Events post #307: The Auguries of the Djinn

7/22/2022 at 3:48
The Auguries of the Djinn

And it shall come to pass that when the song of heaven lies forgotten,
So shall the people of the sun cry tears of grief.
Ere despair there will be hope,
And the three shall convey upon them their solemn charge.

By the five shall they seek the peal,
And know paradise.

When the gates of sanctuary have opened,
Light and fire shall be as one.
Thousands shall die by ancient accord,
And fell sorcery shall be vanquished.

And in the Age of Midnight,
War shall ravage the holy lands.
The devil-black shall shirk His war-made bindings,
And passion shall be snuffed by She Who Burns.

And when the spine of reality is mending,
From ruin shall come madness.
The grains of sand shall fall more swiftly,
And order shall shatter aged pacts.

And when the black pyre flees the wrath of empty night,
And sundered time bequeathes a bounty broken,
Five will come and six will fall,
What follows after stained by war.

Then open will the violet eye of twilight,
Ancient evil from its slumber woken,
Sibilant, its clarion call,
Seeping in through breach and bore.

And yea, then shall the mother of shadow reach out and touch the land,
And all the light of all the world shall be as darkness.
All the clouds shall weep their tears of blight,
And hope shall wither on the vine of despair.

Thus shall be eternal night.

- From excerpts translated by the scholars of Paimri fio Oihia, recited in their own words by Bellkeeper Kayaazim

Penned by my hand on Gosday, the 13th of Haernos, in the year 503 MA.
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