Seeking a mentor

Seeking a mentor for a character.


He is the son of a bandit chieftain, that was little more than a nuisance and the nuisance got to the point where someone stronger was like, 'kay. you're a pest. goodbye.' And the whole clan was nearly wiped out. Luckily, some Templars, maybe Zealots? Were nearby and it resulted in a skirmish where my character resulted in getting taken in under the mentor's wing, as the mentor was there fighting off the people that would have wiped him out with the rest of his clan.

He's got darkness in him. Rage. He doesn't really yell, he's actually very quiet. But he has a tendency to not show mercy when violence isn't really necessary. He craves vengeance against the one who was at the head of the forces that wiped out his clan, wishing the final death upon them. This results in a strained relationship with the mentor, perhaps the mentor wishes to keep trying to save my character. Perhaps the mentor has given up on him at this point.
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