Announce post #3432: November in Aetolia!

11/1/2022 at 0:01
Ictinus, the Architect
November in Aetolia!

Hi folks!

November has arrived and we are rapidly staring down the end of 2022 somehow! Before I get into the promotion details, there are a couple of things to announce about October:

- The Iron Lottery has now been drawn and the lucky winner of 1000 credits is Markos! Congratulations!
- The Midnight Carnival will remain open until this coming Sunday evening (US). Get those figurines while you can!

We're saying goodbye to cryptic chests and welcoming back giftbags! There will also be a round of auctions kicking off about halfway through the month! And I have some new artifacts and updates to existing artifacts which will be coming in the next post!

Every 25 credits purchased from the website ( rewards a giftbag! The first 100 credits purchased comes with an extra bag for every 10 credits. This means that your first 100 credit purchase awards 14 bags right away! In addition to that, every 500 credit threshold you reach will award an additional 5 giftbags! That means if you buy 500 credits, you'll receive 35 giftbags, and every 500 credits after that will award 25 bags instead of the standard 20!

As always, I've made some tweaks to the prize values and odds to ensure the best value when purchasing. Onto the details of the bags!


Single bags can be exchanged for either a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or violet bag. Almost everything in the coloured bags can also be found in the standard bag, but at a lower rate. Coloured bags contain many of the same prizes as standard bags but allow you to more easily target a specific item.

Five unopened bags can be exchanged for either a gold giftbag or a monochrome giftbag. Gold giftbags have a higher minimum value than five separate bags added up. Monochrome bags have the same prizes as a standard giftbag, but when opened, up to ten people in the room with you also get prizes as if they had opened one too!

You may have noticed the addition of RANDOM to the exchange syntax! You can now append RANDOM when exchanging a basic giftbag to swap it for a completely random colour, with around a 10% chance to roll it straight into a gold bag!

You can also optionally specify a number of bags to exchange, or ALL to do all of them. In the case of golds, ALL will leave the remainder after converting every multiple of five.

Regular & Monochrome Giftbag

Chocolates, Divine oils (including the previously unavailable oils for ABHORASH, LEXADHRA, and BAMATHIS), elemental globes, customisation certificates, chalices, discount vouchers, Iron Coins, minipets, ilmenite puzzle boxes, voxes, compendium pages, style scrolls, consumables, relic coffers*, steed whistles*, and a chance at various artifacts in the 50-2000 credit range.

* There is a new addition to the whistle options this month: an enormous white goose!

Note: All of the minipets, styles, and compendium pages in this bag are drawn from the individual ones in the coloured bags. All the styles have also been updated to include all classes!

Red Giftbag
Minipet: a diminutive fire elemental, Page: Drakuum, Style: blazing Vox: Loud, Chocolate: Strawberry. This bag has a much higher chance at giftbag consumables.

Orange Giftbag
Minipet: a tiny tamarin, Page: Forgotten Mausoleum, Style: Gourmandic, Vox: Blaring, Chocolate: Fudge. Standard misc artifacts swapped out for crafting and trade artifacts.

Yellow Giftbag
Minipet: a slight air elemental, Page: Xaanhal, Style: Warcry, Vox: Sibilant, Chocolate: Cherry. This bag has a much higher chance to award elemental globes.

Green Giftbag
Minipet: a squat earth elemental, Page: Welto Trench, Style: Venomous, Vox: Penetrative, Chocolate: Mint. This bag has a much higher chance to award silver chalices.

Blue Giftbag
Minipet: a tiny water elemental, Page: Eftehl, Style: Airborne, Vox: Amplifying, Chocolate: White. This bag has a much higher chance at relic coffers.

Violet Giftbag
Minipet: a violaceous wyvern whelpling, Page: Torturer's Caverns, Style: Insane, Vox: Simplistic, Chocolate: Hazelnut. This bag has a much higher chance at Divine oils.

Gold Giftbag
Minipets, voxes, and compendium pages are removed. Single chocolates are now bags of 3. Divine phylacteries and gold translocator pieces added. Higher chance at relic coffers and a very low chance at salvage.

All giftbags always award either a city experience buff or an iron coin alongside other prizes. For gold bags, this is a tether-wide or global buff!

* Relics in the coffers this month are: everburning, fakeid, rubble, snakeskin, nazetuhide, and compass. These coffers will have 1 piece to be commensurate with giftbag values!

There is also now a global prize that's triggered after every 500th giftbag opened, where one of the next 50 after that will give a bonus 500 credits!

Giftbag city experience buffs no longer show a global message each time it gets applied. The global message will now only show up if one of the affected cities didn't already have the experience buff, otherwise it will just refresh the timer silently. You can still take advantage of the anonymous option ( OPEN GIFTBAG ANONYMOUS ) to hide your name from the exp buff announcement.


Penned by my hand on Quensday, the 23rd of Haernos, in the year 505 MA.
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