The Girls of Enorian

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A bit of fun with one of the new Templar Pages where I tried to do something a bit different. Added to The Chronicles of Benedicto.

He is a muscular Yeleni duamvi of Kelki heritage and is clearly a creature born of the Maelstrom. His face is smooth and hairless with water-like veins barely visible beneath pale, blue skin. His broad features are characterized by sharp cheekbones, a square chin and piercing pearl-white eye. His left eye is split by a neat scar that runs from his brow to the hollow of his cheek. Thick tentacles of an off-white color form his 'hair' and are left free to dangle and rest upon his broad shoulders, the coils undulating lazily. His body is covered in midnight-blue scales that shift to an electric blue under direct light, silvery lines cut through the plating, tracing out a massive network of scars across his entire body. Most prominent of these is a large sunburst scar that dominates the center of his chest, stretching from shoulder to shoulder, throat to sternum. Translucent skin can be glimpsed between his fingers should he have cause to splay his hands. His body is well-muscled and toned, his movements smooth and fluid. He wears the gold and purple trimmed scabbard of a Justiciar. The clean scent of a refreshing sea breeze lingers around him - the aroma marking the blessing of the Maelstrom. Suffused with a pale glow, he walks with the blessing of the Unbound.

(hanging from a klaio bronze pendant chain) : a tempestuous globe of the Maelstrom
(hanging loose from his right shoulder) : a Knight's draping white cloak
(ringing his left shoulder) : decorative shoulder cords
(form fitting and belted at the waist) : a sleeveless, gold and midnight blue uniform
(strapped to the belt at his hip) : a Royal Enorian Army soldier's quiver
(fitted to each bicep) : a set of oceanic aureate armbands
(secured upon his right forearm) : an engraved metallic arm piece
(impressed into the top of his right hand) : a flickering elemental brand
(decorating the top of his left hand) : an orange tiger tattoo
(worn upon his right index finger) : an intricate wedding band of mithril links
(worn upon his left index finger) : a robust wedding band of tarnished obsidian
(affixed to his armpiece) : a Slyphian astrolabe
(pinned prominently upon his lapel) : a gold and coral brooch of the Silverain
(hanging from his weaponbelt as a trophy) : the shrunken head of Nisavi

She is a typical Gnome and stands a whole two and a half feet, usually with a bearing of one tall and proud despite her height. Hair of a fiery orange falls in well-tended waves past the shoulders, with a neat fringe over the forehead, and contrasting with skin that is a pale hue as if rarely touched by direct sunlight. Sky blue eyes and small, pointed ears are other defining features, along a small button nose and rosy lips, of a hue just a few shades darker than the natural blush of her cheeks. Rather a compact creature, she bears a well-proportioned frame, with distinctly feminine curves. The clean scent of a refreshing sea breeze lingers around her - the aroma marking the boon of the Maelstrom.

(roughly hemmed short) : a white cloak trimmed in gold
(tucked neatly into her trousers) : a shirt of fine, white silk
(worn on a finger) : a silver ring
(worn on a finger) : a ring of the flood
(worn on a finger) : a silver leaf patterned ring
(cuffs folded several times) : some regulation slate-blue wool trousers
(worn on the feet) : a pair of tanned hide boots

The Landward Gate.
A small pile of garbage has been left here carelessly. Suspended from a venantium hoop, a windchime of nacreous black crystal hangs here. Positioned with solemn purpose, a large silver bell hangs here. Stalking around in an oval nearby is the form of a sprightly adolescent emu. Positioned above the Landward Gate, a large iron bell hangs here. Viciously fixed with iron spikes, this heavy barrel sits as an obstacle. A large golden bell hangs opposite the gate where the road splits. Lip curled in a permanent, disgruntled snarl, a golden statue of Rhulin Glintspear, the Engineer is on display here. A fire-blackened anvil lies here, surface emblazoned with the symbol of a dual flame. Rising stark towards the sky, the spindly frame of the Wheel of Fates is here. Glancing around with a vicious air, a medium-sized, dark green taerilan is nearby. Humming with energy, a crystal aegis has been attuned to this location. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. An unoccupied processing booth has been set up by the roadside, hastily painted in Enorian's colors. A dormant shrine of Slyphe stands here. The shattered bodies of many mounted knights lie here, their gleaming armor now sullied by the grit and blood of their final battle. Carried on four wheels, a Spirean ballista is here. A company of thirteen mounted armored knights stands here, bearing the banners of Enorian. They wear the blessing of Slyphe. A company of one hundred mounted armored knights stands here, bearing the banners of Enorian. They wear the blessing of Slyphe. Snowflakes falling from its form, a miniature ice elemental rests here. There are 5 steadfast Templars here. There are 5 imposing Luminaries here. There are 5 Zealot firebrands here. There are 5 gold-marked temple warriors here. There are 5 Ascendrils battlemage here. Two stockings have been hung up here.
You see exits leading north, south, and up.

Your pose is now set as:
Idly strumming a lute, Benedicto sits watching the northern road.

<<<<< A short time later >>>>>

Saltz enters from the north, followed by Nimiphi.

Saltz inclines his head politely to those around him.

Nimiphi beams broadly at Saltz.

Saltz leaves to the north, riding a flaming stallion.

Quickly snapping to a rigid stance, Nimiphi brings her weapon to a vertical position infront of her chest in an act of respect towards you.

You have emoted: Hearing the clatter of movement beside him, Benedicto turns to find Nimiphi saluting him. He issues a faint huff of laughter and lifts his hand to return the greeting. "Well met Page. At ease." He instructs her.

Nimiphi releases herself from her tensed posture, lowering her shoulders to a more relaxed position.

Nimiphi glances pointedly up at you for a time before looking out along the approach. "Keeping a watch out, Sir?"

You have emoted: Benedicto nods his head by way of confirmation. "Correct." He answers, his pearlescent eyes swinging back towards the Raphaelan and the Pash beyond. "It is my honor to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our guards who are sacrificing their lives to defend our homes." He returns his gaze to Nimiphi. "And try to provide some light entertainment as I am able." He glances sheepishly down at a simple wooden lute.

Nimiphi glances around at the many guards before returning her attention to you, and more noticeably the lute. "That looks complicated," she notes of the instrument, her forehead furrow in some fashion of analysis of the thing.

You have emoted: "It's relatively straightforward to be average at the thing." Benedicto replies as he hefts the instrument. "However, fiendishly tricky to be considered 'good'." He lowers it again. "Therefore, I fall well and truly into the category of 'average'." He gives the strings an idle strum, each note rich and warm as it cascades into the space between you. "I spend most of my time writing ditties to amuse myself."

Finding some need to share what occupies her time also, Nimiphi offers a little smile, and says, "I spend most of my time hunting to get taller!"

You have emoted: Benedicto raises his slender brows at that. "As a Page, I would have thought you'd be working towards becoming a Squire?" His tone is serious, but a quirk at the corner of his mouth suggests otherwise.

Not one to catch easily onto humor or otherwise, Nimiphi gasps with a horrified look. "OF COURSE THAT TOO!" She says very loudly, shifting on her small feet a few paces around you. "But that takes time! And lots of effort! And speaking to people!"

You have emoted: "You're speaking to someone right now." Benedicto observes meaningfully.

Nimiphi retrieves a small notebook, sifting rapidly through pages of roughly-scribbled words. "You're not on my list, Sir!"

<<<<< Ayastia walks in and hands Benedicto a bunch of dead herrings >>>>>

You have emoted: Benedicto quickly hands the fish to a nearby guard. "Do something with those will you? There's a good fellow." His lips curl in distaste as he quickly wipes his hands and turns his attention back to Nimiphi. "I am not? How rude."

Nimiphi stares at you with what seem perpetually-wide blue eyes, some manner of nervousness growing on her features. "I am waiting for Lady Ayastia who is helping me get a shirt design to the Templar guild shop," she begins to explain in an apparent attempt to excuse said 'rudeness'. "When that is done, I am to hand that design to Lady Ranae-" She flips to another page of her notes. "Then Sir Xavin said he'd talk to me about Ylem so I can get that task done... but you're not on my list, Sir!" She insists, stubborn little Gnome she is. "Unless you wish to... voluntarily teach me something interesting!"

You have emoted: Benedicto weighs Nimiphi's response heavily, his brow furrowing deeply as he contemplates her in silence. Finally, he breaks the tension with a nod. "Then I shall teach you something interesting." His voice is laden with import.

Clutching an edge of her cloak with both small hands, Nimiphi glances up to you hopefully. "Really?" She asks. "What?" She wonders further, excitedly. "About the Templars? Or Enorian?" She shuffles on her feet with contained energy. "Or that... thing?" She points sharply at your lute.

You have emoted: Benedicto grins suddenly. "All of it." So saying, he flourishes a simple wooden lute and begins to pluck an uplifting melody, the tune simple but exceedingly catchy. "This is a song about the beauty of Enorian."

Nimiphi gasps with surprise. "I was right!" She bursts excitedly, clapping her hands merrily to the tune of your lute.

You sing, "The women of Loch are bitey, they'll drain a fella dry, And the Syssin girls of Spinesreach always spin you in a lie."

You sing, "The forest folk, they like to choke and I don't want to die, So I'll travel south or east and, you know the reason why."

You have emoted: Benedicto launches into what is clearly the chorus as he ceases his picking and begins to strum in earnest. His baritone voice - though rough - holds the notes well and his enjoyment lends his efforts an air of authenticity. So much so, that the nearby guards and troops begin to grin amongst themselves, tapping feet, weapons and hands against the nearest available surface.

You sing, "I'll take the Raphaelan to the girls back home, Where the beds are soft and the weathers warm and you never sleep alone."

You sing, "The bells they are a-ringing from the Temple up on high, Oh Enorian, I'm home at last. I'll never say goodbye!"

You have emoted: Benedicto resolves the chorus to a series of whistles and enthusiastic shouts from the assembled citizenry as his fingers go back to plucking out the tune as he dives back into the second verse.

You sing, "I've been to Arget Massai and in a vipers nest, everywhere I've been to, I still know where is the best."

You sing, "I've tried the dusky women, in the dark of old Djeir, But the only girls worth coming home to are the ones that live right here."

Nimiphi continues to clap along, a foot tapping cheerfully without much tune but with plenty of enthusiasm.

You have emoted: "Everybody!" Benedicto shouts, nodding encouragingly to his engaged audience of Nimiphi, troops and guards.

You sing, "I'll take the Raphaelan to the girls back home, Where the beds are soft and the weathers warm and you never sleep alone."

You sing, "The bells they are a-ringing from the Temple up on high, Oh Enorian, I'm home at last. I'll never say goodbye!"

Clearly not one to memorize anything too quickly, Nimiphi manages to hum somewhat along, the only discernible words coming from her being, "Oh Enorian!"

You have emoted: Benedicto smiles happily as the troops and guards surrounding Nimiphi all bellow out - in a wide varying range of vocal capability - "I'LL NEVER SAY GOODBYE!"

Plucking the strings, you exclaim, "Now for the next verse!"

You sing, "Esterport girls will give you love, in exchange they want your gold, and the Dryads of the Vintal are thousands of years old."

You sing, "The whores of Huanzedha, don't even know their own name, Yes I'll go home towards the Beacon where the ladies earned their fame."

You have emoted: As Benedicto reaches the chorus once more, he is not required to rouse the assembled guardsmen and troops of the Beacon as they eagerly engage in singing it, "I'LL TAKE THE RAPHAELAN TO THE GIRLS BACK HOME, WHERE THE BEDS ARE SOFT, THE WEATHERS WARM AND YOU'LL NEVER SLEEP ALONE! THE BELLS THEY ARE A-RINGING FROM THE TEMPLE UP ON HIGH! OH ENORIAN I'M HOME AT LAST, I'LL NEVER SAY GOODBYE!"

Nimiphi's head bobs along to the rhythm, an entertained expression bearing a broad, ear-to-ear smile as she claps and stamps her small foot, making scarcely any noise amidst the loud assembly. Carefully she avoids the feet of many a too enthusiastic guard. "I'll never say goodbye!" She echoes.

You have emoted: Benedicto chuckles softly before he hushes his audience, lowering the volume of his plucking so that the din must quiet for him to be heard. There is a rapid shushing and hissing for silence from amongst those gathered here as he heads into the final verse.

You sing, "I've slummed it in Albedos, I hit the Helbans hard, but they got fed up of all my guff and kicked me out their yard!"

You sing, "I've been to El'Jazira but I got turned away, so on the road I guess I'll go and return from whence I came!"

You have emoted: Benedicto delays his transition into the chorus, instead he remains plucking the final notes of the verse in a repeating cycle as he sweeps his pearlescent gaze amongst his audience. An air of expectation begins to mount, the guards, troops and even the refugees waiting in line by the booth begin to bob up and down in counter-rhythm to the melody.

You have emoted: "Are you ready?!" Benedicto asks of his audience. "YES!" comes the response, though it is hesitant - scattered between those watching.
Balance Used: 0.93 seconds

Nimiphi throws up her hands and cheers wildly for you!

You have emoted: Benedicto shakes his head, his fingers still working the same notes over and over. "I said - ARE YOU READY?!" This time, he is greeted with a veritable roar of affirmation, all and sundry bellowing their confirmation. "YEESSSSSS!"

With a wild grin, you exclaim, "Heeeeeeere weeeee goooooo!"

You have emoted: Benedicto dives into the final chorus, the troops, citizens, guards and anyone in-between hollering out the chorus along with him. Some link arms and begin dancing with the nearest available partner, whilst others wrap their arms about their fellows in simple enjoyment of the music.


Unable to find a dancing partner her size in the immediate vicinity, Nimiphi resorts to merrily bobbing and clapping along, her voice lost in that of the loud chorus but her lips most definitely moving in song.

You have emoted: Benedicto's hand is a blur as he rapidly strums the final chord, drawing out the last syllable of the line. With a flourish, he reaches out to his audience, conducting them in the final refrain - mouthing the words along with them so they might know what he means. "OH ENORIAN, I'M HOME AT LAST! I'LL NEVEEEEER! SAAAAAAAAY! GOOOOOOOOOD! BYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE!" As the crowd finishes the song, he plucks out a jaunty little melody and then ends the song with one last rousing chord. Finished, he sweeps a simple wooden lute from his shoulder and holds it by the neck as he bows towards the whooping and clapping citizenry.

Nimiphi applauds your performance enthusiastically, practically bouncing in place with sheer excitement. "Woo!" She practically hoots. "That was amazing!"

You have emoted: Benedicto places a webbed hand over his heart, bowing hither and thither to the applause. Finally, he straightens and says, "Thank you! Thank you!" The performance finished, the various members of the crowd begin to disperse, returning to their previous business. However, there is a palpable change in the atmosphere. What was once tense and silent has become vibrant, energetic and lively. He shoulders a simple wooden lute once more and moves to approach Nimiphi. "So Page, did you learn something valuable?" He asks as he nears her.

Nimiphi stares up at you for a time of silence, her blue eyes wide, her eyebrows high and her mouth partly-open. She hesitates not a second, when she says, "That you've had a lot of girlfriends, Sir!"

You have emoted: Benedicto's brows furrow at the response, seemingly caught off-guard. "What?!"

Nimiphi tilts her head to one side, and then the other, still watching you. "In Esterport, Djeir, Huanazheda, El'Jazira," as she enumerates, she holds her hands up, a finger rising with each mention. "Bloodloch, Spinesreach, Duiran... I'm going to run out of fingers, Sir!"

You have emoted: It takes Benedicto a moment to fully process the explanation, but soon realization dawns across his features and his laugh is a loud bark of mirth. "Ah, I see!" He flaps a hand dismissively at Nimiphi. "The song is just a bit of fun. Not an actual recollection of my exploits." He explains.

"Oh," Nimiphi utters simply as understanding dawns on her, and she stares for a time at nothing with a rather dumbfounded look. "I SEE!" She bursts, laughing a bit awkwardly, and raising a hand to scratch at her forehead.

You have emoted: Benedicto merely shakes his head, though his lips remain curled into a grin. "The lesson--" He begins, "--, is that it is our duty as Templar to lift the spirits of those around us. The citizens of the Beacon look to us as examples. If we despair, how do you think those poor bastards feel?" He jerks his head over his shoulder in the direction of the various fortified troops and meandering guards. "Being a Templar Knight is more than defending the innocent or running some Leech through with a sword. Do you understand?" He asks with a firm expression, his grin now dissipated.

Nimiphi slowly nods her head along your words, intently listening to the man. Her eyes follow where a gesture is made, but they return swiftly to you. "I understand, Sir!"


  • "She hesitates not a second, when she says, "That you've had a lot of girlfriends, Sir!""


    I love this so much.
  • "The song is just a bit of fun. Not an actual recollection of my exploits."

    liar lol
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