Events post #346: Kisaut Landing

11/11/2022 at 5:16
Kisaut Landing

As the Midnight Carnival rolled through the broken and scoured terrain of Sapience, it brought with it excitement, intrigue, opportunities to unwind and play games and above all relax in the post-war peace that had slowly settled about the continent. Numerous booths were propped up, offering the chance to best the Carnival's attendants in various challenges of might, wit, agility and concentration. The smell of freshly brewed stew, candied fruits on sticks, lager and cider all filled the air, encouraging those within the confines of the spectacles to enjoy themselves.

Yet there in the heart of the grounds stood a middle-aged man, hair neatly parted, with a small table set up to display some handmade wares to sell. 'War of Night survivor's fund' read the merchandise, the items offering a callback to the events that had transpired the previous few years with just a hint of cheekiness. The 'paperweight of Truth' quickly became a best-seller, closely followed by a tunic emblazoned with the words 'Welcome to Sapience' and a silver figure who held aloft a gleaming sword. All proceeds for this stand were to go to assisting those of Sapience who had been adversely affected, with lofty goals of offering something more permanent should they manage to find donations from adventurers.

Donations certainly came, some offering gold from their pockets while others found pallets of materials to hand over, bundling what they could spare. The volunteers for the survivor's fund diligently catalogued all who had assisted and were swiftly overcome by hand after hand offering something more - lengths of rope by the dozen, stacks of wood and steel, more gold pieces than some had seen in their lives. They knew they had a shot to achieve some of their loftier goals, and as such set off to the communities of Sapience proper to request direct donations.

Spinesreach could spare some wood, but having just paid out vast sums in multiple treaties and still dealing with an unsettled climate, chose not to involves themselves further.

Duiran, claiming a lack of materialism in the Council, had little to offer in terms of materials as a unit of government. Instead, they offered their assistance down the line in the form of labor.

Bloodloch spared no time in assuring the outreaching volunteer that they would not be giving up any of their commodities. The Tyrant's word was final, though she graciously allowed individuals to donate if they desired.

Enorian, Hammer of the Dawn, proved that they believed in the mission of the volunteers and transported building materials beyond what could have ever been expected, even hoped for. Easily hundreds of times the amount more than any individual had donated - they had unknowingly set in motion the plans for a village to be erected, offering respite to those in need and a fresh start to victims of the second War of Night.

Tina Cardinalls far outshone other individual donators, offering millions of gold to the efforts of the survivor's fund. Even the Carnifex Commander, Mjoll Seirath, saw the merits in donating a cool million of her own. Not to be outdone, the likes of Ayastia, Jasmyn, Kalena, Esrytesh and Valorie all offered in varying amounts that outweighed those offering mere pocket change. When it came to commodities, Wjoltyr, Ulo, Roux, Valorie, Mjoll, Rasani and Tina all surpassed others in the various types of goods being sought after, ensuring that small projects along with larger ones would be fulfilled.

Over the coming weeks, the volunteers of the survivor's fund would continue to accept donations, though it inevitably slowed as the Carnival ran its course. As they began to pack up and leave, they once more looked to Enorian to guard their caravan of commodities toward the site that they'd found that was untouched land, broken open by the great scouring and rending of terrain in the Tarea Mountains.

Having successfully settled the materials in place, the call then went out for those skilled in building, architecture, and various trades that would swiftly enable their vision to become reality. Once more, they looked to Enorian to provide guidance, requesting that all applications find their way to Vanguard Kalena Emerson. And they did. By the hundreds, birds of all varieties smothered the Templar in application after application, who swiftly began organizing and delegating to her fellow citizens to come up with the best of the lot.

Building commenced within the week of the choices deemed suitable by Enorian. Gaum Tyaeral took on the position of Head Architect and Planner, with two assistants in Acha Seuliphos and Ogcar Irith. Other tradesfolk and builders who put their skills to work were Viediahin, Ursada Yali, Galadrcar Rinaria, Axper Saedue, Woul Hithesu, Alah Aithe and Lehiogast Rilo. Hacking through the icy, tundral landscape, they quickly set about building structures out of wood and stone, with metal bracings to ensure integrity.

Transformed by the clash of Immortals Light and Dark, where once the Primal Eye held sway, now resides a new beginning and a fresh start known as Kisaut Landing.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 9th of Ios, in the year 506 MA.
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