Someone come play my son

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Basic gist of him.

Holby's dead, Taye lost the kid - BUT DID SHE?

Probably Spirean. Spirit's gonna be a little hard to interact with rn IG, though I wouldn't say impossible. A little bit of backstory talk necessary behind the scenes with me. Also got a saga of sorts in mind so if you're up for the long game, if you can handle serious characters/emotional RP/slow development/slice of life/soul experiments, message me on forums or IG. Discord DMs are also fine.


  • I'm bumping this thread because I'm biased. Taye is an excellent and quirky writer/artist. She'll make the best mother!


    Feirenz Ourborian tells you, "Kids these days...nobody talks face to face anymore! You're all buried nose deep in your telepathy!"
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