
- The owner of this shield can select what shield type it is at the point of purchase (buckler, tower, etc).
- This is once only and won't affect its armour stats.

A market stall construction kit
- The return of an old favourite, the market stall construction kit is a portable shopfront from which the owner can sell their wares without limitation.
- The shopfront can only be set up in those rooms where an IN exit is available.

An insult Goblin contract
- With this contract, you can use the INSULT command to order your loyal servant to go forth and insult someone of your choice.
- The insults are chosen from a pre-defined list and cannot be customised.
- The target must be on the same plane as you and fully visible.
- This will respect ignore status.
- This has a general cooldown of 1 hour between uses, and a per-target cooldown of 12 hours.
- The owner can ENFORCE CONTRACT for gold to bypass the general cooldown.


A link of the ethereal
- This relic artifact allows you to create a portal between your haven and another's.
- The owner of the other haven must agree to the portal being placed.

A token of death
- This token can be submitted through the customisation system to choose a custom deathsight for your character.

A reforming immolation bomb (power: bombmania)
- This special bomb works exactly like the consumable immolation bombs, but will reform and can be reused after one hour.

A custom cloak of obscurity
- The winner of this auction will be able to choose their appearance when using it to disguise themselves like the standard cloaks of obscurity.
- This is a one-time choice on auction win.
- The appearance is subject to approval from the admin team and must be lore friendly and appropriate to the setting of Aetolia.

A pack of the void
- This very special pack can hold an infinite number of items inside.
- These cannot have the linked_container power added to them.


Room credits bundle
- The winner of this auction will receive 300 room credits.

Compendium page bundle
- The winner of this token can exchange it for 5 compendium pages for the area of their choice.
- Area must already be part of available compendium options.

Relic piece token
- Redeem this token for any relic piece
- Artifact moulds are not included in this as an option anymore.

A Hunter's Bundle
- The winner of this bundle will receive a level 3 hunting artifact for a class of their choice, and a level 3 stat artifact of their choice.
- Level 200 classes are not available for this.

Artifact pet token
- Entitles the owner to a customised pet package as outlined in HELP PETS, with a twist!
- The twist is: we'll do the writing for you! Work with the design team to have your pet idea written by us, including its reactions.
- This includes add-ons 1-4, and 10 reactions.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 14th of Ios, in the year 506 MA.
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