Announce post #3393: August in Aetolia!

8/1/2022 at 0:01
Ictinus, the Architect
August in Aetolia!

Hi folks!

July has gone in the blink of an eye and that means we're saying goodbye to giftbags and the lesson sale for now, and welcoming in August! For August, in recognition of the Second War of Night, coffers of elemental shadow and elemental spirit can be obtained on the website via and opened for a slew of prizes!

Unlike the former elemental coffers promotions, these are no longer random; instead, you can choose directly whether you want to buy coffers of spirit or coffers of shadow and narrow down your prizes accordingly. As with all past promotions, I've done a comprehensive overhaul of the prize tables and the new coffers have both received a significant tune up in their minimum and average values, coming out better than wheel spins and a step up over cryptic chests.

Without further ado, let's take a look at what you can find inside:

All Coffers

- Credit prizes ranging from 33 to 500
- Iron Coin prizes in batches of 25 or 50
- Artifacts ranging in value from 50-2000 credits
- Chocolate bags, elemental globes, silver chalices, morphic metal, and a low chance at antiquated salvage.
- Technique scrolls for the spooky, insane, warcry, loud, defensive, and elegant styles - these are updated with Alchemist, Bard, and Tidesage!
- Compendium pages for: Xaanhal, Forgotten Mausoleum, Luzith's Lair, the Bloodwood, Bakal, Saluria, Eftehl, and Clawhook.
- Transmute beetle vouchers*

* These vouchers can be exchanged in a new shop at before the bridge to Esterport (v1180) for transmute beetles (see HELP TRANSMUTE) of all armour types themed for shadow and spirit! The vouchers can also be traded in for 10 credits using PROMO TRADEIN.

Shadow Coffers

In addition to all of the standard prizes, the shadow coffers also include:

- Three new minipets: a miniature potted blight, a shadowed grey badger, and a puny shadow elemental.
- Iterators for the new BLEAK vox.
- Caches of relic pieces for: shadow_shield, shadowshroud, veil_darkness, phyl_shadow, flair_shadow, hunters_horn, hunters_knife, super_ear**, and diplomacy***

Spirit Coffers

In additional to all the standard prizes, the spirit coffers also include:

- Three new minipets: an ivory swan cygnet, a white-speckled pheasant, and a miniature spirit elemental.
- Iterators for the new ZEALOUS vox.
- Caches of relic pieces for: spirit_shield, spiritshroud, veil_light, phyl_spirit, flair_light, hunters_horn, hunters_knife, super_ear**, and diplomacy***

** Super_ear is a new relic that will allow you to hear shouts from the Sapience continent while on Albedos!
*** Diplomacy is a new relic which allows you to use ALLYCHECK and ENEMYCHECK to see a numeric count of how many people consider you their ally or enemy! (This has an equilibrium cost).


All coffers will also award one or more consumables that do not count against your value, this includes a new consumable: a set of obsidian scales. Simply HOLDFORTH these scales and everyone in the room will be struck down with the justice affliction!

Relic caches will open for either one or two pieces depending on the piece value. There is also now a global prize of 500 credits for every 500 coffers opened, and coffers now award full organisational credits! There are also coffers up for sale in the milestone wares, one of each, for a gold key each!

It's going to be another busy month as the events unfold, we hope you enjoy it as much as we're enjoying putting everything together!

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 22nd of Severin, in the year 504 MA.
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