Announce post #3433: Artifacts - New & Updated!

11/1/2022 at 0:40
Ictinus, the Architect
Artifacts - New & Updated!

Hi folks!

As promised in the last post, we have a couple of additions to the artifacts to announce!

Updates to Existing:

- The enemy_expand and ally_expand powers can now be purchased at level 4, for a total increase of 40 enemies or allies.
- Artifact weaponbelts can now be purchased up to 3 levels, with each secondary level of the power adding 4 more slots (for a total of 16/20/24).


- a lump of inflamed charcoal (kinship); for Zealots, this allows you to summon a hellcat via Cinderkin with double the health and without the coal cost. (400 credits)

- some shackles of Perdition (soulflame); for Ravagers, this allows you to summon a soul via Impressment with double the health and without the rope cost. (400 credits)

- a bloodstained cloth (stillbody); for Shapeshifters, this halves the willpower loss of quietus and doubles pounce damage. (500 credits)

- an auctioneer's gavel (auctioneer1-3); this Iron Coin artifact increases the maximum number of auctions you can have active by 3/6/9 respectively. (100/200/400 iron coins)

PS: There are also now two giftbags in the milestone wares!


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 23rd of Haernos, in the year 505 MA.
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