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Hey folks!

While the forums might not be as lively as they once were in 2015, that's not to say there is no longer avenues of engagement outside of the game.

Step on in, Discord!

If you're seeking a quick question to something in the game but struggling to find an answer, why not try your luck with those of us in the discord? There's plenty of conversation to be had about recent happenings within game, along with general non-sense and jokes if that's more up your stream.

You can find an invitation link below, if you so dare:

We also have integrated functionality with the game of a limited degree!

The list includes:
  • Character verification (use the DISC VERIFY command in game to receive a code, and then !verify in the server to confirm it)
  • Newbie channel integration; this goes both ways but requires your account to be verified in order to use it from the Discord server
  • Automatic new threads for classlead submissions in the #combat channel
  • Viewing honours (both short and full)
  • Full EVENTS integration, allowing you to view and see details on all listings
  • Full news integration including nstat and reading articles from any public section in the server
  • Full HELP integration to read help files in the server
  • Ability to see who is online using !who
  • Ability to see the current in game date and time using !time
  • Automatic posting of events, changes, and annnounce news posts into the #news channel
See you there!
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